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Rizzuto Pooped His Undies | #2 Show

Rizz shares a recent close call that almost led to a disaster. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? Join us as Rizz recounts the closest near-miss experience of their adult life due to an unexpected wardrobe mishap.

Just a few months ago, Rizz was preparing to head to the office when things took an unexpected twist. You won’t believe the comical sequence of events that unfolded. Their garage, a car in reverse, and an ill-timed attempt to “let one slip” – it’s a recipe for hilarity!

Thankfully, Rizz was at home and managed to avert the catastrophe just in the nick of time. We’ll take you through the moment of panic, the stealthy escape to the bedroom, and how Rizz skillfully avoided any squeaky floors. Discover the art of maintaining silence during this unexpected crisis and how they returned to the office without anyone detecting the mishap.

Curious about the fate of the underwear? You won’t believe the adventure it embarked on, from being discreetly bagged up to finding its final resting place in a landfill, all thanks to the unsung heroes of Wildwood, Missouri – the sanitation workers.

Join us in paying tribute to these underappreciated heroes as we share Rizz’s tale of a near-miss disaster and the journey of those armadillo undergarments. Don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe for more funny and relatable storytimes! Stay tuned for our upcoming adventures and amusing mishaps.