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STEVE-O talks standup & his new stage show, JACKASS FOREVER, shady reps, & much more!

STEVE-O was back IN PERSON in the Point Studio… It has been WAY too long since we have had a chance to talk to Steve-O in person, and this visit was awesome! Steve-O fills us in on his current standup tour… marrying video of some of the craziest stunts he’s ever done with his standup comedy. “I’m doing a comedy show, which integrates video of stunts that I never would’ve been allowed to do for Jackass, because they are flagrantly illegal… triple X rated… I did it all with no insurance, like, just letting it ride.” He continued, “I’ve literally, substantially raised the bar for crazy, and I’m so stoked!”

Steve-O goes on to talk about JACKASS FOREVER, which will be coming out in February, getting taken advantage of by shady reps and lawyers early in his career, and we get to chat with a mystery guest who shares a great Steve-O story!

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