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Are Cats Plotting World Dominance? | #2 Show Ep. 09

🐱 Dive into the mysterious world of cats with Rafe Williams in Episode 9 of The Number Two Show! Unravel the ancient enigmas of these nonchalant masters of anarchy. From being divine symbols in ancient Egypt to ruling the vast realms of the internet, cats have always had us wrapped around their fluffy tails.

But why? Why do these curious creatures hold such dominion over human beings? In a hilarious and bizarre exploration, Rafe seeks to decode the cryptic charm of our feline overlords. From plotting our ultimate demise to their inexplicable reign over the digital realms, nothing is left unscratched in this epic cat-tale.

🔍 Special Guest Alert: Lern from the Rizzuto Show joins us, sharing a peek into the fluffy underbelly of the cat world from a cat lover’s perspective! Dive tail-first with us as we explore the compelling world of these absolute monarchs of mystery.

Expect delightful surprises, pawful of laughs, and a whisker-twitching journey as we delve into the heart of feline fascination. So, are you ready to follow us through the glory hole of today’s main topic? Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe for a meowgical experience! 🌍🐾👑


00:00 Introduction
02:30 Cats: The Real Rulers of the Internet?
05:10 A Journey Through Historical Cat Chronicles
09:25 Guest Intro: Lern, the Cat Whisperer
12:15 Lern’s Cat Tales
17:00 Trading Places with Cats
21:20 The Great Feline Political Agenda