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The Bathroom: America’s New Phone Booth? | #2 Show

🚽📱 The Evolution of Phone Use on The Toilet in America” | The Number Two Show 🚽📱

Welcome to the first-ever episode of the ‘Number Two Show’, where we flush down into intriguing topics, straight from the comfort of a bathroom stall. Our hilarious host, Rafe Williams, tackles a topic we’re all guilty of — using phones in the bathroom. We discuss:

– A deep dive into how and why we’ve turned our restrooms into entertainment hubs.
– Historical perspectives: from rotary phones in the bathroom to today’s waterproof smartphones.
– The evolving debate on phone etiquette in public restrooms.
– Health and hygiene: Did you know your phone might carry more bacteria than the toilet seat?
– Some hilarious side notes about shampoo bottle reading, old magazines, and even a cheeky reference to Amsterdam.

Dare to get to the bottom of this (pun intended)? Watch till the end, have a chuckle, and join us in the comments!

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