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Rizzuto’s Close Call | #2 Show

🔍 Dive into the wacky world of the workplace as Rafe Williams gives you an unfiltered, humorous peek into the lives of those that reign supreme: the bosses! Will we ever decode the enigma that is the micromanager? Or discover the whereabouts of the ever-elusive ghost boss? Tune in to this hilarious “office safari” and find out!

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📌 Highlights:
0:00 – Introducing the wild world of bosses
1:20 – The iconic ‘Welcome to the jungle!’ moment (or not)
2:15 – The micromanager who’s closer than you think
3:05 – Spotting the rare Ghost Boss
3:50 – The ‘too-cool-for-school’ Parent Boss
5:00 – Special Guest: Scott Rizzuto spills secrets
6:45 – Rafe’s final thoughts and a surprising revelation about Scott

In this episode:

Dive into the quirks and comedic sides of different boss types 🦁
A special appearance from Scott Rizzuto, the voice behind your morning drive 📻
Rafe’s unique brand of wit, wisdom, and yes, bathroom humor 🚽
💬 Which boss type have YOU encountered? Ever got caught sipping like Frank? Or been haunted by midnight boss emails? Share your funniest boss story in the comments! And if you’re feeling cheeky, tell us: Do you love your boss? Hate ’em? Or… something more complicated? 😉