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Roasting Our Listeners: Hughes Funeral Alternatives Tribute & Yanni’s Apology from Rafe’s E-Memorim

“Discover the latest episode of ‘E-Memoriam Ratio’ presented by Ray Dean Williams, also known as ‘The Earl of Sandwiches.’ In this episode, we pay our respects to those we’ve lost this week, from email messages to general complaints on social media. Our In Memoriam segment, inspired by the Oscars, is our way of saying goodbye to those who have left us on the show.

This episode is brought to you by Hughes Funeral Alternatives, introducing Acclimation – the natural, gentle, eco-friendly alternative to traditional cremation methods. We also discuss various topics, such as the age-appropriateness of trick-or-treating and the peculiar habits of vacation rental guests.

Join us as we bid farewell to ‘crazy Ashleys,’ acknowledge the exceptions to the rule, and extend our apologies to the non-crazy ones. We explore the world of pan flute music and offer our apologies to George Sam Fear, the pan flute maestro. Yanni and his soothing music also make an appearance in our tribute, as we regret missing out on his talent all these years.

Finally, we address the lighter side of our In Memoriam segment, poking fun at babies and their culinary adventures. Don’t miss this episode filled with humor, insights, and heartfelt farewells to notable figures we’ve lost. Subscribe, like, and comment to stay updated on our weekly episodes and remember to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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