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Roasting Our Lost Listeners: E-Memoriam (SEPT.8 2023)

Join Rafe Williams for this week’s E-Memoriam, a heartfelt tribute to those we’ve upset or who have sent us nasty emails for no reason. We’re not holding back, so put on your headphones and get ready for some laughs.

This week’s E-Memoriam is brought to you by Hughes Funeral Alternatives, introducing Acclimation – the natural, eco-friendly alternative to traditional cremation.

First up, we bid farewell to plain cheese pizza lovers. If marinara sauce is your idea of excitement and you think vanilla ice cream is wild, this one’s for you.

Next, we delve into the world of innuendos with cheeseburgers, grapes, and snow cones. Warning: you’ll never look at a grape snow cone the same way again.

Then, we have the guy who thinks the Hoosiers movie soundtrack is dated. Sorry, but your hot take is colder than the ’50s.

Moving on to Bruce Springsteen’s stomach and small intestine, they’ve been through more than you can imagine. Farewell to the digestive heroes!

Regular gonorrhea, you had your time in the spotlight, but now it’s all about super gonorrhea. Time to retire, old friend.

Do you blame bad decisions on beer goggles? Well, it’s time to take responsibility for your choices, Ted.

Short Kings, we see you! If you’re 5’6″, own it – you’re still part of the club.

Gary Busey’s insurance agent, you deserve a Purple Heart for your efforts. Insuring Gary is like being a lifeguard on the Titanic.

Finally, we say goodbye to Jimmy Buffett and pay tribute with a fitting rendition of “Margaritaville.” by King Scott.

Join us for a hilarious and heartfelt E-Memoriam as we bid adieu to these characters and more. Don’t miss out on the fun – hit that play button now! This week’s E-Memoriam is your source of laughter and good vibes.