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Behind The Song | “Guilty” – Gravity Kills

In this video, we dive into the fascinating history of Gravity Kills and their journey in the music industry. Join us as we discuss their unexpected rise to fame and the pivotal role of a local radio station in their success.

Back in 1993, the band’s connection with a radio station and their dedication to their craft paved the way for their incredible journey. Hear the band members share their insights and experiences from their early days in Dallas to their first major release, “Point Essential Volume One.”

“Point Essential” was a significant annual event that showcased the best local bands, providing exposure to talented artists. It became a source of inspiration for aspiring musicians, including a young audience eager to explore alternative music.

Discover how Gravity Kills’ hit song “Guilty” came into existence in a whirlwind week of creativity and collaboration. You’ll be amazed to learn about the spontaneous recording process that led to the birth of this iconic track.

As we explore their journey, you’ll gain insights into the challenges they faced, their surprising rise in the music charts, and the support they received from local radio stations. We also touch on the topic of isolated vocal tracks and the debate surrounding their release.

Join us in this engaging discussion that takes you behind the scenes of Gravity Kills’ remarkable journey in the music industry. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to our channel for more fascinating stories about your favorite artists!