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23% of Us Are Halloween Candy Loyalists and Always Buy the Same Kind – LINK

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Before she became one of the most irrationally hated human beings in the history of this planet, Meghan Markle was a briefcase girl on the game show “Deal or No Deal” from 2006 to 2007.  Her job, quite simply, was to be hot and hold a briefcase . . . and, if called upon to do so, open said briefcase.  Well, on the latest episode of her podcase “Archetypes”, she said she quit because she felt that she and the other women were portrayed as bimbos. She added, quote, “I was so much more than what was being objectified on the stage . . . I didn’t like feeling forced to be all looks and little substance.” Meghan did say she was grateful for the job at the time, and was, quote, “surrounded by smart women.”  But she didn’t like how it made her feel.

Zendaya plays a tennis pro in her upcoming movie “Challengers”, and she took her prep seriously . . . becoming good enough at tennis that she did most of her own playing onscreen. The director says, quote, “She’s wonderful.  I mean, wow.  We edited the movie and we almost actually don’t use any of her double.  She’s so good.” “Challengers” is described as a “sexy comedy,” in which a love triangle develops when Zendaya’s character coaches her player-husband for a big match against his childhood best friend . . . who’s also her ex.

Ice Cube says some heavy hitters are trying to take out his BIG3 league.  Former NBA player, podcaster, and BIG3 coach Stephen Jackson tweeted a video encouraging fans to support the league that features former NBA greats. Cube retweeted the post and added some salt to the recipe.  He wrote, “Appreciate you @DaTrillStak5. We definitely need everybody’s support. The @nba and @espn are doing everything in their powers to ignore or destroy @thebig3.” Cube didn’t cite any examples, but it’s not the first time he accused the NBA of not being BIG3-friendly.  In a 2020 interview, Cube said, “The NBA hasn’t been the nicest to the BIG3. Of course, publicly, they say all the right words. But we know privately, there’s things done behind the scenes [with] sponsors, broadcasters, blah blah blah… It did tarnish my fandom a bit.”

Hulu unveiled the full trailer for its upcoming miniseries Welcome to Chippendales which will close out the year with a tale of one man’s pursuit of the American dream gone horribly wrong. The mogul behind the male strip club who rose to fame with his revolutionary adult business venture only to tank it all with shady practices behind the scenes involving not just money, but murder. The trailer gives a look at how he went from merely a man with a failing dance club and a dream to a recognizable and ruthless businessman who would stop at nothing to see his exotic dance club remain on top.

Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed may well meet his match in a long-lost friend. On Tuesday, MGM debuted the first trailer for Creed III, which stands as the ninth movie in the Rocky franchise and 35-year-old Jordan’s directorial debut. The film marks the first movie in the Rocky series not to feature Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa himself.

Here’s a sad stat for you:  14% of people actually believe that what they see on reality TV shows is always or often real.  Over 7,900 people were asked how GENUINE they think reality shows are.  Here are the results:

  1. Always:  6%
  2. Often:  8%
  3. Sometimes:  23%
  4. Rarely:  27%
  5. Never:  14%
  6. I don’t watch these:  15%
  7. Not sure:  7%

Remember how the world spun into chaos when Apple bought up all the “Charlie Brown” specials and made them exclusive to Apple TV+? That was in 2020 . . . but last year they made a deal with PBS to air them.  That’s not happening again this year . . . which means that once again, those specials will NOT air on network TV. However . . . Apple has graciously decided to provide free windows for nonsubscribers to watch them.

Here’s when you can do that:

“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”:  October 28th to the 31st.

“A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”:  November 23rd to the 27th.

“A Charlie Brown Christmas”:  December 22nd to the 25th.

DJ Shaquille O’Neal tried to set a Guinness World Record last month at the the Lost Lands Festival. Performing under his moniker DJ Diesel, Shaq took the stage after putting the call out to his fans. “Should we go for Guinness world record for biggest moshpit at@lost_lands???,” he tweeted. It looked like the fans came prepared to give Shaq what he was asking for as the mosh pit activity was heavy during his set. As for whether Shaq completed the “largest mosh pit” at Lost Lands, that may be hard to figure out.  When DevilDriver claimed to have broken the Guinness World Record for “largest circle pit” at 2007’s Download Festival, the Guinness committee rejected the attempt due to the inability to “define where any circle/mosh pit starts and ends.”  So an official record may be hard to come by where the “largest mosh pit” is concerned.

There wasn’t a dry eye on “Dancing with the Stars” last night.  Selma Blair had to bow out due to her MS.  Here she is breaking the news to her partner, and talking about how sad she is to leave, but glad she danced.  She and the entire cast were in tears during her final dance.  The judges gave her perfect 10s.

While onstage during Five Finger Death Punch’s show in his hometown, Denver, Friday night, singer Ivan Moody said he was “retiring” from heavy metal after one more album with the band. Delivering the news with his two kids onstage, Moody said. While speaking to the Denver crowd, Moody added “I owe you everything, Colorado, Five Finger Death Punch and every knucklehead on this planet, thank you.”

Kane Brown is a huge rock fan and wants to do a collaboration.  Quote, “When I say rock, I mean Slipknot, I mean, I’m a Green Day fan too, but I’m a workout fiend so, like, heavy . . . Slipknot, Korn, crazy stuff.”  But don’t worry, he said he could never leave country because metal just isn’t his brand.

There’s no need to relive your emo days if you’re still living them.  But to feel a bit nostalgic, “Variety” put together a list of the best emo songs of all time.  It’s not clear if they’re ranked, but this the order they’re listed in:

  1. “Never Meant”, American Football
  2. “I Miss You”, Blink-182
  3. “Sic Transit Gloria… Glory Fades”, Brand New
  4. “A Favor House Atlantic”, Coheed and Cambria
  5. “Screaming Infidelities”, Dashboard Confessional
  6. “Sugar, We’re Going Down”, Fall Out Boy
  7. “The Anthem”, Good Charlotte
  8. “Jesus of Suburbia”, Green Day
  9. “Ohio Is for Lovers”, Hawthorne Heights
  10. “For Me This Is Heaven”, Jimmy Eat World
  11. “Everything Is Alright”, Motion City Soundtrack
  12. “Helena”, My Chemical Romance
  13. “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”, Panic! At the Disco
  14. “Decode”, Paramore
  15. “Face Down”, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


He directed “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”. His dad is the great director Ivan Reitman. Jason Reitman is 45.

Former Fugee, Pras is 50.

Our greatest guest of all-time, Chris Kattan is 52.

“South Park” co-creator Trey Parker is 53.

Actor and director Jon Favreau is 56. He directed the first two “Iron Man” films, plus “Elf”, “Cowboys & Aliens”, and the “Jungle Book” and “Lion King” remakes.

Evander Holyfield is 60.

This guy is great in everything he’s in. John Lithgow is 77.

Porn B

Brandy Aniston

Today’s birthday girl has been in 418 fine films, including:

– All New Hot Showers 2 & 3

– Ass For Days 9

– Big Boob Babes Hard at Work

– The      Booty Hunter

– Can I Call You Mommy 2

– Dairyere The Moovie

– Kittens and Cougars 9

– And who can forget her role in 2010’s Touch My Tushy 5

Brandy Aniston is 38 years old

Sports Report 1

Welp, The New York Yankees are moving on. Behind a stellar performance by Nestor Cortes Jr. and loud homers from Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge, the Yankees beat the Cleveland Guardians, 5-1, to win Game 5 of the American League Division Series and punch their ticket to the ALCS. Here’s the final call there (LINK)

The Yankees now take on Houston tonight with a start time of 6:37pm.

And the Philadelphia Phillies‘ dream October somehow got better yesterday as Zack Wheeler beat up the San Diego Padres in Game 1 of the NLCS. Wheeler pitched seven innings of fantastic one-hit baseball, striking out eight to earn a 2-0 win. Those two runs came on two swings. One from Bryce Harper in the fourth, landing just barely in the left field seats and the second was a missile off the bat of NL home run champ Kyle Schwarber. Here’s the final call.

They go at it again today at 3:35 our time.

The NBA season has begun and St. Louisan Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown each scored 35 points and the Celtics beat the Philadelphia 76ers 126-117 on Tuesday night in the NBA’s season opener. Tatum added 12 rebounds, four assists a steal and a block, becoming the first Celtic to post a 35-point, 10-or-more-rebound opener since 2004 (LINK)

The St. Louis Blues are in Seattle today to play the Kraken. That game gets started at 9pm our time so Rizz won’t be watching. Skate boys. The NFL found a day where there was no football, and they remedied that situation. Beginning next year, there will be a game on Black Friday . . . the day after Thanksgiving . . . on Amazon Prime. That’s good for Amazon, since “Thursday Night Football” doesn’t happen on Thanksgiving.  CBS and Fox have a lock on Turkey Day games. So Amazon still gets to participate over Thanksgiving weekend . . . which, as a bonus, is also the kickoff to the holiday shopping season.
Despite this year’s games generally being TRASH, “Thursday Night Football” is averaging about 10.8 million viewers a week. The ten-year deal begins in 2023 (Hollywood Reporter)

The Titans and the Mayor of Nashville have agreed upon a new deal for a brand new domed stadium for around $2.2 Billion. The Titans have been lobbying for a new place to steamroll the AFC South instead of renovating Nissan Stadium. It sounds like the Titans will be getting $200 Million from the NFL and an additional $500 Million from the taxpayers of Tennessee. The stadium only opened in 1999…it’s barely old enough to drink and it’s going to get knocked down for a massive new domed structure that ideally will host Super Bowl, Final Fours, any basically anything else they would want to hold there. Seems like it’s all about the Super Bowls though, if you can host a Super Bowl you do whatever you have to, and I guess that means building a new stadium with a dome…for a few billion dollars (LINK)

And here’s a move straight out of the King Scott playbook. A pro soccer player used every inch of his body to try to gain an advantage over his opponent during a game this weekend … pulling down his shorts and flashing his junk right in the middle of the pitch.

The NSFW moment went down in a Colombian first division match on Sunday — when Santa Fe defender Geisson Perera went to the extreme in an effort to get a Jaguares de Córdoba player to miss a free kick.

Broadcast cameras showed that shortly after an attacker lined up to take the shot … Perera stood nearby, grabbed his pants, and exposed his manhood for all to see. Clearly this is a move he’s done before and must’ve had some success.

Unclear if the act affected the play this time though– the kick didn’t end up resulting in a goal — but fans were furious over it all nonetheless.

Some Santa Fe supporters called for Perera to be sanctioned following the game. Others asked for permanent removal from the team.

The 31-year-old, however, was not penalized during the game at all. Players gone wild.