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He’s A 5 At Best

In this lively episode, the hosts dive headfirst into a heated argument over the looks of football superstar Tom Brady. They discuss whether he truly deserves the title of “handsome” or if he’s just a generic guy with exceptional athletic abilities. The debate gets intense as they rate various celebrities’ attractiveness, comparing them to Tom Brady, and share their honest opinions on each one.

From discussions about Prince Harry to Ryan Reynolds, Heath Ledger, and more, the hosts passionately defend their viewpoints. Some of them argue that context matters when judging attractiveness, while others firmly stand by their initial impressions of Tom Brady’s looks. They also delve into why some celebrities are considered more attractive than others, making for a compelling and entertaining conversation.

So, join in on the debate! Whether you’re a die-hard Tom Brady fan or have a different opinion, this episode is sure to spark laughter and lively discussions among viewers. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more exciting content!