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Cockpit Video of a Student Pilot Landing a Plane After Engine Failure

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A Man Committed Burglaries . . . Because the Devil Told Him He Needed to Pay for College? – TheSmokingGun


Robby Steinhardt, the original violinist and co-lead vocalist of Kansas, died Saturday from acute pancreatitis.  He was a founding member, but hasn’t been with the band since 2006.  (Here’s the violin solo from “Dust in the Wind”.  He also co-sang on it.  He was 71.)

Super great fantastic news to share about Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus’ chemotherapy. It is working. He is suffering from Stage 4-A Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, which his Mom beat. Remember last week he said he would be getting a test to see how long he would live. Test results in and I quote… “Scans indicate that the chemo is working! I still have months of treatment ahead, but it’s the best possible news. I’m so grateful and confused and also sick from last week’s chemo. But the poison the doctors pump into me and the kind thoughts and wishes of people around me are destroying this cancer. Just gotta keep fighting…”

Clerks III is in pre-production in New Jersey and will begin production next month. Kevin Smith has written the screenplay and will direct, with all major cast members from the first two Clerks films back,(Jeff Anderson as Randal, Brian O’Halloran as Dante, Jay Mewes as Jay, Smith as Silent Bob, and Rosario Dawson as Becky).  In Clerks III, following a massive heart attack, Randal enlists Dante, Elias, Jay and Silent Bob to make a movie immortalizing his life at the convenience store that started it all.

KENAN THOMPSON is the longest standing cast member on “Saturday Night Live” EVER, with 18 seasons.  And he plans to keep going indefinitely. Kenan said, quote, “I keep saying I’m trying to get to 20 [seasons] . . . I don’t really know what to do at this point, as far as leaving is concerned.  Like, why should I ever have to leave?” The only way he’d leave is if he felt he was taking up someone else’s spot or if he got FIRED. So we can pretty much count on seeing Kenan this fall.  Can’t say the same for others like PETE DAVIDSON, KATE MCKINNON, or CECILY STRONG, who have yet to confirm their future on the show. 

Kenan Thompson is 5 foot 9, Pete Davidson is 6 foot 3,Kate McKinnon is 5 foot 3 and Cecily Strong is 5 foot 8. I have a list of celebrities who are taller than ya think   

  1. Ben Affleck. . . 6-foot-4.
  2. JoJo Siwa. . . 5-foot-9.
  3. Post Malone. . . 6-foot-2. 
  4. Adele. . . 5-foot-9. 
  5. Taylor Swift. . . 5-foot-11. 
  6. Dwayne Johnson. . . 6-foot-5. 
  7. Liam Neeson. . . 6-foot-4. 
  8. Brad Garrett. . . 6-foot-8. 
  9. Tyler Perry. . . 6-foot-5.  
  10. Machine Gun Kelly is 6’4″
  11. 11. Whitney Cummings is 5’11” 

Aerosmith briefly auditioned new singers in 2009, after Stephen Tyler cut off contact with the band for a solo career.   Sammy Hagar says  Joe Perry tried to get him to join the band by trying out in South America. He “almost did it”, – but he didn’t want to be known forever as “the guy who replaced the guy”.  Perry says he doesn’t remember reaching out to Hagar but Sammy “has the pipes”. Other singers Aerosmith allegedly considered at the time include Lenny Kravitz, Chris Cornell, and Billy Idol.  

6 foot 2 PEARL JAM bassist JEFF AMENT says he isn’t so sure wants to do shows with a vaccination card as a requirement to get in. Pearl Jam will be kicking off the North American leg of their tour in March, and most of their rescheduled shows are indoors.   

Billboard has released its list of 2020’s highest-paid artists and acts – and some of the top-earning rock bands aren’t even together anymore. There is the obvious like the 5 foot 11 Taylor Swift, the 6 foot 2 Post Malone and the 5 foot 7 Celine Dion. Then the Eagles, average height is 5 foot 9, are number four based on streaming sales of $5.3 million and 10 reunion shows that brought in $11 million before the pandemic hit. Record sales, publishing earnings and streaming platforms resulted in a $13.2 million profit for the long-defunct Queen, who’s Freddy Mercury was 5 foot 10 , they are number seven  on the Billboard list. At number eight, with $12.9 million in earnings, is an even older band: The Beatles, Ringo is 5 foot 6 and easily the shortest in the band. Other rock acts making this year’s list include AC/DC with $10.1 million, Malcolm Young at 5 foot 3 is an inch taller than the 5 foot 2 Angus Young; Metallica with $9 million with James Hetfield standing 6 foot 1; Pink Floyd with $8.8 million, Roger Waters is 6 foot 3 ; and Fleetwood Mac, With the 6 foot 3 Mic Fleetwood made $6.6 million after “Dreams” went viral on TikTok, per Billboard.

When it comes to selling albums – real albums – which genre is selling the most?  The latest ‘Pure Album Sales’ chart from Chart Data has rock bands in 9 of the top 10 spots – including names like Metallica, The Beatles, Queen, Foo Fighters, and AC/DC. The chart measures actual physical album sales, rather than ‘equivalent units’ that factor in streaming numbers like Billboard’s sales charts. BTW height has NOTHING to do with it.  

The Killers announced a new album and a North American tour in 2022. They released a 60-second trailer for Pressure Machine, their seventh studio album. There’s footage of frontman Brandon Flowers’ remote childhood hometown of Nephi, Utah – his inspiration for the album. The band also announced dates for a North American tour launching in August of 2022. Pressure Machine will be out August 13th.   September 18th, 2022 at Chaifetz Arena! Tickets go on sale this Friday, July 23rd at 10a

Rivers Cuomo has revealed Weezer’s next project will be a series of four albums called “Seasons,” with each being released on the first day of each new season in 2022. “I guess I’ve had a lot of time on my hands so I wrote four albums that we’ll put out next year,” Rivers says. ​“Spring is kind of like happy chill. And then we move through to dance rock, like a Strokes-style album for the fall, and then sad acoustic, Elliott Smith-style for winter.” Meanwhile, Weezer is preparing to embark on the Hella Mega Tour with Green Day and Fall Out Boy. It kicks off July 24th in Dallas. And that show comes to town the second Tuesday of next week.

Celebrating a Birthday today:

Dancing with the Stars dancer Julianne Hough is 33.

Model and Mrs. Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen is 41.

Cash Cab host and Rizz Show 3rd timers club member Ben Bailey is 45.

Yadi’s brother and Polo’s partner in the booth, former MLB catcher Bengie Molina is 47.

Actor Omar Epps is 48.

Actress Sandra Oh is 50.

Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard is 56.

Dean Winters is 57.  You’ve seen him in “Rescue Me”, “30 Rock”, and “Law & Order: SVU”.  Now he messes up cars in those Allstate insurance commercials.

Donna Dixon is 64.  Garth’s dream woman in “Wayne’s World” and Tom Hanks’ dream woman on “Bosom Buddies”.

Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana is 74.

She sang “Bette Davis Eyes”, Kim Carnes is 76.


Candy Alexa

Today’s birthday girl has been in 297 fine films, including:

– Bathroom Buddies

– Booba Palooza

– Cute and Perverted 2

– Dogfart Invades Europe 2 & 4

– Private Gold 121: Adventures on the Lust Boat

– And who can forget her role in 2014’s Watch Me, Bitch 1

Candy Alexa is 34 years old.

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Young righthander Jake Woodford, the 10th pitcher to start for the Cardinals this season, worked out of a first-inning spot and proceeded to put down the Chicago Cubs on six hits and one run for 5 2/3 innings in an 8-3 victory at Busch Stadium before the second-largest home crowd of the season — 38,199. It was Woodford’s first career start at Busch — his other had been before an empty park in Chicago, against the White Sox, last season. With both teams at 46-47, the winner of the game would climb to .500 and the loser would dip two games under it. Woodford had a lot to do with the Cardinals achieving the former and so did some atrocious Cubs defense, which committed three errors that could be charged and another that couldn’t in a four-run St. Louis fourth inning. Chicago had four errors overall. Dylan Carlson, who had been in a one-for-19 dive, drove in four runs for the Cardinals, with a two-run homer, run-scoring single and a bases-loaded walk. Paul Goldschmidt, who earlier had extended his hitting streak to 14 games, hit his 16th homer and fourth in five games as the Cardinals reached the .500 mark for the first time since June 20.

Predators Prospect Luke Prokop Is First Active NHL Player To Come Out As Gay

  • Luke Prokop, who has never played in an NHL game, made league history Monday anyway.
  • The 19-year-old Nashville Predators prospect did so with three words: “I am gay.”
  • Prokop delivered his message in a tweet and Instagram post Monday morning, making him the first player under league contract to come out.
  • “I am no longer scared to hide who I am,” the defenseman wrote. “Today I am proud to publicly tell everyone that I am gay.”
  • Prokop was a third-round pick by the Predators in 2020 and this news was no surprise to the Predators. He told The Athletic he informed front office personnel, including general manager David Poile, more than a year ago.
  • “It has been quite the journey to get to this point in my life, but I could not be happier with my decision to come out,” he wrote. “From a young age I have dreamed of being an NHL player, and I believe that living my authentic life will allow me to bring my whole self to the rink and improve my chances of fulfilling my dreams.”

PEYTON and ELI MANNING will provide ALTERNATE commentary for some “Monday Night Football” games, on ESPN2. It sounds like their version will be a little more of a party than the commentary you get on the regular ESPN broadcast. The network says, quote, “Peyton and Eli will bring a different approach, delving into conversation about broader, big-picture topics while also honing in on the game, much like fans do when watching with their family and friends.” They’ll also be joined each week by a third host, plus guest athletes and celebrities. They’ll be doing 10 games per season for the next three seasons, starting with the first three “Monday Night Football” games of 2021.

With opening ceremonies for the Tokyo Olympics scheduled for this weekend, there have now been more than 60 COVID cases connected to the games.  The latest include two Americans:  Gymnastics alternate KARA EAKER and Women’s Basketball star KATIE LOU SAMUELSON.

Toyota is a major sponsor of the Summer Games . . . but they’ve decided to pull all their commercials from Olympic programming in Japan, and their CEO and other execs will not attend the opening ceremony.

The Summer Games are really unpopular in Japan, and people are speculating that Toyota is worried their reputation will take a hit because of their association with them.

One of the composers for the opening ceremony actually quit, after an old interview surfaced where he bragged about bullying a disabled classmate when he was in school. So all sorts of things are happening around these Olympics!

Becca Meyers is a six-time Paralympic medalist with three golds from the 2016 Rio Games.

She was expected to compete for up to four medals in Tokyo. Instead she’s not going. After the 26-year-old deaf-blind swimmer was told she couldn’t bring her mother and personal care assistant (PCA) Maria Meyers to help her navigate Tokyo and the Olympic facilities, Meyers informed Team USA that she was quitting the team. She told the Washington Post in a story published Monday that she made the decision in part to effect change. Meyers suffers from Usher syndrome, a genetic disorder that left her deaf at birth. The disorder has also progressively eroded her eyesight.

Olivia Breen, the British double Paralympic world champion who will compete at the Tokyo Games next month, was left “speechless” after being told that her briefs were “too short and inappropriate” by an official at the English Championships. Welsh para-athlete Breen was wearing official 2021 Adidas briefs when the incident occurred after she competed in the long jump in Bedford at Sunday’s event and questioned whether a male competitor would be subjected to similar remarks. The 24-year-old, who won Commonwealth gold in 2018 and has two world titles in the T35-38 4x100m relay and in the T38 long jump, was contacted on Monday morning by England Athletics, who are investigating the incident. Are they too short? You be the judge. https://sports.yahoo.com/british-paralympian-olivia-breen-left-153248746.html

Russia is competing under another new name at the Tokyo Olympics, the latest fallout from the Games’ longest-running doping saga.You won’t see the Russian flag above any podiums but the national colors are on the uniforms. Doping cases old and new still cast a shadow over the team. Two swimmers from the Tokyo team have been suspended for cases dating back years and two rowers tested positive last month. Officially the athletes will represent not their country, but the ROC, and Russia’s name, flag and anthem are banned. Critics point out that it will be hard to spot the difference when Russian teams are wearing full national colors. Russian red, white and blue on uniforms are fine — the blocks of color on the official tracksuits form one big flag — but not the word “Russia,” the flag itself or other national symbols. The artistic swimming team said it’s been blocked from wearing costumes with a drawing of a bear. Official Olympic paperwork and TV graphics will attribute Russian results to “ROC” but won’t spell out the Russian Olympic Committee’s name in full. Gold medalists will get music by Russian composer Tchaikovsky instead of the country’s national anthem. Despite the name change, Russia will have a nearly full team at the Olympics after sending depleted squads to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games.

Want to see the Milwaukee Bucks potentially clinch their first NBA championship in 50 years? Get ready to pay up. Even the cheapest ticket for Game 6 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday is now in the four-figure range after the Bucks took a 3-2 lead in Game 5 against the Phoenix Suns. The Bucks are now one win away from their first championship since 1971, when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Oscar Robertson were starring for Milwaukee. The cheapest ticket currently available for Game 6 on StubHub comes in at $1,098 … for a standing room only ticket. Want a place to actually sit down? That’ll run you at least $1,588. And if you happen to have $20,250 lying around, you — yes, you — can sit courtside. All of that adds up to the most expensive ticket in state history. Game 6 being Wisconsin’s most expensive ticket ever isn’t too surprising if you’re familiar with Wisconsin sports.

Each of the Green Bay Packers’ Super Bowls were played at least 1,000 miles away from the state. The Wisconsin Badgers’s biggest bowl games are also far away, by nature of bowl season. The Milwaukee Brewers have only played in one World Series in 1982, and tickets for the later games of the 2018 NLCS stayed in the three-figure range. The Bucks’ lone championship was clinched in Washington, and the Milwaukee Braves’ 1957 title was also clinched on the road. Of course, ticket prices could go up even higher if the Suns win and send the series back to Phoenix. The cheapest ticket for that game on StubHub right now: $1,104.

The 24-year-old from Los Angeles earned his second major championship victory in just his eighth major start on Sunday, claiming the 149th British Open at Royal St. George’s in Sandwich, England, at 15-under-par. Morikawa, a five-time winner in just two years as a professional, overcame 2010 Open champion Louis Oosthuizen and held off three-time major champion Jordan Spieth to take home the Claret Jug and a record top-prize of $2,070,000. Spieth, who finished two shots back in second, will take home $1,198,000.

Check out how much money each player earned this week at the British Open.

Position Player Score Earnings
1 Collin Morikawa -15 $2,070,000
2 Jordan Spieth -13 $1,198,000
T3 Jon Rahm -11 $682,500
T3 Louis Oosthuizen -11 $682,500
5 Dylan Frittelli -9 $480,000
T6 Brooks Koepka -8 $386,500
T6 Mackenzie Hughes -8 $386,500
T8 Dustin Johnson -7 $255,250
T8 Robert MacIntyre -7 $255,250
T8 Daniel Berger -7 $255,250