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A new study on global transportation preferences has discovered that Americans have a less favorable view of walking than driving.

An odd new study has found that dogs do NOT use their tails for movement, but they aren’t completely useless.  Researchers believe that they’re important for communication . . . both between dogs, and with humans.

report released yesterday found that men are really getting into “personal care products.”  On average, men use 11 products a day now, comparison to just six in 2004, while women use 13 products a day now, compared to 12 in 2004.

A new study out of Purdue University says that . . . among people in their 20s . . . young WOMEN are more than TWICE as likely as young MEN to get seriously hurt falling down the steps.

Researchers conducted experiments where they replaced religious leaders with humanoid robots reading sermons created with artificial intelligence . . . and they found that the robots got less respect, and generated fewer donations.

Dogs in this French town will have their DNA tested to crack down on poo problem – LINK

78-Year-Old Missouri Woman on the Lam After Bank Robbery – LINK

Ellisville man accused of firing at car on I-64 – LINK

Man injured by flying cell phone on Cedar Point’s Maverick roller coaster – LINK


Sinead O’Connor’s family announced yesterday that she has died at the age of 56.  Unfortunately, many are speculating that death by suicide is the cause. She had a history of mental health struggles – especially after her 17 year old son, Shane took his life last year. Last week, Sinead posted that she’s been, quote, “living as an undead night creature” since his death – LINK

A 33-foot mechanical bull named Ozzy after Ozzy Osbourne was unveiled today (Wednesday) in his hometown of Birmingham, England. His wife Sharon was on hand saying, “It’s breathtaking. This is mammoth, huge, but it’s just brilliant isn’t it… He would never, ever, ever have thought that at this time in his life, this would happen.”

Taylor Swift has dated some of the biggest names but Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce tried to shoot his shot at the superstar, but he failed. Kelce recalled the story on his New Heights podcast alongside his brother Jason.  He said, “I was disappointed that she doesn’t talk before or after her shows because she has to save her voice for the 44 songs that she sings, so I was a little butthurt I didn’t get to hand her one of the bracelets I made for her. She doesn’t meet anybody — or at least she didn’t want to meet me, I took it personal.” Jason then hilariously responded that she’s an Eagles fan and was hurt that Travis and the Chiefs defeated her team in the Super Bowl. Maybe now that this story is out there, Taylor will reconsider –LINK

Nickelback just shared a full-length trailer for their upcoming documentary Hate To Love. The film digs into the band’s 30-year history and all the ups and downs throughout their career.  Hate To Love: Nickelback will premiere in September at the Toronto Film Festival.  Watch the trailer here: 

Kevin Spacey cried in court as he was found not guilty of sexual assault claims. On Wednesday, a jury in London returned with the verdict clearing Spacey of nine charges – LINK

Move over, Marvel – there is a new MCU in entertainment: the Mattel Cinematic Universe. After the success of “Barbie,” the toymaker is looking to release even more films based on popular toy lines. According to Variety, Mattel has 14 films planned around different toy properties – LINK

Ever since the NCAA’s historic decision to allow athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness (NIL) in 2021 things have changed for this athlete. Famed gymnast Olivia Dunne told Elle magazine that she no longer attends classes in person for “safety reasons” – LINK


To promote the upcoming film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, Microsoft Xbox has produced a limited number of green wireless controllers … that smell like pizza.

Each of the controllers comes with a built-in scent diffuser that’s shaped like a slice of pizza.

To get your hands on one of these things, you have to mess around with the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account in the next couple weeks.

And the film — featuring Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, John Cena, Hannibal Buress, Paul Rudd and Ice Cube — is scheduled for release on August 2nd – LINK

Yesterday we had the 25 Best Shows in the last 25 years, and now Rotten Tomatoes compiled a list of the Top 25 Movies over the Last 25 Years:

    1. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (2015)
    2. PARASITE (2019
    3. MULHOLLAND DRIVE (2001)
    4. THE DARK KNIGHT (2008)
    6. IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (2000)
    7. SPIRITED AWAY (2001)
    8. PAN’S LABRYNTH (2006)
    9. THE MATRIX (1999)
    10. THE SOCIAL NETWORK (2010)
    11. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (2007)
    12. THERE WILL BE BLOOD (2007)
    13. GET OUT (2017)
    14. MOONLIGHT (2016)
    16. MAGNOLA (1999)
    17. WHIPLASH (2014)
    18. INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS (2013)
    20. ZODIAC (2007)
    22. THE TREE OF LIFE (2011)
    23. PADDINGTON 2 (2017)
    24. BLACK PANTHER (2018)
    25. ARRIVAL (2016) – LINK

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Heather Hart

Today’s birthday girl has been in 246 fine films, including:

– Adventures of Buttgirl and Wonderwench

– Bareass Naked Gun

– Behind the Back Door 4

– Breast Wishes 6

– Dr. Hooters

– Heavy Petting

– Hootermania

– New Wave Hookers 3

– Rump Roasts

– You Bet Your Ass

– And who could forget her role in 1993’s Oh My God, I Married An Anal Queen

Heather Hart is 58 years old