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A guy in Florida was arrested after he rode his airboat through the streets on New Year’s Eve and threatened to kill the cops arresting him.  (Full Story)

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Are You Getting Enough Rest? Did You Know There Are Seven Different Types? – TheodoreTalks

A 13-year-old girl near Detroit won an essay contest put on by Petco that came with a $50,000 grand prize.  And now she’s donating ALL of it to her local cat shelter.

A new survey asked if people in their state are usually ruder or more polite than most Americans.  Overall, 26% say the people in their state are more polite . . . 19% say they’re ruder . . . and 46% say they’re about the same.  (Full Story)

A bodybuilder from Kazakhstan who’s been in the news for marrying his sex doll is now in the news again for cheating on her with a metal box while she was in the shop for repairs.  (Full Story)

Trump will be first president in 152 years to skip his successor’s inauguration – CBSNews

Did You Pledge to Avoid Drinking in January? And Have You Stuck with It? – YouGov

A Guy Stabs a Walmart Worker Over the Price of Milk – NBCConnecticut 

St. Charles County lifts rule requiring restaurants, bars to close by 11 p.m. – KSDK

Mardi Gras organizers warn of misinformation about 2021 events – Fox2Now

Police Bust Up a Swingers Party . . . And Get Mistaken for the Strippers – Infobae

Covid won’t stop Zipolite’s annual nudist festival from going ahead – MexicoNewsDaily

Here’s another random product that’s having a Covid popularity boost:  CROCS.  Sales of Crocs went up 12% last year, which was more than double the growth they’d been predicting before the pandemic.  It seems like people just want easy, comfortable shoes these days . . . even unattractive ones.  (Full Story)

Olympian Daria Shkurikhina loses home to fire after failing to smell smoke due to COVID – NYPost


The surviving member of the famous Las Vegas act SIEGFRIED & ROY is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer. Sources say SIEGFRIED FISCHBACHER is being taken care of by hospice workers at his home.  He’s 81 years old. It was only nine months ago that Siegfried’s partner ROY HORN, passed away at the age of 75, following a battle with COVID-19. Roy had been left partially paralyzed from a WHITE TIGER ATTACK during their act back in 2003.

Dr. Dre is still in intensive care about a week after being rushed there after suffering a brain aneurysm, and doctors are still trying to figure out what happened. Mr Dr. Dre’s been there since last Monday — in ICU in L.A. Our sources say doctors continue to do a battery of tests to get to the root problem. Doctors also want him in ICU in case, God forbid, he suffers another aneurysm

After more than 50 years in showbiz, AND being considered one of the genuine nice guys in entertainment HENRY WINKLER it is a bummer to hear him say he has about 5 genuine friends in the industry. It’s a needs based business. Once I don’t need you I don’t need your friendship Here he is talking about it.

MARTHA STEWART posted a video of herself getting the COVID vaccine yesterday.  In the caption, she said she was grateful to the medical staff who are, quote, “wading through the red tape and confusion of the distribution of these very important vaccines.” But she would also like you to know she got no special treatment.  Quote, “To allay your concerns that I jumped the line know that I am in the approved age group for this batch of vaccines and I waited in line with others.” Hard to argue . . . Martha is 79 years old. 

MADONNA is still in the process of writing a movie about herself, and those who actually care about such things are starting to wonder who’ll play her. Well, there are supposedly two candidates at the top of the list.  One is JULIA GARNER from the Netflix show “Ozark”.  She plays Ruth . . . the woman with the FILTHY POTTY MOUTH.  The other is FLORENCE PUGH, from “Midsommar”, “Little Women”, and the upcoming Marvel movie “Black Widow”. Madonna is directing the movie herself, so the final decision is hers. Here is some Julia from Ozark

Kevin Hart is staying busy pulling off an Adam Sandler move. He just signed to star and produce four features for Netflix. He is shooting an action comedy Man From Toronto and is due to begin shooting True Story, a dramatic limited series with Wesley Snipes for Netflix right after. And that is not even part of the deal.

The March 19th theatrical release of Morbius with Jared Leto has been pushed back to October 8th. Remember when all those movies were rescheduled for spring and summer of 2021 and we were all like that’s far away? Most 2021 dates have been pushed back again already. BUT there are a few left…Cinderella with Camila Cabello is still on for Feb 5th The King’s Man on March 12th  Cinderella may go straight to a streaming service before its all said and done btw.

The movie industry needs a big hit. Everyone in the business is hurting. Big ideas are needed. So it makes sense  that a movie about the Rubik’s cube is in development. If you’re still interested, here’s what I know: Hyde Park is working on the film, which will explain how Professor Erno Rubik’s puzzle toy became a cultural icon in the 80s. No word if there’s an alternate ending where someone unpeels and then reapplies the Rubik’s cube’s stickers. The same production company is also working on a game show centered around the Rubik’s cube. 

WILMER VALDERRAMA bought the station wagon from “That ’70s Show”. Yesterday on the “Kelly Clarkson Show”, he said, quote, “We were in the last season, and I went straight to the props department and I go, ‘Listen, how much for the Vista Cruiser?’ . . . They said 500 bucks, so I bought [it]. “Honestly, it’s the best thing I’ve ever acquired for my whole career.  When I look at that car, it reminds me of when I was 17, 18 years old, booking ‘That ’70s Show’ and doing that opening sequence where we’re just driving.” 

Actor David Hasselhoff is auctioning off KITT, his customized Pontiac Firebird TransAm that was used in Knight Rider. Bidding ends January 23rd, but the highest bid, so far, is at nearly $900,00, exceeding the auction company’s high estimate of $300,000.  LiveAuctioneers.com says if the car’s final hammer price exceeds 25% of the reserve price, Hasselhoff will deliver the car himself. There’s also other stuff yoo like a Baywatch pinball machine and that 14-foot David Hasselhoff model from The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (AUDIO)

The folks over at Goldin Auctions will soon auction off a1999 first edition 103-Pokémon card set that’s in mint condition and expected to fetch upwards of $750,000. The collection includes the highly sought-after Charizard card.  Each card is gemstone certified. Goldin says while the cards have rounded corners, the Professional Sports Authenticator has given it a Gem Mint 10 grading … meaning they’re virtually perfect cards. Some of the other cards in the set include Alakazam, the cute Blastoise, Chansey, Mewtwo and Poliwrath. That might sound like gibberish to some of you, but trust us … that’s badass. BTW, it also has 72 Devolution Spray cards! The auction opens Monday with a minimum bid of $125k. If that $750k mark sounds far-fetched, think about this — just last month, Goldin Auctions sold a pristine Charizard for nearly $400k.

Remember 10-Year-Old Nandi Bushell?  She’s the girl who’s been drum-battling Dave Grohl.  Well, she just upped the ante by covering Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” . . . and she played all the instruments.  She did it by using a loop box to first record . . . without stopping . . . the drums, bass, and two guitar parts, then used Thor’s hammer to hit a sampler to trigger Robert Plant’s intro screams.  Yeah, the kid has talent

Every artist wants a hit song.  But sometimes that song can become a CURSE.  Here are 11 hits that artists eventually refused to play.  Keep in mind that in some cases, they ended up putting the songs back in their sets . . . 

  1. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”,  Nirvana.  The song was so successful, it kind of went against the group’s “counter-culture” reputation.
  1.  “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (to Party!)”, the Beastie Boys.  It was meant to satirize frat boy (slash) jock culture.  But those people made it a party anthem.
  1.  “Big Me”,  the Foo Fighters.  The video for the song was a parody of a Mentos commercial, and after it came out, fans started pelting the band with Mentos when they played it.  And they HURT.
  1.  “Stairway to Heaven”,  Robert Plant.  He was always kind of stubborn about prioritizing his solo material after LED ZEPPELIN broke up.
  1.  “Nothing Compares 2 U”,  Sinéad O’Connor.  She dropped it from her set because she felt she could no longer personally identify with it . . . so if she did perform it, she’d by “lying”.
  1.  “Mr. Roboto”,  Styx.  The song and the album it was on created a huge rift in the band that caused a split with singer DENNIS DEYOUNG.  Since it was basically his concept, the remaining members ditched it.
  1.  “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”,  Bobby McFerrin.  Ironically, it no longer made him happy.  He said, quote, “I got tired of singing it.”
  1.  “Creep”,  Radiohead.  It became such a big hit they got tired of it.  Also, it bothered them that some fans would wait for them to play it, then LEAVE.
  1.  “Shiny Happy People”,  R.E.M.Michael Stipe thought it had “limited appeal.”  The band didn’t even put it on their 2003 greatest hits album.
  1.  “My Same”,  Adele.  The song was about one of Adele’s friends, but they had a falling out, so she dropped it from her setlist.  She put it back in after they reconciled. 

11.  “1999”,  Prince.  After New Year’s Day of 2000, Prince decided it was out of date.  But he did bring it back for his Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2007.


One Direction singer Zayn Malik is 28.

Mel C from the Spice Girls is 47.

Zack de la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine is 51 today.

One of the principal members of the Wu Tang Clan, Raekwon, is 51.

Musician Rob Zombie is 56.

Very rich guy Jeff Bezos is 57.

Former NBA superstar Dominique Wilins is 61. They call him “The Human Highlight Reel”.

Sportscaster Jim Gray is 62.

Howard Stern is 67.

Rush Limbaugh is 70.

Actress Kirstie Alley is also 70.

Mentalist The Amazing Kreskin is 86


Alicia Angel

Today’s birthday girl has been split more than a cord of firewood in 185 fine films…including:

– Appetite For Ass Destruction 4

– ASSfensive 7

– Double Parked and Double Parked 15

– Gutter Mouths 34

– Liquid Gold 14

– Sore Throat

– Sharing Is Caring 2

– And who could forget her unforgettable role in 2006’s Breakin’ in the New Chick 2

Alicia Angel is 37 years old today.

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DeVonta Smith was uncoverable, Harris unstoppable and Mac Jones impeccable. With a performance that was both surgical and explosive, No. 1 Alabama won another College Football Playoff national championship game 52-24 against No. 3 Ohio State on Monday night. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/a-tide-landslide-heisman-winner-smith-injured-but-helps-alabama-roll-in-title-game/article_b2217b8d-5aca-583e-a73e-1edb1e9d4470.html

Here’s the final call.

Here’s the college football national championship trophy being presented to Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide. AUD

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban has now won more national titles than any other coach.  The record used to belong to Paul “Bear” Bryant with six.  Nick won his seventh last night.  He downplayed his achievement while giving credit to the players.  (Nick won his first with LSU, and the rest with Alabama.) – AUDIO

  • Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl will go on despite the pandemic. I mean if the boys get to play so should the puppies!
  • Puppy Bowl XVII will premiere on Discovery+ and Animal Planet on Feb. 7 at 2 p.m. ahead of Super Bowl LV.
  • The Puppy Bowl was created to raise awareness of pet adoption and showcase the vital work of shelters and rescues.
  • The three-hour event will feature 70 puppies from 22 shelters, all of whom are up for adoption. 
  • ESPN’s Monday Night Football play-by-play announcer Steve Levy and SportsCenter host Sage Steele will provide commentary and analysis during this year’s game. Dan Schanchner will reprise his role as “rufferee.”
  • For cat lovers, the Kitty Halftime Show will also take place once again.
  • Nowadays you have to be very careful what you say.
  • NBC Sports has parted ways with NHL Analyst Mike Milbury after he referred to women as distractions to players last year during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 
  • He had been with NBC Sports for 14 years.
  • NBC Sports unveiled its game and studio commentators for the 2020-21 season on Monday, January 11. Milbury’s name was nowhere to be found.
  • Milbury was initially benched by NBC Sports during the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs after making an on-air joke the day before about women being a disruption to players’ “concentration” during the hockey season.
  • The Blues made it official on Mike Hoffman, signing the free-agent forward to a one-year, $4 million deal Monday. And they’ve all but settled on their opening-day roster by waiving nine players.
  • Hoffman, the former Florida Panther, has been with the Blues throughout training camp on a professional tryout contract (PTO). Hoffman celebrated his signing with: “Here we go STL!!” on his certified Twitter account.
  • In discussing what Hoffman could bring to the Blues’ offense, general manager Doug Armstrong said last week: “I think it’s his release. His ability to score from distance. You look at the number of goals he’s got over the last couple of years, you just don’t do that by accident in the NHL. Since becoming a full-time NHL player in 2014-15 for the Ottawa Senators, Hoffman has scored at least 22 goals every season including a career-high 36 for Florida in 2018-19. Over those six seasons, he is tied for 16th in goals (169) and tied for eighth in power play goals (59) among all NHL players.

So the Blues have added a premier scorer to the lineup. Hoffman, 31, will open the season on a line with Jaden Schwartz and Robert Thomas, and has a spot on the first power play unit. While Hoffman officially joined the roster, 9 players left the roster to waivers. Look for several of those players to end up on the Blues’ six-man taxi squad if they clear waivers Tuesday.