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Simpleton Trivia (AUG.2 2023)

🔥 Simpleton Trivia – Can They Get It Right? 🔥

Welcome back to our hilarious Simpleton Trivia game! Watch as we put our knowledge to the test in the studio. Will we strike out or hit it out of the park? You get to join in on the fun and place your bets!

Here’s how it works: We’ll be answering ten tricky questions in just 45 seconds. Will we get them all right, or will we stumble along the way?

First up, Justin, our former champion, is placing his bets on one of us. He’s seen success before and wants to see if lightning strikes twice. He’s confident and puts his faith in us, and the stakes are high!

Next, it’s Moon’s turn. He’s betting on himself, aiming for the perfect ten. Let’s see if he can keep his cool and show off his knowledge.

But hold on! It’s not over yet! We’ve got Devin in the hot seat, and he’s out to prove himself. His nerves might get the best of him, but who knows? He might surprise us all.

Now, King Scott steps up to the plate, and someone’s betting against him. Can he prove them wrong and secure a victory?

Join in the fun as we navigate through these challenging questions. Cheer us on or laugh at our struggles – it’s all part of the excitement! Stay tuned for more Simpleton Trivia – where the laughs and knowledge never stop!

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