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Roasting Mailmen, Time Blindness, and More! | E-Memoriam with Rafe

🌟 Join us for this week’s E Memoriam 🌟

Welcome to this week’s E Memoriam, a unique tribute to those who’ve expressed their opinions about our show through emails. It’s our version of an Oscars-style “In Memoriam,” and we’re here to remember and honor them in a lighthearted way.

This week’s episode is brought to you by Hughes Funeral Alternative – the natural, gentle, eco-friendly alternative to traditional fire-based cremation.

Let’s begin with a look back at those who’ve shared their thoughts with us, even if they might not be hearing it themselves.

Amish People:
We playfully poked fun at some misconceptions about Amish culture. While we appreciate their commitment to the past, we recognize that modern life has its conveniences. Fare thee well, Brother Ezekiel.

We offered an apology to our postal carriers who’ve faced challenges in the age of Uber deliveries. The iconic USPS motto still stands strong. We appreciate your dedication to delivering love letters and special news.

The Creased Scrotum:
Our discussion about the unique anatomy of some individuals raised eyebrows, and we’re here to clarify that everyone’s anatomy is unique. We didn’t mean to cause any discomfort.

The Finger Flippers:
For those who clench their fists tightly while flipping the bird, we encourage you to relax and let that middle finger fly with style. A well-executed gesture is an art form, not a cry for help.

Time Blindness:
We addressed the challenges of time management and shared a light-hearted perspective. We may not understand the struggles of time blindness, but we respect the difficulties.

Perfect Moment Seekers:
To those seeking the perfect moment, we encouraged taking action instead of waiting for the stars to align. Life happens in the here and now.

As we say goodbye to these topics, we also remember the recent passings of Phyllis Coates, the original Lois Lane, and Rudolph Isley of the Isley Brothers. They left their marks on the world in their own unique ways.

Thank you for joining us in this week’s E Memoriam. Stay tuned for more engaging discussions in future episodes!

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