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Sean Diddy Combs is the latest suitor for BET. Last week, reports surfaced about Paramount trying to sell the majority interest in the network, including BET, VH1, BET Studios, and BET+. Names like Tyler Perry and Byron Allen emerged as potential buyers. On Monday, Diddy’s name entered the conversation as a possible candidate to buy the properties. Combs already owns the REVOLT network.

Whether it was more familiar movies or the after buzz of last year’s Slap Gate, the 95th Academy Awards had better ratings on Sunday. An average of 18.7 million viewed the broadcast. The number is a 12 percent increase from the 2022 Oscars. A ratings jump was surprising, considering the Oscars went up against the season finale of the popular HBO series, The Last of Us.

Mira Sorvino is feeling disappoointed. On Sunday night, the Oscars paid tribute to the Hollywood stars we’ve lost over the last year in their annual In Memoriam, but left out of the montage was actor Paul Sorvino. In a tweet after the show, Mira said, “I, for one, am remembering Dad on this Oscars night,” sharing a clip from her IG when she won an Academy Award and shared it with her father. The late actor’s daughter still had feelings Monday morning, saying, “It is baffling beyond belief that my beloved father and many other amazing, brilliant departed actors were left out,” she wrote. Paul’s widow Dee Dee Sorvino also took issue with the snub, releasing a statement to People. “Paul Sorvino was one of the greatest actors in cinematic history in Hollywood. It is unconscionable that he would be left out of the In Memoriam segment of the Oscars,” she said. “It’s a three-hour show, they can’t give a couple more minutes to get it right? Paul Sorvino gave decades to this industry and was loved by all.” A number of other notable stars were missing, including Anne Heche and Charlbi Dean, who starred in the night’s Best Picture nominee Triangle of Sadness. Every year the Oscars seem to do this.  On their official website, the Academy includes a more complete list of Hollywood stars and behind-the-scenes crew who passed away.

A lot of zombie and zombie-adjacent shows are too cool for the “Z” word.  You know, like how on “The Walking Dead” they’re called WALKERS.

The same is true for “The Last of Us”, where the creatures are called “The Infected”.  Although in this case, it’s actually ACCURATE, because they’re NOT zombies . . . they’re people with a fungal infection.

Anyway, the show’s cinematographer recently claimed that the word “zombie” was actually BANNED on the set.  But it’s not true.

Producer Craig Mazin says, quote, “We call them zombies all the time because it’s funny.” (Entertainment Weekly)

Courtney Love has come for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over its lack of female inductees. Love shared a tweet from author Jessica Hopper, who herself was critical of a MusicConnection.com article that carried the headline “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Celebrates Women Who Rock”. Hopper broke down some sad math when it comes to ladies in the Hall of Fame with a tweet, sharing “719 inductees to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, only 61 are women. That’s 8.48%. C’mon @rockhall, it’s F***ING GRIM BRO when you’re doing worse than…women headliners at major music festivals (13%)”. Love shared Hopper’s post, adding “37 years in existence & women make up 8.48 percent of inductees out of 719…Rock Hall ELIGIBILITY is 25 years after a first release. Foo Fighters were nominated 4 seconds later. Nine Simone and Carole King? 30 years.”

Avenged Sevenfold have launched a countdown on their official YouTube channel that ends today at 10am Saint Louis time. The countdown is titled ‘Avenged Sevenfold Presents…’ and shows a virtual room with candles, chairs, a desk, ladder and writing and signs all over the walls. The band created an alternate reality game a couple of weeks ago, leading fans to the website Libad5343.net.  There are coordinates on the site that lead to several places throughout the world where fans can find even more clues to Avenged Sevenfold’s plans.

The first ever Def Leppard anthology, titled ‘Definitely: The Official Story of Def Leppard” will be released on hardback May 9th. The book, according to ‘Blabbermouth’ is “part memoir, part scrapbook” which tells Def Leppard’s “story through hundreds of photographs where fans can reminiscence on the band recording in various studios, at promo shoots, on tour in planes, trains, cars and Holiday Inns, backstage and, of course, doing what they are best known for — performing their explosive live shows in front of global audiences from 1978 to the present day.” Learn more at DefLeppardBook.com.

A songwriter is suing The Rolling Stones, claiming that their 2020 single “Living in A Ghost Town” is based off two of his original compositions. Sergio Garcia says the Stones’ song is based on his songs “So Sorry” and “Seed of God,” which he wrote in 2006 and 2007. Garcia claims he gave a demo to an “immediate” family member of Mick Jagger, who replied via email that the songwriter’s style was one that The Rolling Stones “would be interested in using”.   The songwriter says he never gave the rights to his music to the Stones. Listen to these clips and compare.  What do you think?  Are the songs similar?

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is … a fan just spent over $13K on a card that was signed and kissed by Paige VanZant! The first edition card hit auction last week on eBay … and after 102 bids, the 1-of-1 sold for exactly $13,200, and the Bare Knuckle FC boxer was hyped! “Thank you to everyone who bid,” the 28-year-old said on Monday via Instagram. “This was a really cool experience for me ♥” The card is pretty sweet … it features a photo of VanZant in her boxing gear with a pink lip print and she proves the kiss was from her lips by sharing a picture of her kissing the card. She also signed it with her name and “XOXO”. The whole idea was to help launch her husband, Bellator star Austin Vanderford’s new shop where you can buy, sell, and/or trade sports cards. “Go bid while you can and take a look at everything he’s got for sale if you’re into football cards 🙂 And follow @vanderford_cards for new listings,” VanZant said. Of course, if you follow the couple, you know they support each other in a big way … ever since getting married in 2018. “Oh the places we have been,” VanZant said in a recent IG video of Austin. “And oh the places we will go. ❤️ @austinvanderford” Congrats to the lucky buyer!!

Some of your favorite celebrities have disturbing links to SERIAL KILLERS.  Buzzfeed put together a list.  Here are some highlights:

  1. Ashton Kutcher and Michael “The Hollywood Ripper” Gargiulo:  In 2001, Ashton was supposed to go on a date with a woman, but when he showed up at her house, she didn’t answer the door.

He peeked through a window and saw what he thought were wine stains on the carpet, and left.  Turns out they were blood stains.  The woman had been murdered by Gargiulo, and Ashton testified at his trial.

  1. Debbie Harry and Ted Bundy:  Debbie claims she accepted a ride from Bundy back in the ’70s, then had to jump out of his moving VW Bug when she realized he was up to no good.

Not everyone believes her story, but she’s sticking to it.

  1. Woody Harrelson and Charles Harrelson:  Woody’s father Charles was a hitman who was involved in dozens of murders.  He even claimed he killed JFK.  Woody eventually developed a guarded relationship with his dad in prison.
  2.  Chris Farley and Ed Gein:  Farley grew up in view of the Mendota Mental Health Institute in Wisconsin.  By that time, it was home to Ed Gein, the maniac who inspired both “Psycho” and “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”.

As a kid, Chris was worried Gein or one of the other psychos would escape and break into their home.

  1. Beach Boy Dennis Wilson and Charles Manson:  Wilson became friends with Manson when he was an aspiring singer-songwriter.  The Beach Boys even recorded one of his songs, “Never Learn Not to Love”.

Wilson later caught on that Manson was dangerous, and abandoned his own home to cut ties with him . . . because members of Manson’s cult were living there. (Check out the rest of the list here.) 

“Rolling Stone” put together a list of the 100 greatest heavy metal songs of all time.

Here are the Top 20:

  1. “Black Sabbath”,  Black Sabbath
  2. “Master of Puppets”,  Metallica
  3. “Ace of Spades”,  Motorhead
  4. “Breaking the Law”,  Judas Priest
  5. “War Pigs”,  Black Sabbath
  6. “Crazy Train”,  Ozzy Osbourne
  7. “Iron Man”,  Black Sabbath
  8. “Raining Blood”,  Slayer
  9. “Holy Diver”,  Dio
  10. “Run to the Hills”,  Iron Maiden
  11. “One”,  Metallica
  12. “Cult of Personality”,  Living Colour
  13. “Paranoid”Black Sabbath
  14. “Stargazer”,  Rainbow
  15. “Angel of Death”Slayer
  16. “Hallowed Be Thy Name”,  Iron Maiden
  17. “Back in Black”,  AC/DC
  18. “Immigrant Song”Led Zeppelin
  19. “Peace Sells”,  Megadeth
  20. “Round and Round”,  Ratt

(See the entire list at RollingStone.com.  It’s worth mentioning, how did Ghost get left off the list?!)


Simone Biles is 26.  Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast.

Stephen Curry is 35.  NBA All-Star and the Golden State Warriors point guard.

Taylor Hanson is 40.  The middle brother in Hanson.

Chris Klein is 44.  Oz in the “American Pie” movies.

Billy Crystal is 75.

Quincy Jones is 90.  He’s been nominated for 80 Grammys.  He’s won 28.  But his greatest accomplishment is:  siring Rashida Jones.  Q was jamming with Ray Charles before anyone knew who Ray was, and produced the best-selling album of all-time, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

Michael Caine is 90.  Alfred in the “Dark Knight” trilogy.  He was also Austin’s dad, Nigel Powers, in “Goldmember”

Porn B

Brooke Hunter

Today’s birthday girl has been in 278 fine films, including:

– All Pissed Off 11

– Anal Ultimatimum

– Booty Duty 10

– Boss Bitches 12

– Can You ‘F’ My Mom? 2

– Count Rackula

– G-strings And Bobby Socks 2

– Panties, She Wrote

– And who can forget her role in 2006’s Thanks for the Mammaries

Brooke Hunter is 53 years old