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A Fugitive Hid from Police in a Porta-Potty, Until It Got Tipped Over – LINK

Dad brings home venomous snake to show his kids — and ends up in the ER – LINK

Armed Florida man pulls gun on friend in car, flees into park before getting hit by car: Deputies – LINK

Redlands man pays $21,000 in cash for fake gold bars – LINK

A “Wedding Crasher” Got Caught Stealing Thousands from Weddings in Three States – LINK

Michigan firefighter accused of arson after actively fighting fire he started, officials say – LINK

Couple Arrested For “Fully Nude” Florida Frolic – LINK

A Man Was Arrested with Meth While Driving Children on “Santa’s Train” – LINK

NASA’s $100k tool bag lost in space is now orbiting Earth and surprisingly visible to stargazers – LINK


Lewd Act Done Atop Dead Marsupial – LINK

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Steinberg Ice Rink opens on Friday – LINK

Fake kidnapping scam cases rising locally – LINK

After botched appendix surgery, man sues UW Medicine for removing wrong organ – LINK

Lawsuit filed against Nikko in Pace over alleged meth-laced food incident – LINK

A Large Number Of Americans Are Constipated On Thanksgiving – LINK

Photos of Britney Spears’ Charming $1.2M Childhood Home – LINK

Apple Is Finally Changing Its Texts to Stop Screwing Over Android Users – LINK



Porn B

Amber Michaels

Today’s birthday girl has been in 428 fine films, including:

                                                – 18 and Lost in Miami

                                                – 18 and Lost in Philly

                                                – Big Boob Dirty 30’s 3

                                                – Flesh Peddlers 2, 3 & 4

                                                – It Ain’t Easy Bein Sleazy 2

                                                – Mr. Beaver Checks In 12

                                                – Panties, She Wrote

                                                – Seduced by Mommy 7

                                                – The White Panty Chronicles 5

– And who can forget her role in 2004’s Up the Old Dirt Road

Amber Michaels is 55 years old

Sports Report 1

Mike Hoffman scores 2 goals as San Jose Sharks beat St. Louis Blues 5-1 – LINK

NFL will investigate Bengals over Joe Burrow’s injury report status – LINK