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The cops in Michigan tried to stop a guy who was walking around a grocery store BOTTOMLESS on Monday . . . but he took off.  They eventually managed to chase him down, and he was arrested.  He’s looking at several possible charges.  (Full Story)

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Apple’s worst failures of all time, from AirPower to Bendgate to the Newton – CNET

Good luck finding a PlayStation 5: Walmart and other retailers battle fast-buying ‘bots’ – NBCNews

Grandmother accidentally sends a NUDE photo to her GRANDDAUGHTER – Dailymail 

US Navy Blue Angels headline Spirit of St. Louis Air Show & STEM Expo coming in June 2022 – Fox2Now

Cremation oven sets Jefferson County mortuary on fire – Fox2Now

Former Israeli space security chief says extraterrestrials exist, and Trump knows about it – NBCNews

You Eat a Credit Card’s Worth of Plastic Every Week – NYpost

Technology Business U.S. News Hacking Software Research: Millions of smart devices vulnerable to hacking – APNews

77% of people say they’ve used emojis at work in the past three months, according to a new survey.  But . . . 31% of people say it’s unprofessional to use emojis.  And basic math tells us there has to be some overlap between those groups.  (Full Story)

The U.K. has started administering the coronavirus vaccine to elderly people and the second person in the country to get it is an 81-year-old man named . . . William Shakespeare.

Believe it or not, scientists say that statistically, every person has roughly SIX doppelgangers out there in the world.  That means there are seven people with your face, including you, out there.  (Full Story)

Seattle Public Health suggests ‘glory holes’ for safer sex during pandemic – WaPo

Family seeking COVID-19 is ‘playing with a loaded gun’ in B.C. city discouraging visitors: mayor – CTVnews

FOOD NEWS – A guy just made a pumpkin spice BOLOGNA sandwich.  He literally made his own bologna, mixed pumpkin spices into it, then put it on a sandwich.  And he says it was DELICIOUS.  (Full Story)



We’re nine months into this thing. The pandemic has brought a lot of discussion on this show about shows to watch. Rizz recently said he is looking for new shows to watch. Im going to run through some websites who have put out their year end best show lists. Maybe there are some you haven’t heard of. So from Rolling Stone…”Better Call Saul”, AMC…”Lovecraft Country”, HBO…”Brockmire”, IFC… “I May Destroy You”, HBO…”The Good Lord Bird”, Showtime…”Normal People”, Hulu… “What We Do in the Shadows”, FX…”We Are Who We Are”, HBO…”How To with John Wilson”, HBO…”Bluey”, Disney Jr….”Better Things”, FX…”My Brilliant Friend: The Story of a New Name”, HBO…”Dave”, FXX…”The Great”, Hulu…”BoJack Horseman”, Netflix…”High Fidelity”, Hulu…”Ramy”, Hulu…”The Plot Against America”, HBO…”Grand Army”, Netflix 

Slate.com mentioned “Ted Lasso” on Apple TV+ . . . “The Great Pottery Throw Down” on HBO Max . . . “Mrs. America” on Hulu . . . “The Queen’s Gambit” on Netflix . . . and “Teenage Bounty Hunters” on Netflix. 

Mashable.com gave their #1 spot to “Little America” on Apple TV+.  They also loved “Mythic Quest” on Apple TV+ . . . “Kidding” on Showtime . . . and “Harley Quinn” from DC Universe / HBO Max. 

Variety” showered some praise on Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe:  Future” . . . “Betty” on HBO . . . “Immigration Nation” on Netflix . . . “The Amber Ruffin Show” on Peacock . . . and “I Hate Suzie” on HBO Max. 

54 year old Helena Bonham Carter currently starring in The Crown, has some words of advice for all the single ladies during lockdown — get a vibrator. She was dropping the wisdom while doing an ad for the dating app Bumble. “Get a vibrator,” she said. “And a weighted blanket for hugs.”She added, “Also, do nothing. When the world is going crazy, when you are in shock from something, these are times to do nothing, be still. Forget progress. Just be. Aim for tea in the afternoon and nothing more ambitious. ”The Oscar nominee revealed that this year of lockdown has been “incredibly difficult” for her single pals. “Women can often blame themselves but the fact is, it’s been an impossible year,” she said. “But impossibility is still the mother of creativity and there are still ways to meet people online.” She has been with writer Rye Dag Holmboe, 32, for two years. She had a long relationship with director Tim Burton with whom she shares son Billy, 17, and daughter Nell, 12. The two split in 2014.  

More drama over Warner Brothers decision to take mavies streaming…At the time, Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins was all for going direct to streaming. She said “If you had told me a year ago that we would ever go straight to streaming in any way, shape or form, I would have flipped out. Like I’m not for that plan in general” …“However, this is such a crazy year… all of us are trying to figure out [our] lives, how to do everything the best we can.” She pointed out that if every movie distributor waited till the end of the pandemic, “then every movie in the world tries to come out at the same time,” Her sequel, “Wonder Woman 1984,” will stream Dec. 25. Now there is a report that both her and the movies star Gal Gadot we paid $10 million a piece by Warner Brothers play along and make positive statements about the move.   According to the New York Times, Warner Bros. approached the talent agencies for Gadot and Jenkins, respectively, in order to get them on board with its Wonder Woman 1984/HBO Max plans. Both agencies are said to have responded by inquiring how their talents would be compensated for the move, and negotiations reportedly ended with Gadot and Jenkins each receiving more than $10 million dollars. Also, not all directors and or stars of said movies were not afforded the same deal. Big-name stars like Denzel Washington, Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Keanu Reeves, Hugh Jackman and Angelina Jolie.

The annual “Dick Clark New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” celebration will happen on ABC even though the pandemic will require the show to go through some changes. The hosts of the show remain the same. Ryan Seacrest, Lucy Hale, and Billy Porter will help us ring in 2021 from New York’s Time Square. Don’t expect to see crowds of people elbow to elbow in the cold. The broadcast is closed to the public because of COVID regulations. Ciara will host the performance portion from Los Angeles. It will be interesting to see if they will have an audience and dancers for this part of the show. The 5 and a half-hour broadcast begins at 7pm on December 31st.  

Just in time for the holidays, the Post Malone X Crocs Duet Max Clog II is about to drop!  They go on sale tomorrow for $79.99 and some lucky fans have a shot to score FREE ones. “Giving away 5,000 pairs of shoes is how I’m saying ‘thank you’ to my fans,” Post Malone said. Get in on it on social media. Tag @crocs using “#pmgiveaway 💖🖤”   They come in two colors, pink and black. Visit Crocs.com for details.

Celebrities are constantly finding new ways to make money.  But some of the merch they’ve put out is questionable at best.  Here are some of the strangest examples: 

  1. The Situation Pop.  Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino actually sold a $25 “signature series” lollipop with fake jewels on the stick. 
  1. Hannah Montana Panini Press.  Are 9-year-old girls really making their own grilled cheese sandwiches? 
  1. Justin Bieber Flossers.  If you have to buy these to get your kids to take care of their teeth, you’re doing it wrong. 
  1. WWE Talking Soap.  Around the turn of the century, the WWE literally released soap that TALKS when you use it . . . in the voice of either STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN or THE ROCK. 
  1. The KISS Kasket.  Don’t laugh . . . brothers VINNIE PAUL and DIMEBAG DARRELL from PANTERA were buried in them. 
  1. Gwyneth Paltrow’s This Smells Like My Vagina Candle. 


I don’t know if this is one of those things that HAD to happen sooner or later, but it DID.  On her new album “Folklore”, TAYLOR SWIFT finally dropped the F-bomb . . . in a song called “Mad Woman”.  And in the new issue of “Entertainment Weekly”, she explains why . . . quote, “Every rule book was thrown out . . . That was one of the times where I felt like you need to follow the language and you need to follow the storyline. “And if the storyline and the language match up and you end up saying the F-word, just go for it.  I wasn’t adhering to any of the guidelines that I had placed on myself.  I decided to just make what I wanted to make. “And I’m really happy that the fans were stoked about that . . . I think [they] could feel that I opened the gate and ran out of the pasture for the first time, which I’m glad they picked up on because they’re very intuitive.” Also, Ms.Swift helped a couple of mothers struggling financially due to the coronavirus pandemic … just in time for the holidays. She donated $13,000 apiece to 2 moms who have fallen on hard times, and whose stories were featured in a recent article about the millions of Americans who are unemployed, or behind on their rent and utilities. The women — Nikki Cornwell from Nashville and Shelbie Selewski from Michigan got the mony on their GoFundMe pages … along with a personal note of encouragement. Both women have suffered both medical and financial hardships this year and say they are in danger of being kicked out of their homes if they don’t catch up on bills.

British chef Nigella Lawson’s lush accent is an attention-grabber on this side of the pond, but her affectation may have gotten a little extreme. In a clip from her BBC series “Nigella’s Cook, Eat, Repeat,” the celebrity chef and “Domestic Goddess” is seen preparing a dish that she proclaims needs “a bit of milk, full fat, which I’ve warmed in the umm what?

“Billboard” has a list of the best songs of 2020, and the Top Three are in the system. Besides Tony…who can name them at all or first…#3 “Rain on Me” by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande . . . “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd . . . and “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé. 

Metallica will kick off 2021 with an exclusive release only at Walmart. Six Metallica albums, Kill ‘Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets, Injustice for All, The Black Album and Hardwired…to Self Destruct, will be available in new colored vinyl – only at Walmart. The collection will arrive in stores January 29th.  You can pre-order any of the exclusive albums now at walmart.com 

Ever go to a show and the opening act blows the headliner off the stage? If so, who was the opening act? The discussion was started after someone related a story of Steve Perry of Journey said Van Halen “cleaned our clocks” on tour. It was  in 1978,  he said saying “They cleaned our clock plenty of times and woke us the **** up pretty quick.” Perry said Van Halen was “on fire”, calling it “the most musical relentlessness that I’d ever seen”. 

Van Halen vs. Black Sabbath, 1978
Sabbath vocalist Ozzy Osbourne allegedly said, “Next tour, we just want a bar band from L.A.” Only the “bar band” selected for their ’78 Never Say Die! tour was an ascendant Van Halen. Van Halen lit a nightly fire beneath the drugged-out, dysfunctional Sabs (from which Osbourne was fired the following year). After a particularly stunning Van Halen performance at Madison Square Garden, Osbourne conceded that Roth & Co. “ought to be headlining the tour.”

Garth Brooks vs. The Judds, 1991
In an eight-year spasm of a career, mother-daughter duo The Judds became one of country music’s most successful acts, winning five Grammy Awards and enjoying an incredible 14 No. 1’s on the Hot Country Songs chart. This gargantuan popularity, combined with mom Naomi Judd’s apparently career-ending diagnosis for chronic active hepatitis, lent The Judds’ 1991 farewell tour massive emotional resonance. But somebody somewhere misjudged the dizzying rise of opener Garth Brooks. The unpretentious Oklahoman had confirmed his superstar status right before the massive Love Can Build a Bridge trek by scooping six Academy of Country Music Awards, and his down-home charm and super-dynamic sets consistently outshone even the ever-classy Judds

Nine Inch Nails vs. David Bowie, 1995
Part of David Bowie’s greatness was his habit of taking genuinely “hot” acts on tour with him (including Duran Duran, and Peter Gabriel), even at the risk of these stealing some of his thunder. Perhaps the ultimate expression of this admirable trait was his pairing with a height-of-its-powers Nine Inch Nails for his 1995 Outside tour. Bowie and NIN mainman Trent Reznor were mutual fans and collaborators, including NIN sets being cleverly segued into Bowie’s on the Outside tour. But with his Outside album yet to be released, and NIN riding high on The Downward Spiral, Bowie admitted that their first few shows together attracted an “almost 100 percent Nails audience.”

The Cranberries vs. Suede, 1993
The 1993 Suede-Cranberries pairing wasn’t so much a case of openers upstaging headliners in performance terms but more a quirk of timing. Suede (dubbed The London Suede stateside) rode in on a wave of hysterical U.K. press but with only one song, “Metal Mickey,” that had dented U.S. radio. The Cranberries’ debut album had gone largely unnoticed upon release that March but, just as the Suede tour began, MTV put the Irish band in heavy rotation (to the point where previously ignored singles “Linger” and “Dreams” were reissued). As the trek progressed, more and more people came out specifically to see the openers, although some reviewers felt that Suede justified top billing nonetheless.

Rage Against the Machine vs. U2, 1997
The 1997-98 PopMart Tour was U2’s famously flawed bridge too far: an earnest attempt to top their crowning Zoo TV trek four years earlier with an under-rehearsed extravaganza including a giant, malfunction-prone lemon and a 100-foot golden arch. Having explosive L.A. rap-rockers Rage Against the Machine open the first, and shakiest, nine shows of the tour (plus a later Memorial Coliseum date) didn’t help. While U2 worked out the kinks in public, the drawn-out recording of the Pop album having truncated their rehearsal schedule, RATM delivered blistering, breathless 40-minute sets that induced crowd reactions (in the front rows at least) almost unheard of when performing before such an iconic act, and only further highlighted the headliners’ bloated indulgences.

Metallica vs. Everyone
In the 1980s, Metallica assumed the mantle of master upstagers, schooling fellow thrashers Raven and Venom, as well as more mainstream metal acts like Twisted Sister, before putting almost the entire bill — Kingdom Come, Dokken, Scorpions and occasionally even headliners Van Halen — to the sword on 1988’s Monsters of Rock tour.

No Doubt vs. Bush and Goo Goo Dolls, 1996
Taking a little-known SoCal ska-pop band out as openers for mega-selling alt-rockers Bush and Goo Goo Dolls seemed like a safe bet in 1996. But No Doubt’s breakout hit, “Just a Girl,” peaked early in the tour, meaning that they were surprised to find themselves playing to three-quarters-full, singing-along arenas. While new to most audiences, No Doubt already had been around 10 years. And Gwen Stefani.


Check out a teaser for “Clarice” . . . the “Silence of the Lambs” sequel series that’s coming to CBS


Simon Helberg is 40.  Howard Wolowitz on“The Big Bang Theory”.

Tre Cool is 48. Green Day drummer.

Kurt Angle is 52.  Former WWE superstar.

Felicity Huffman is 58.  “Desperate Housewives” star and Inmate #77806-112.

Donny Osmond is 63.

John Malkovich is 67.

Dick Butkus is 78.  Greatest linebacker ever.

Today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY…you may remember her from Shakespeare in Love – where she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.  Also as M in the James Bond movies with Daniel Craig.  She’s been in just under a gagillion things from film to TV to stage.  Dame Judi Dench is 86 years young. 




Today’s birthday girl has seen more white than the bottom of Santa’s sleigh in 85 fine films including:

  • Waterworked
  • Facebath Volume 4
  • Ass Venture: Crack Detective
  • Anal Anarchy
  • Throbbing Threesomes
  • More Than A Whore
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…Hook Line & Sphincter 



While the NHL has yet to officially announce its plans for the 2020-21 season, there are reportedly designs on a January start. According to an NHL team executive – he was informed that the 2020-21 regular season will begin Jan. 13 with each team playing a 56-game schedule rather than the traditional 82. The 2019-20 season, which was interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ended Sept. 28 when the Lightning beat the Stars in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final within the NHL bubble in Edmonton. The NHL differs from the other three major North American sports leagues in that it has multiple Canadian teams, which could complicate matters significantly. Since Canada has tight travel restrictions in place, it is possible American NHL teams will not be permitted to cross the border and play games in Canada.  No word on if the season will be in one or multiple bubbles – but it’s a possibility.

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Dez Bryant’s return for the 2020 season was apparently short-lived. Bryant revealed he tested positive for COVID-19 and was pulled from warmups prior to Tuesday’s contest against the  Cowboys. The Ravens also announced he was “scratched from tonight’s game due to an illness.” Most notably, Bryant then tweeted, “Yea I’m going to go ahead and call it a quit for the rest of the season… I can’t deal with this.” Tuesday was going to be an opportunity for Bryant to go up against the team he starred for during the prime of his career. He was a three-time Pro Bowler and went over 1,200 receiving yards in three different seasons during a Dallas tenure that lasted from 2010 through 2017.  The Ravens ended up beating the Cowboys.

The Philadelphia Eagles have decided on their quarterback of the future. Well, at least their immediate future. Jalen Hurts will start over Carson Wentz for Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints. The good news for Hurts is the fact that he will start the game and be tasked with snapping the Eagles’ four-game losing streak. The bad news is he will be facing the Saints, who have the best record in the NFC at 10-2.

The Tampa Bay Rays are once again preparing fans to see the club split its home games between central Florida and Montreal, Quebec, in the near future. Reps inside the organization are apparently saying that the move is the “only option in my mind” with the team’s Tropicana Field lease set to expire after the 2027 season. While progress is being made in Canada, the Rays have not been approached by any local groups looking to build a new stadium in Florida or buy the team.

As the NBA prepares for the start of the 2020-21 season on Dec. 22, the league has issued a memo regarding guidelines for face coverings amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Coaches will be required to wear masks at arenas and team facilities and cannot pull their masks down longer than is “occasionally necessary under the circumstances to perform essential coaching duties.” The new mask rules apply to all coaches “regardless of age.” Teams across the league are set to resume regular travel and play in their home arenas this season for the first time since the shutdown on March 11.

The Roberto Clemente League hired Thom Brennaman as its play-by-play announcer for the 2020-21 season. Brennaman resigned as the Cincinnati Reds’ lead announcer in September after using an anti-gay slur on a hot mic during a broadcast. While calling a game between the Reds and  Royals, he referred to an unknown place as “one of the f-g capitals of the world.” Brennaman wrote an apology but still resigned. In addition to getting suspended by the Reds and his subsequent resignation, Fox Sports took Brennaman off the air as it lined up its commentary teams for this season’s NFL games.

For the first time since the end of the 2018 season, Missouri is back in the College Football Playoff rankings. The latest CFP rankings were released, and the Tigers were ranked at the No. 25 spot. The last time they appeared in the rankings, they were No. 23 in the final edition of the 2018 season. Mizzou is 5-3 this season after notching three straight wins over South Carolina, Vanderbilt and Arkansas. This past Saturday, the Tigers beat Arkansas, 50-48, to keep their recent hot streak going under first-year head coach Eli Drinkwitz.

Tonight’s men’s college basketball game between No. 4 Michigan State and No. 18 Virginia has been postponed following an outbreak of COVID-19 within the Virginia’s program. The matchup is one of the highlight’s of this year’s cross-conference slate. No make-up date has been announced yet, and the status of Virginia’s Sunday home game against William & Mary remains to be determined. Michigan State is still scheduled to face Oakland on Sunday.

And finally –  SLU is now 4-0 as they picked up the 88-65 win over Central Arkansas last night.  Their next game is on Saturday against Evansville.  Mizzou hosts Liberty in Columbia tonight.  Tip off is scheduled for 7:15PM