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A Wife Shot Her Husband in the Junk with a Spear Gun for Not Making Dinner – LINK

U.S. gas prices top $4 a gallon for first time since 2008 – LINK

Fitbit Recalls 1.7 Million Ionic Smartwatches Due to Burn Hazard – LINK

Box of human heads stolen in Denver – LINK

Thieves in Ireland Stole Radioactive Material, and Could Get Cancer – LINK

Jet pack among $17,000 worth of tools, technology stolen from storage garage, Cleveland Police say – LINK

Ex-mailman admits to stealing nearly $40K worth of sports cards – LINK

A Guy Stalked a Woman . . . By Moving Into Her Attic? –LINK



Alice in Chains and Breaking Benjamin have announced a tour, with Bush opening lots of the dates. Itll go August through October. Opening nioght will be Alice in Chains first show since 2019.  The St louis date is September 21st at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater. Tickets go on sale this Friday at Ticketmaster.com.

Bill Cosby got good news from the supreme court for a change. Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to deal with Cosby’s sexual assault case. In 2018, Cosby was found guilty and sentenced to three to ten years in jail. Last year, The Pennsylvania Supreme Court threw out Cosby’s conviction and freed him from prison. Prosecutors petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court hoping they would revive the case. 

Bruce Springsteen has released a live album of his 2009 concert in Cleveland. It was one of the last to feature E. Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons, who died from a stroke in 2011. Springsteen also did Born To Run, in its entirety.

Remember when country singer Morgan Wallen was dropped from the Academy of Country Music Awards ballot over a video of him hammered and using the N word. His record label suspended him. He went to rehab. He was dropped from SNL over breaking covid protocols. This is a case of second chances as he won album of the year at the Academy of Country Music Awards on last night for Dangerous: The Double Album

A Starbucks is using the PETE DAVIDSON / KANYE WEST insanity for a good cause. A TikTok user posted video from the drive-thru at her local Starbucks, where they put out two tip jars . . . one for Kanye fans, and one for people who support Pete. At the time she posted her video, Pete was winning.  There were at least a few bills in his jar, while Kanye’s just had a few coins at the bottom. Some people online thought it was crude to use the situation this way, but food service workers can certainly use the boost right now. 

The pandemic has dragged on, stuff that happened right BEFORE it seems like it occurred in another lifetime. From Buzzfeed (LINK): 

  1. Jennifer Lopezand Shakira did the Super Bowl Halftime Show.  
  1. Donald Trumpwas acquitted on both articles of impeachment.  This was his SECOND impeachment. 
  1. “Tiger King”came out.  Technically, this was right AS the pandemic was taking off.  It debuted on March 20th of 2020. 
  1. “The Invisible Man”, “Sonic the Hedgehog”, and “Bad Boys for Life” were in theaters. 
  1. We kinda thought Brad Pittand Jennifer Aniston were gonna get back together. 
  1. Seven Democrats were still fighting for the party’s presidential nomination, and Pete Buttigieghad just won Iowa. 
  1. Prince Harryand Meghan Markle announced stepped back from their Royal duties.    
  1. Mr. Peanut died and came back as a baby. 

Two actresses from the original “Fresh Prince” are returning for the reboot, “Bel-Air” . . . but not in their original roles, obviously. DAPHNE MAXWELL REID played the SECOND Aunt Viv on the original series . . . and VERNEE WATSON-JOHNSON played Will’s mom, Viola Smith. They’ll appear on the March 24th episode of “Bel-Air” as members of the “Art Council Board of Trustees” . . . whatever that means. 

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem from “The Muppets” are getting their own show!!! Disney+ is developing a show about the band called “The Muppets Mayhem”.  It follows Dr. Teeth, Floyd, Janice, Zoot, Animal, and Lips as they record their first album. LILLY SINGH will play a junior A&R executive who has to help them make it happen.  The show is described as, quote, “a music-filled journey in which the 45-year-old band comes face to face with the current-day music scene as they attempt to go platinum.”It starts filming in April. 

The Best Comic Characters To Have On Your Apocalypse Team 

1 Wolverine (LINK)

Pros: He can take care of himself and heals quickly. Has six survival knives on his hands! He knows rough terrain.  

2 Batman (LINK)

Pros: Preparedness. He has weapons and supplies hidden everywhere. Incredibly smart, strong, and trained to endure all sorts of threats without depending on superpowers.

Cons: Batman isn’t known for playing well with others. However, we can see Batman putting this aside to help the greater good.

3 Wonder Woman (LINK)

Pros: Strong, brave, and trained in blades, she also inspires hope in which will be important.

Cons: She will definitely get cold in the gold and satin one-piece, and hypothermia is a serious issue in a survival situation. 

4 Thor (LINK)

Pros: Thor has the strength, so he will definitely be the muscle in your group. Maybe he can even channel some of that thunder and lightning to jump start a power grid?   

5 Superman (LINK)

Pros:  Superman can do anything in a survival situation. Depending on the origin you’re going with, he needs little to no sleep, food, or water; his heat vision can start a fire and forge weapons; and he has super strength and can fly you out of danger. 

6 Storm (LINK)

Pros: When surviving in the woods, the elements are your number one enemy, so what’s better than having someone with you who can control them? Not only is she in charge of the weather, but when it’s time to rebuild she will be invaluable when there are crops to be planted. 

7 Iron Man (LINK)

Pros: Not only is Tony charismatic enough to rally people around him, but his business expertise would certainly assist in a bartering situation. Also, Tony made the Iron Man suits! You know he can get a solar grid up and running for your makeshift establishments.  

8 Captain America (LINK)

Pros: Perhaps his greatest strength is the way he rallies people behind him and gives them a sense of hope – the mental toughness one needs to survive the end of the world.

9 Green Lantern (LINK)

Pros: That green lantern is like a magic genie of tools you might need in a survival situation – including a blade, net, hammer, or (obviously) a lantern. Also, Hal is former military.

Cons: Depending on the timeline or origin, that ring does need to be recharged.

10  The Flash (LINK)

Pros: The Flash is going to solve all of your communications problems! You want to know what’s going on in Washington? Zoom! He has your answer. Need to find resources? Zip! He brings them back for you. Also, with his ability to vibrate his molecules, there must be a fire by friction method that can be employed. 

Cons: Due to The Flash’s increased metabolism, he will quickly go through your food stockpiles and require more to keep up his energy. He might be more of a drain on resources than an benefit.  

11 Spider-Man (LINK)

Pros: Spider-man is another character where the man under the mask is probably better to have around over the the superhero. Peter Parker has had, arguably, one of the hardest lives when compared to other heroes in the Marvel Universe. This has built up a strong perseverance and a can-do attitude. Also, you can’t discount those spider-enhanced abilities like strength and agility.

Cons: Those web shooters are great until they run out of fluid refills. After that they are pretty much just a heavy bracelet. Maybe, down the road, you can find the materials to fill them again, but that is time better spent looking for food, water, and shelter.  

12 The Punisher (LINK)

Pros: This guy is urban survival! Just look at The Punisher; you know that guy has a bug out bag. Frank Castle was also trained by the USMC, SEALS, and Australian Special Air Service.

Cons: The Punisher wouldn’t do well in a group and you would be lucky if he allowed you to hang along with him.

13 Deadpool (LINK)

Pros: Years of the most extreme military training (LINK) around and is trained in almost all types of weaponry, his healing factor means that he will not require medical attention and can tussle with the best of them. 

Cons: He is completely insane. Deadpool is a total wildcard and just as undependable. That should be enough right there to kick him off your list of potential survival buddies.

14 Hulk (LINK)

Pros: Since there are a couple different versions of the Hulk, let’s go with the most ideal interpretation: Banner’s brain and Hulk’s body combined. If that’s the Hulk we get, then everything will probably be fine! No one is going to mess with a hulk, so you and your supplies are safe. Plus, you have Bruce Banner’s brain, so fixing machinery or coming up with solutions to problems will be much easier. 

Cons: Absolute worse case scenario is Hulk body + Hulk brain. That’s a natural disaster in and of itself! You are going to be better off with no Hulk at all over crazy angry Hulk! 

15 Black Widow (LINK)

Pros: Black Widow has some basic survival techniques like medical care, self defense, and tracking. Not to mention, she always seems to know what’s going on behind the scenes, so she might be better informed than other people in your party. 

Cons: Given her background, it’s hard to tell where her alliances fall. If your survival situation calls for alliances to dissolve in order to stay alive then you might be okay with Black Widow in your party. However, if the situation is a little fishy, then you might not be able to trust her. 

16 Green Arrow (LINK)

Pros: Green Arrow knows first hand basic survival principles and would be a great person to have in your party. Also, with his primary weapon being a bow and arrow, he will be able to craft ammo easier then a gun wielder. 

Cons: Not known for making the best personal decisions in his superhero career so maybe don’t depend on him for leadership. Also, he can come across as more emotional than some of his super hero peers which makes him susceptible to make mistakes.  

17 Forge (LINK)

Pros: Forge’s mutant ability to build anything is perhaps the most useful power to have in this situation. Once the panic has died down, this is the guy that can get the power back up and running, help establish water sources, and build/repair any tools you might need.

Cons:  The character hasn’t had much of a presence in the comics lately so he might be harder to track down when that massive meteor hits Earth. 

18 Spawn

Pros: Retired USMC and part of CIA Black Ops. Being that he has the power of Hell and a stockpile of every weapon possible, Spawn has the training and self defense measures to protect you and your party.

Cons: Spawn oozes ’90s over-hyped and gritty superhero BS so it might be annoying to work with this antihero. 

19 Daredevil (LINK)

Pros: Daredevil is tough. Plus, Murdock is incredibly physically fit and one’s body is their most important survival tool. Also, a career as a lawyer will help when bartering for supplies or when your group might need to make the decision to exile a member. 

Cons: Daredevil is a bit of a city boy, so adjusting to a life without luxury might be a bit of an abrupt change. Also, he is prone to being the center of drama where ever he goes, and that will derail any progress a survival group might make. 

20 Aquaman

Pros: Let’s not forget – this is the guy that stuck a giant, sharp hook on the stump where his hand was and his ability to call on sea life might also prove helpful when looking for a food source.

Cons:  Aquaman might be your best bet when stranded at sea (LINK), but if you are on land then maybe look for someone else to help you bug out

Celebrating a Birthday today:

Actress Lily Collins is 33.  Daughter of Phil.

Tattoo artist Kat Von D is 40.

James Van Der Beek is 45.

Freddie Prinze Jr. is 46.

Micky Dolenz from the Monkees is 77.

Susan Clark is 79.  Emmanuel Lewis’ mom on “Webster” . . . and the naughty stripper Cherry Forever in “Porky’s”

Porn B

Jessica Jaymes

Today’s birthday girl has been in 814 fine films, including:

  • 69 Is My Lucky Number
  • Air B And Bang
  • American Sex Idol
  • The Dirty Pirate Hooker
  • Halloweiner
  • The Hills Have Thighs XXX
  • Nympho Nurses and Dirty Doctors 2
  • That Girl Got A Nice Butt 2
  • And who can forget her role in 2003’s Tied, Topless and Tempting

Jessica Jaymes WOULD HAVE been 43 years old. She died back in 2019. Died after massive seizure after years of chronic ethanol abuse


The Blues look to get back into their winning ways as they take on the Senators at Enterprise Center tonight.  Since the Blues lefts STL, they have lost 3 in a row during their east coast road trip.  Tonight, the team looks to break that skid.  Puck drop is scheduled for 7PM.

There’s a new look for the NHL playoffs this year. On Monday, the league revealed an updated logo for its Stanley Cup Playoffs and Final, which will be used for the 2022 season. The new logo features a photorealistic image of the Stanley Cup Trophy framed in the shape of a championship banner, similar to what teams hang in their arenas after winning a title. The trophy logo also shows the etchings of the past champions, which famously grace the real-life Stanley Cup.  Teams can also use their colors with the logo. The NHL provided example images on its website showing how they would look in upcoming seasons.  We put the Blues one on the blog.  The NHL had used its previous logo for the Stanley Cup for 13 seasons (LINK)

Major League Baseball plans to cancel another week of regular-season games if it can’t agree to a new collective bargaining agreement with the MLB Players Association by tonight as the league’s lockout nears its 100th day. The urgency to strike a labor deal ratcheted up Monday as the league suggested that Tuesday was the deadline for a 162-game season and for the players to receive full pay and full service time. The union has held firm, even after MLB canceled the first week of the season, that 162 games of pay and service time are central to any deal struck, and it has threatened to withhold expanded playoffs without them. Then on March 1, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred canceled the first week of the season after having already taken down spring training games. The season’s second week — and perhaps many more — could be in jeopardy without a deal on Tuesday, though the slow dance toward a compromise that would bring back baseball leaves a whit of hope in what thus far has been a lost spring.

Gregg Popovich tied Don Nelson’s NBA record with his 1,335th career victory as a coach in the San Antonio Spurs’ 117-110 win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday night. Popovich, in his 26th season, will try to pass Nelson when San Antonio hosts the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday night.

The NFL has suspended Atlanta Falcons wide receiver CALVIN RIDLEY for the entire 2022 season, for betting on games last year. The bets were placed over five days last November, when Ridley was out with a “non-football illness.” He reportedly DID bet on the Falcons, but he didn’t bet against them . . . and the NFL says there are no signs that any game was compromised in any way. Ridley admitted in a Tweet that he bet a total of $1,500, and said he doesn’t have a gambling problem.  He can apply for reinstatement in February of 2023.

Former Seahawks and 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman, who was most recently with the Buccaneers during the 2021 season, pleaded guilty Monday morning in Seattle to two misdemeanor charges stemming from his July arrest. Sherman pleaded guilty in King County Superior Court to negligent driving in the first degree and criminal trespass in the second degree (non-domestic violence), as well as an infraction for speeding in a roadway construction zone. He had been arrested July 14 after police said he drove his SUV into a closed construction zone, sustaining significant damage, and fled the scene of the accident. Sherman then attempted to break down the front door of his in-laws’ home, which was caught on the surveillance system of the Redmond, Washington, residence.

Amazon will hire ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit as an NFL color commentator for its new Thursday Night Football package. Herbstreit is expected to continue his current college football duties with ESPN and ABC, where he has worked for over two decades. He previously expressed a desire to cover more NFL games, which he has done periodically for ESPN over the last few seasons. There is no word on which play-by-play announcer will join Herbstreit, but there have been rumors of interest in former NBC announcer Al Michaels and current Fox announcer Joe Buck.

Welp…its March and the madness has already started. The Chattanooga Mocs clinched their spot in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament with a WILD 64-63 overtime victory against Furman in Monday’s Southern Conference tournament championship game. David Jean-Baptiste’s heave at the buzzer went from desperation to celebration as time expired.  It was crazy to GET to OT and then we actually had the buzzer beater in OT.  Unreal.  You gotta see the video and its on the blog (LINK)