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CLOWNVIS talks “Suckin On A Chili Dog” & Tom McGovern viral video controversy

Our good friend, Clownvis Presley (@Clownvis Presley), stopped by to chat with us and play a new song. Clownvis also fills us in on a little controversy he was recently pulled into, when viral video sensation, Tom McGovern (@Tom McGovern), put out his “Suckin’ On A Chili Dog” video, which is strangely similar to a bit Clownvis has been performing for years. Is this just a case of parallel thinking or is there more to the story?

Clownvis recently interviewed McGovern on his Clownvis To The Rescue show and addressed it with McGovern. You can watch that interview here:


Clownvis doing the bit back in 2012:


McGoverns “Suckin On A Chili Dog”:


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