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A Stray Bullet Hit a Woman Right in Her ‘Love Button’ – LINK

A fake doctor named “Dr. Gevorkian” (???) was hit with felony charges after he practiced “medicine on thousands of individuals” . . . including cancer patients . . . without a license.  (Full Story)

A Man Is Suing a Psychic with a PhD . . . Because She Hasn’t Removed a Curse from Him – LINK

If Little League Parents Berate Umpires . . . They’ll Be Forced to Suit Up as Umpires Themselves – LINK

Mushroom hunter describes discovering body in the woods – LINK

Under new leadership, St. Louis-grown brand Lion’s Choice eyes expansion – LINK

Fire damages Three Kings Public House in Delmar Loop – LINK

Airbnb guests leave host with huge £630 bill after turning on all taps and gas – LINK


When Aerosmith announce their tour on Monday, they could be adding their name to the list of artists doing farewell tours. Yesterday, the Enterprise Center posted a photo of the façade of their venue with ‘Walk this Way’ on the marquee. Lots of venues across the country have been hinting at Aerosmith coming through, but even more speculation is that this will be the band from Boston’s last go around. This upcoming tour is their first in the U.S. in eight years, but it’s also in celebration of their 50th anniversary. Drummer Joey Kramer who physically not up to it. It’s scheduled to start in September.

Chris Shiflett of Foo Fighters has shared another track from his solo album due out this fall.
Check out “Dead and Gone”  here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbWquIq49HQ

The trailer for Have You Got It Yet?, a documentary about original Pink Floyd singer-guitarist Syd Barrett, has been released. Among those featured in it are Pete Townshend. The film will premiere in London tomorrow (Thursday) and will be shown in U.S. theaters in late June. Barrett died in 2006.

Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvxhvLqQak8

In honor of Metallica’s “72 Seasons”, Spotify will create a playlist made up of songs from YOUR first 72 seasons . . . in other words, the first 18 years of your life.  It’ll also include the Metallica album.  It’s not clear how they determine your playlist, but it’s probably at least partially based on your own Spotify listening history.  Just hit up Spotify’s Metallica page to get yours.

Kenny Chesney says if he ever has a chance to perform at the Super Bowl, he might say NO, because it seems like the “kiss of death.”  It might be good for his career, but everyone who does it gets a lot of hate too.  So, all things being equal, he’d rather have a beer and watch the game with his dad.

Sigourney Weaver has no interest in returning as Ellen Ripley in the “Alien” franchise.  Hulu is planning on creating a new Alien Movie, and there will be a TV series at FX. In an interview with Total Film, Sigourney said, quote, “That ship has sailed, I’m very happy doing what I’m doing.  I put in my time in space!”

BuzzFeed asked its readers to list movie characters that shouldn’t be glorified because they’re actually toxic or controversial.  Here are 10:

  1. Dumbledore from the “Harry Potter”series.  “He manipulated and used people, even literal children, especially poor Harry.  Left him in an abusive home for the ‘greater good.'”
  1. Ferris Bueller from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”.  “He’s a slimy, manipulative liar and con artist.  Probably went on to work at Enron.  He is a perfect symbol of everything that went wrong with America.”
  1. Maui from “Moana”.  “He straight-up doomed the world for selfish reasons and attempted to murder a child on several occasions.”
  1. The Phantom from “The Phantom of the Opera”.  “He’s not romantic.  He’s a creep.”
  1. Uncle Rico from “Napoleon Dynamite”.  “He’s hilarious and accurate to somebody each of us knows, but he definitely is a bad person.  A loser, mostly. Living in the past, trying to make money by manipulating emotions.”
  1. Tyler Durden from “Fight Club”.  “He’s a misogynistic, controlling, manipulative sociopath.”
  1. Daniel Hillard (Mrs. Doubtfire) from “Mrs. Doubtfire”.  “If you think about the story with even an ounce of depth, his character is basically a nightmare stalker ex.”
  1.  Allie from “The Notebook”.  “Allie is just as toxic as Noah.  She hit him and screamed at him violently.  If he did that, people would very much call it out.”
  1. Christian Grey from “Fifty Shades of Grey”.  “Just the abuse and the non-consensual stuff he did to [Anastasia].  If he wasn’t rich and beautiful, that story would be a crime one.”
  1. Tony Montana from “Scarface”.  “He isn’t a hero.  He betrayed everybody close to him in his life.  His best friend, sister, and wife all came second to power, greed, and materialism.”

Porn B

Roxxxy Rush

Today’s birthday girl has been in 134 fine films, including:

– 50 To 1 2

– Big Sausage Pizza 9

– Deviant Behavior 2

– Fully Loaded 4

– Master of Perversion

– Sex and Violins

– Submissive In Latex 2

– Threesomes Company 2

– And who can forget her role in 2005’s I Am Just A Whore

Roxxxy Rush is 36 years old


The reigning National League MVP Paul Goldschmidt attempted to single-handedly get the Cardinals a win finally by hitting two home runs against the Giants last night. His two homers and four hits were not enough to overcome a bunch of mistakes from the Cardinals though. An error in center field and a wild pitch helped San Francisco break a tie game in the fifth inning and pull away for a 7-3 victory. That was Goldschmidt’s 24th career multi-homer game and he did it by the third inning. The reason prized rookie Jordan Walker was not in the lineup for a third consecutive day became clear before the Cardinals made the lineup public Wednesday. They sent him to triple A ball in Memphis. To take his spot on the roster, the Cardinals brought back infielder Taylor Motter only days after removing him from the 40-man roster and passing him through waivers. Remember Walker one of the Cardinals’ best performers in the opening weeks, and he had 20 hits in his first 20 games plus that record-setting 12-game hitting streak to open his career. Coaches said pitches were attacking him differently and it had led to a “sky-high” rate of groundballs. So they wanna give him some minutes away to work on that specifically. Cards try again against the rallying giants today for some day baseball with a start time of 245pm. www.Stltoday.com

Diego Gigliani, an executive with the parent company of English club powerhouse Manchester City, is coming to St. Louis to become president and general manager of St. Louis City SC. He will focus on the day-to-day business activities of the club while chief executive officer Carolyn Kindle, who spearheaded the effort to bring a Major League Soccer club here, will shift her focus to long-term projects. Nothing will change on the sporting side. Sporting director Lutz Pfannenstiel will continue to oversee all aspects of that side of City SC’s operation. For 10 years he has been with City Football Group, which in addition to Manchester City runs New York City FC of Major League Soccer as well as clubs in Spain, Italy, France and Brazil. He will be joining City SC this summer after wrapping up the European seasons and getting his work visas in place. He’s currently based in England.

Aaron Rodgers did his first press conference yesterday as a new member of the New York Jets.  Here’s some of what he said.

A female powerlifting champion from Belgium has died a less than a day after falling sick with a severe infection.

A friend to Laura Delava wrote on Instagram that the Belgian subjunior powerlifting champion from Huy in Liège had succumbed to a sudden illness on Monday 24 April.

It has been reported she died ‘within 24 hours’ of the onset of the illness.

The teenager started powerlifting last summer and went on to become national champion in her category with four national records only last September, aged 17