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Epic Game Show Fails

Join us for another exciting episode of Rizz Show Password! In this hilarious and chaotic game, contestants compete to guess the secret password given by Rafe. Two lucky callers team up with Moon and Rizz, giving one-word clues to the contestants on the phone. It’s all about the connection and quick thinking as they race against the clock to guess the password.

In this episode, we witness the ups and downs of the game, with clues like “groceries,” “emergency,” “Mazda,” and “camouflage” leading to some funny and unexpected answers. Will Moon and Rizz’s team maintain their winning streak, or will the callers crack the code and steal the victory?

Get ready for laughs, surprises, and some heated moments as the contestants battle it out for a chance to win amazing prizes like Disturbed tickets, Ghost tickets, Nickelback tickets, and Blue October tickets. Who will triumph and claim their prize? Tune in to find out!

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