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Roasting Our Listeners: Unforgettable Reactions from Rafe’s E-Memoriam

Welcome to Rafe’s E-Memoriam! In this week’s In Memoriam segment, sponsored by Hughes Funeral, we’re paying tribute to those who couldn’t handle the show and sent us emails threatening to leave – or maybe they never intended to leave at all. Join us as we delve into the memorable moments that triggered some interesting reactions.

First up, we talk about the Gen Z workforce and their reactions to our banter. Did we upset this resilient generation? Tune in to find out how their tears over the demanding New York City workweek raised some eyebrows.

Next, we dive into the great baloney debate, where we discuss the love-hate relationship with this iconic deli staple. Are you a baloney enthusiast or a staunch opponent? Find out as we explore the diverse opinions.

Then, we apologize to the peace-loving roofers who don’t engage in road rage. Our misjudgment led us to apologize for misrepresenting these diligent workers. It’s all about setting the record straight.

We also acknowledge the electrifying kinks of those who use the electro-possessor scrotum pouch. If you’re into shock therapy south of the equator, we’re sending you off with a spark!

The bird enthusiasts, or should we say “rainbow feathered freak enablers,” receive a playful farewell. We share our thoughts on birds, both charming and potentially menacing.

Lastly, we offer our sincerest apologies to Craig Bhairavi, a beloved figure, and we bid farewell to the late David Kirk and the iconic actor who played Shaft, Richard Roundtree.

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