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Is Polo a Polo Expert? | #2 Show Ep. 08

In this episode, our host Rafe Williams skips the traditional monologue to dive deep into a hilarious, candid, and somewhat wild conversation with the remarkably talented Spanish MLB announcer, Polo Ascencio! 💬

🚀 Jump straight in to hear about:

Polo’s unconventional entry into the broadcasting world 🎙️
His experience as a custodian and how it relates to his meticulous broadcasting style 🧹
The unexpected journey from a fan calling into a radio show to becoming an “expert” voice on the airwaves 📻 … and a surprisingly detailed discussion about glory holes… 😬

🏇 Stick around for a lively game of “Polo or No Low” where we test Polo’s knowledge of the sport that shares his name – with a mix of real and made-up terms! Can he distinguish the legit polo lingo from the fakes? 🤔

📌 Timestamps:
00:00 – Introduction & Foregoing the Monologue
02:23 – Special Guest: Polo Ascencio
06:12 – Glory Holes and Size Disputes
09:45 – From Custodian to Broadcaster: Polo’s Journey
18:03 – The Game: Polo or No Low
29:52 – Final Thoughts & Where to Find Polo

Instagram: @polosview
Twitter: @PoloAscencio

Podcast: Balk About It with Brooke Grimsley
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👋 See you in the next episode where we’ll explore more untold stories from unique personalities in a way you’ve never seen—or heard—before!


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