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Our MYSTERY GUEST turned out to be BILLY CORGAN of SMASHING PUMPKINS… and he was incredible!

Rizzuto surprised the rest of the guys on the Rizzuto Show with a mystery caller on the phone… and it turned out to be WILLIAM CORGAN of the SMASHING PUMPKINS. How long did it take Tony Patrico, Jeff Burton, and Moon Valjean to figure out who he was?

All joking aside, Corgan, was amazing on the call, played right along with the mystery guest joke. He answered a TON of questions. Being BIG music fans and PUMPKINS fans ourselves, we were all honored to have the chance to chat with Corgan for a bit and pick his brain. Huge thanks to @William Patrick Corgan of @Smashing Pumpkins for being such an amazing and open guest, and sharing some time with us.

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