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Missouri Woman, 27, Arrested After Streaking Naked Across Football Field While Eighth Graders Practiced – LINK

A Guy Was Pulled Over for Driving While Playing a Flute With Both Hands – LINK

A Guy Got Pulled Over, Then Fled on Foot . . . with a Chocolate Cream Pie – LINK

LEGO set trafficker arrested after stealing over $10,000 in Star Wars memorabilia – LINK

A Man Used Finger Guns to Steal Napkins from a Waffle House – LINK

Doctors in Egypt extract mobile phone from patient’s stomach – LINK

A Burglar Fled into the Woods, Got Lost, and Had to Call 911 to Rescue Him – LINK


Halloween Crime: A Man Is Arrested for Throwing a Pumpkin at a Lady’s Head – LINK


Apparently If You Did Any Of These 40 Things Growing Up You Are Officially Old – LINK



One person was killed and another was seriously injured, after a prop gun misfired on the set of an ALEC BALDWIN movie.  And it was Alec himself who fired the shot. The movie is called “Rust”, and it was shooting at a ranch in New Mexico when the accident occurred.  Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed, and director Joel Souza was rushed to the hospital, where he was in critical condition as of last night. Not much else is known at this point, except that the gun was supposedly loaded with blanks. A local newspaper reported that Baldwin was seen outside the sheriff’s office in tears, and attempts to get a comment from him were unsuccessful (LINK) 

Tawney Kitaen who is best known for a White Snake video and the movie The Bachelor Party died back in May when she was 59. It is now being reported that she died of a form of heart disease.  Medical examiners say other factors played a part in Kitaen’s death; antidepressants, opioids, sedatives, and nerve pain medication were also found in her system.

A woman who appeared on “Dr. Phil” as a teenager back in 2019 is suing Phil and the show’s parent company, claiming she was abused at a treatment center they convinced her parents to send her to. Hannah Archuleta claims Dr. Phil and others associated with the show recommended she check into the Turn-About Ranch for troubled teens in Utah. Once she got there, she was sexually assaulted twice by a male staffer, then physically and emotionally abused by other staff members as retaliation when she tried to report it. She claims the show knew that prior guests had suffered physical and emotional harm there.  And she says people associated with the show might be getting, quote, “some form of consideration” for sending people to Turn-About. The show denies any financial ties to the ranch (LINK)

DAVE CHAPPELLE’s rep says Dave is willing to have a conversation with people at Netflix who are upset about the trans comments he made during his latest comedy special.  But he also claims no one has reached out to him. However . . . the organizer of Wednesday’s company walkout, Ashlee Marie Preston, says she DID approach him about meeting up, and he, quote, “Chose not to show up.” There’s word that Netflix is considering putting a content warning in front of the special, but there’s no word what it’ll say. Protesters would like it to say that the special includes, quote, “transphobic language, misogyny, homophobia, and hate speech.”  Obviously, there’s no way Netflix is doing that (LINK) 

Kevin Smith tweeted that Clerks III will arrive “in 2022.” Many of the original film’s cast is returning for the third installment, including Jeff Anderson and Brian O’Halloran as Randal and Dante and Jason Mewes and Smith as Jay & Silent Bob. Smith was able to film Clerks III in only a month, wrapping production in August. 

“The Many Saints of Newark,” was released in theaters on Oct. 1, the same day it hit HBO Max, opened lower than Warner Bros. had hoped, bringing in $5 million in ticket sales domestically during its first weekend….so…Who wants more “Sopranos”?  Maybe a prequel series on HBO Max. Creator and writer of “The Many Saints of Newark” writer David Chase is in talks to do just that. The Sopranos is in the top ten of viewed series on the service and it’s given it an entirely new life,” Sarnoff told Deadline. “It’s literally lifted all of ‘The Sopranos’ franchise in a new way.” She added, “You can’t measure just by the box office,” noting  

Thoughts on this…YouTube stars Charles & Alyssa Forever. According to one source they make around $315,000 a year just on Youtube. No clue if there are other revenue streams for them. Their channel been going since 2010. So they are doing well but does that matter in this scenario…They went on a huge shopping spree at a Spirit Halloween store in Tempe, Arizona. They spent over $1,000 on costumes and accessories. The store manager Tracy recognized them right away helped them shop for several hours and even gave them a 20% discount. She asjed if this was all for a party and Charles said yea something like that. Shortly there after they posted a few videos wearing the stuff they bought. Then Charles’ sister comes back and returns about $900 worth of stuff.   Chucky, nun, priest, escaped convict, policeman, nurse and hospital gown costumes. They also purchased a flask. The flask was not restocked. This all got some people all upset BUT they defend themselves by saying what they did was really nothing more than trying on the clothes only at home. The flask went in no ones mouth. The store has a pretty open return policy and this is definitely free publicity for Spirit Halloween stores (LINK) 

The Toronto mansion that the Rose family of “Schitt’s Creek” called home before their financial downfall has been listed for $17.7 million (or $21.88 million in Canadian currency) The “La Belle Maison” chateau, as the property is known, is located in St. Andrew-Windfields, one of Toronto’s wealthiest neighborhoods. Boasting 12 beds and 16 bathrooms, the three-story mansion is surrounded by landscaped gardens, a saltwater swimming pool and a heated driveway with space for up to 14 cars. Inside, the luxurious amenities include a wine cellar, aquarium, full-service elevator, indoor pool, billiards room and home theater. It has made two appearances in “Schitt’s Creek,” in the debut episode and in a flashback sequence in a Season 5 episode (LINK)

One . . . two . . . Freddy’s coming for you.  Now you can own a piece of “A Nightmare on Elm Street” history. Thetwo-story house that was used for exterior shots of Nancy Thompson’s house in the first two movies is up for sale for $3.25 million.  Offers are being accepted until midnight on Halloween. It’s located in Los Angeles and has three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms.  It also has a guest house and a pool in the backyard.  (Check out the listing for photos.) It’d make for the perfect house to host movie marathons . . . not to mention the dreams you’d have (LINK) 

You like the movie “Home Alone” ? how about a LEGO version? There are 3,955 pieces and 5 minifigures . . . Kevin, his mom, the elderly neighbor Marley, and the Wet Bandits, Harry and Marv. It even comes with the Wet Bandits’ van.  You can buy it starting November 1st for $249.99 . . . just in time for the holidays (LINK) 

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is coming back to PBS. Remembber last year it all went to Apple TV Plus. People didn’t like that and made their voices heard and here is the schedule…  It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is on this Sunday, October 24. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Sunday, November 21. A Charlie Brown Christmas Sunday, December 19. All 3 are on PBS and PBS Kids. And all 3 asre at 6:30pm 

Will Smith has announced a five-date book tour in promotion of his upcoming memoir, Will. In November, Smith will bring “An Evening of Stories with Friends” to his hometown of Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles, and London. See the full list of dates below. At each date, the rapped-turned-actor will be joined by “special guests” as he “opens up fully about his life, tracing his learning curve to a place where outer success, inner happiness, and human connection are aligned.” (LINK)

Will Smith Tour Dates:
11/08 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Met
11/09 – Brooklyn, NY @ Kings Theatre
11/10 – Chicago, IL @ The Chicago Theatre
11/11 – Los Angeles, CA @ Dolby Theatre
11/18 – London, UK @ Savoy Theatre

Celebrating a Birthday today: 

He played the little kid Ray in Jerry Maguire. Jonathan Lipnicki is 31. 

Boxer Deontay Wilder is 36. 

DJ from Roseanne, Michael Fishman is 40. 

He played Mitch in Modern Family, Jesse Tyler Ferguson is 46. 

I loved watching this guy play. Outfielder Ichiro Suzuki is 48. 

Director Spike Jonze is 52. 

Mr. Boombastic, Shaggy is 53. 

Comedian Carlos Mencia is 54. 

Skater Brian Boitano is 58. 

Bob Odenkirk is 59. 

Jeff Goldblum is 69. 

The great Christopher Lloyd is 83. 

On Saturday 

Game of Thrones’ mother of Dragons, actress Emilia Clarke is 35 

Meghan McCain is 37. Former co-host of “The View”. 

Ryan Reynold is 45 

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo is 57 

Doug Flutie is 59. 

Weird Al Yankovic is 62 

Pelé is 81. The greatest soccer player of all time. Not bad for a poor kid whose first soccer ball was a grapefruit. 

Chi-Chi Rodriguez is 86. The greatest Puerto Rican golfer of all time. Not bad

for a poor kid whose first golf clubs were guava tree limbs.

Porn B

Lisa Lipps

Today’s birthday girl has been in 103 fine films, including:

  • Around The World With Lisa Lipps
  • The Boob Cruise
  • Boobarella
  • Double Air Bags 26
  • The Gazonga Goddess
  • I Scored a Soccer Mom 7
  • Return to Boobsville.com
  • Whoppers 1, 3 and 6
  • And who can forget her role in 2005’s The DD Adventures of the 7 Year Bitch

Lisa Lipps is 55 years old.

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As the Blues take on the Kings at Enterprise Center tomorrow night, they will for sure be without one of the newest faces for the St Louis Blues.  Well – Pavel Buchenevich has been suspended for a 2 games from him head butt.  So he’s out and now we are learning at forward Brandon Saad will be unavailable due to Covid protocols.  Saad has one goal and one assist in the first 3 games this year.

Last night the Dodgers woke up at the plate as they beat the Braves 11-2 in Game 5 of the NLCS.  Chris Taylor – the guy who hit the walk off against the Cardinals in the Wild Card Game hit THREE home runs last night.   Tonight – we have game 6 of the ALCS.  Houston has a chance to send the Red Sox home.  First pitch is scheduled for 7PM.  Tomorrow at 4PM, its game 6 between the Dodgers and Braves with Atlanta having the chance to win the series.

Last night the very injured Cleveland Browns beat the also but not so badly injured Denver Broncos.  Baker Mayfield was out with a shoulder injury and Case Keenum was in.  And Keenum did just fine.  He threw for just under 200 yards and a touchdown.

Baker Mayfield did say yesterday that he suffered a fracture in his left shoulder, in addition to the torn labrum. Mayfield added that the fracture in the non-throwing shoulder is “preventing his rotator cuff from firing.” He said he’s hoping to return for Cleveland’s game against the Steelers on Oct. 31.

Two House Democrats pushed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to give Congress the findings concerning the Washington Football Team investigation and how the league handled the matter.  This is the latest push for more transparency on the leaked emails that contained anti-LGBTQ, racist and misogynistic language. An NFL spokesman confirmed that they received the letter, echoing their concern that “all workplaces should be free from any form of harassment and discrimination.” The letter from the lawmakers highlighted that during the league’s investigation…an attorney conducted over a hundred interviews and collected 650,000 emails, but the findings were not made public. The letter from congress reads…“We have serious concerns about what appears to be widespread abusive workplace conduct at the WFT and about the NFL’s handling of this matter.”

The NBA unveiled its full list of the top 75 players in NBA history on Thursday in honor of the league’s 75th anniversary season. The list was put together by a panel of current and former players, coaches, general managers, team executives, WNBA legends and sportswriters. Bottom of Form Players were chosen without considering position and current and former players were not allowed to vote for themselves. The list includes active players across the league that include Giannis, Steph Curry, Kawhi Leonard, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, James Harden, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, Anthony Davis and Damian Lillard.  The league’s list of 75 players comes with a combined 158 championships, 730 NBA All-Star selections, 110 MVP and Finals MVP Awards along with more than 1.5 million points scored.

I always find it very interesting to go over the biggest snubs on lists like this.  Here are some of the bigger names that were snubbed from the All-Time 75 list.  Vince Carter, Pau Gasol, Manu Ginobili, Grant Hill, Dwight Howard, Nikola Jokic, Tracy McGrady, Chris Mullin, and….Dikembe Mutombo,

SIMONE BILES is currently on the road, performing in the Gold Over America Tour . . . even though she’s, quote, “still afraid to do gymnastics.”  At this point, she’s not doing twists. On yesterday’s “Today” show she said, quote, “I don’t think people understand the magnitude of what I go through, but for so many years to go through everything that I’ve gone through, put on a front . . .I’m proud of myself and I’m happy that I can be a leader for the survivors and bring courage to everybody speaking up.” One of the biggest things she suppressed over the years was, obviously, the abuse she suffered at the hands of former U.S. Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar. Luckily, she’s getting the help she needs through a health and telemedicine app called Cerebral.  Quote, “[It has] been really relieving for me, especially being on the road and being on tour.”

The Mizzou Tigers Football team is off this weekend and will wait until next weekend to take on Vanderbilt on the road.  Illinois is on the road and takes on #7 Penn State tomorrow morning at 11AM.