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Matchup With Moon! Will RIZZ take the lead or will MOON jump ahead?! [Rizzuto Show]

It’s time for another round of #MatchupWithMoon #MOONvsRIZZ edition! Things are tied up… will MOON or RIZZ jump ahead?

Todays Questions!

Round 1:
1. What is the key unique ingredient in the Mexican sauce Mole?
Answer: chocolate
2. A sacred prayer in the Catholic faith, “Ave Maria”, gets its name from a Latin phrase meaning what?
Answer: Hail Mary
3. A tangelo is a hybrid fruit between a tangerine and what?
Answer: Grapefruit
4. Name one of the bands that appeared on the top 10 of the tunecaster rock charts for the year 2010.
Answer: Kings Of Leon, Three Days Grace, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park, Cage The Elephant, Dirty Heads, Phoenix, The Black Keys, Neon Trees, Rise Against
5. What 2010 movie featuring Colin Firth, Guy Pearce, and Helena Bonham Carter won Best Picture at the 83rd Academy Awards?
Answer: The King’s Speech
Tiebreaker: Franz Shubert composed the most popular version of the song “Ave Maria” in the 1800s. What year?
Answer: 1827

Round 2:
1. Where was The Fresh Prince born and raised?
Answer: West Philadelphia
2. A website that no longer exists will prompt a phrase “not found” with what numerical error code?
Answer: 404
3. Sky City Restaurant can rotator 360 degrees. What landmark does that restaurant sit on top of?
Answer: The Space Needle
4. When it comes to preparing food, the cuisine Crudo means what in Italian?
Answer: Raw
5. In what Vince Vaughn movie does a child yell at him, “Make me a bicycle, clown!”
Answer: Wedding Crashers
Tiebreaker: Vince Vaughn was in the movie ‘Rudy’. In real life, what year did Rudy get into his only game for Notre Dame?
Answer: 1975

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