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Roasting Our Lost Listeners: E-Memoriam (AUG.11 2023)

🎉 Welcome to the Rizz Show’s In E-Memoriam Episode 🎉

Join Rafe Williams and the gang as they pay tribute to those who left us this week in their unique, humorous style. In this episode of The E-Memoriam, we celebrate the quirks and idiosyncrasies of individuals who had the audacity to cross paths with our morning comedy show. From the heartbroken emu enthusiasts to the bold, or maybe a bit misguided, souls who rent pygmy goats for parties, we bid them a fond farewell.

Sponsored by Hughes Funeral Alternatives, the E -Memoriam takes a lighthearted look at departures caused by our opinions, jokes, and sometimes, well, just life’s peculiarities. We’ll touch on the emotional support emus (or lack thereof), the risky business of naked bike rides, and the curious case of folks named Mark with a “C” – a study in double meanings and coincidences.

But it doesn’t end there. Rafe and the team dive into the depths of pop culture and society, offering a witty salute to personalities like Marc Summers of Double Dare fame and even the passionate fans of Elon Musk who may have taken things a tad too far.

We also remember some icons who recently left this world – Pee-Wee Herman, Robby Robertson, Johnny Hardwick, and our very own local legend, Beatle Bob. As we tip our hats to these unforgettable characters, we hope they’re partying with the stars in the great beyond.

So buckle up, folks! Join us in laughter, reminisce about the oddities of life, and bid adieu to the unusual souls who crossed our path. Subscribe and tune in to The Rizz Show’s In Memoriam episode – where humor and eccentricity collide!

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