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Musical Guest Des Rocs | #2 Show Ep. 03

🚽 Welcome to Episode 3 of The Number Two Show! 🚽

📣 Special Thanks to Our Guest: @DesRocs
Check him out: https://www.youtube.com/ @DesRocs

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In this episode, we flush down the great philosophical questions of life from our sanctuary—the bathroom! Strap in as we deep-dive into the murky waters of “Bucket Lists,” that ancient art of scribbling down your wildest dreams on toilet paper!

📝 Leave a Comment – What’s on your bucket list? Whether it’s skydiving, or shutting up a SoundCloud ukulele artist, we want to hear about it! Share your ultimate life goals below.

Life’s an adventure waiting to be written, and here on The Number Two Show, we write it one flush at a time. Thanks for joining the movement!

🚽 #DontForgetToFlush
00:00 Cold Open
02:08 Main Topic
04:43 Des Rocs | Tiny Stall Concert
08:23 The Wrap Up