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Jay Leno was back onstage Sunday night, two weeks after he suffered third-degree burns while working on one of his classic cars. Jay did an hour of standup at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California, where he’s been performing regularly since 1978. Reporters caught him on his way into the club, and of course, he had jokes.  He said, quote, “We’ve got two shows tonight, regular and extra crispy.”  Then he added, quote, “I never thought of myself as a roast comic.”

Not many people are brave enough to step up to Oprah . . . but Howard Stern gave it a shot on his show yesterday, by accusing her of showing off her fortune. He said, quote, “Oprah’s not embarrassed by her wealth at all . . . It’s [effing] mind-blowing you when you follow her on Instagram.  You see her estates, her gardens, the people who service her and, you know . . .She’s got servants and like people cooking and it’s [effing] wild . . . [She’s] not embarrassed by her wealth at all.” He added, quote, “You gotta be a little self-aware and know that there are people struggling out there.  You got to.  You gotta kind of think about people who don’t have [enough] to eat.  I mean, come on.  You gotta be a little bit aware of this.”

With his new movie “Emancipation”, Will Smith could find himself in contention for his second consecutive Best Actor Oscar.  But after what he did at the last ceremony, there’s a good chance a lot of people won’t even want to see the movie.  And Will gets it. He says, quote, “I completely understand that, if someone is not ready.  I would absolutely respect that and allow them their space to not be ready.” Still, he doesn’t want everyone else who worked on the movie to be punished for what he did. Quote, “The people on this team have done some of the best work of their entire careers, and my deepest hope is that my actions don’t penalize my team.”

If you’ve watched the “Wednesday” series on Netflix, you’ve probably noticed Wednesday Addams doesn’t blink too much.  Which turned out to be a request from Tim Burton. In an interview with “Teen Vogue”Jenna Ortega said, quote, “I did a take where I did not blink at all.  And Tim said, ‘I don’t want you to blink anymore’ . . .

It just kind of happened because every time we started a take, I would reset my face.  I would drop all the muscles in my face where I stare through my eyebrows.  It’s just a bit intimidating.” She also said she used to get compared to Wednesday a lot growing up because she’s very dry . . . and people couldn’t tell when she was being serious or sarcastic.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson would like to come clean about his teenage shoplifting spree.  It was one item in particular.  Here’s what he posted, as he visited a 7-11 convenience store.  He also bought everyone’s stuff who was waiting in line, as well as took pictures with them.  Obviously they were all blown away to see him there.

Tis the season to be jolly and nothing induces holiday cheer more than watching a good movie. In the hopes that your holidays are more delight than despair, and your eggnog more nog than egg, the NY Post put together a list of Christmas movies with each zodiac sign in mind. From new releases to holiday classics, read on, lean in and be made merry.

ARIES – Steppin Into The Holiday with Mario Lopez on the Hallmark Channel.

TAURUS – Catering Christmas on Great American Family.
GEMINI – The Santa Clauses (The Series)

CANCER – Falling For Christmas on Netflix

LEO – Christmas With You on Netflix with Freddie Prinze Jr

VIRGO – Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

LIBRA – Designing Christmas ((A Holiday Themed Renovation Show))

SCORPIO – Spirited (The Ryan Reynolds/Will Ferrell Apple TV Movie)

SAGITTARIUS – A Boy Called Christmas on Netflix

CAPRICORN – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

AQUARIUS – Home Alone

PISCES – Lights, Camera, Christmas from The Hallmark Channel

2022 is shaping up to be a banner year for films which reframe holiday season icons in interesting, violent ways. Violent Night (out Dec. 2) stars David Harbour as a bad guy-slaying Santa Claus, while Christmas Bloody Christmas (out Dec. 9) features a murderous robot Father Christmas. And then there’s the parody-horror film The Mean One, which finds Terrifer 2 villain David Howard Thornton playing a character with a, Grinch-y vibe. Thornton portrays a hairy, green-skinned grump in a Santa suit who viciously despises the holiday season from a mountain high above the town of Newville. Young Cindy You-Know-Who, whose parents were butchered by The Mean One 20 Christmases earlier, is returning to town to seek closure… but when the Mean One launches a new reign of terror that threatens to destroy Christmas, Cindy finds a bold new purpose — trapping and killing the monster.Trailer: https://ew.com/movies/the-mean-one-trailer-grinch-david-howard-thornton/

If you consider yourself the “Queen of Christmas”. . . to the point where you believe you should actually own that title legally . . . then you should be able to remember the lyrics to your most famous Christmas song. But Mariah Carey may have CHEATED when she sang “All I Want for Christmas is You” at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Someone who as there in person posted a TikTok where you can clearly see a big screen with the lyrics scrolling as she sang.  A spokesperson for Macy’s said the screen was there so the audience could sing along . . . but it was never shown during the broadcast, so the argument can be made that they were HIDING it. There ARE other explanations, though.  Some people on Twitter claim the screen was a failsafe in case Mariah’s in-ear monitor failed, so she didn’t lose her place.  Or it could have been for the dancers so THEY didn’t lose theirs. 

The publishers of Bob Dylan’s latest book, ‘The Philosophy of Modern Song’ are offering refunds to those who bought one of 900 “autographed” copies after admitting they used an “auto pen” for the songwriter’s signature. The publisher released a statement that read “As it turns out, the limited-edition books do contain Bob’s original signature, but in a penned replica form. We are addressing this immediately by providing each purchaser with an immediate refund.” Dylan has apologized for the “auto pen” incident, saying his team resorted to using the technology because he was suffering from a “bad case of vertigo” and couldn’t sign the books himself.  Dylan added that he also couldn’t find a “safe and workable way” to sign the books during the pandemic.  He says using the “auto pen” was an “error in judgement” and wants to rectify the problem.

Guns N’ Roses’ Thanksgiving show in Australia was infiltrated by DRONE PIRATES.  Well, that’s what Axl Rose called them.  There were drones flying above the stadium and close to the stage.  He said it was the most intrusive thing he’s experienced. After the show he tweeted, quote, “According to the police it happens more often than not lately especially with sporting events.  It’s not something we’re all that used to.  We get it can be ‘fun’ to get [your] drone bootleg vid . . . But we’d appreciate it if anyone planning to be a drone pirate took the fans [and] the band into consideration [and] played [with your] toys somewhere else.  Big thank you in advance!”

Just days after Journey guitarist Neal Schon filed a suit against his bandmate Jonathan Cain, accusing the keyboardist of restricting him from the band’s credit card account, Cain claims that Schon has misused the card. The two established an LLC in the late 90s to handle the band’s business at 50/50 ownership. According to Schon, Cain later set up an Amex card account in his name only and never told the guitarist about it. Schon’s lawyers say they don’t want to sue, but every time Cain says he’ll grant him permission to check out the card’s financial details, Amex informs him that Cain hasn’t authorized him on the account.  The keyboardist is also being accused of mismanaging business affairs. Now, Cain has shot back, saying Schon’s suit has “no merit” because Schon’s always had access to the Amex account.  He claims that what Schon actually wants is an increase in his spending limit because he’s the one who’s racked up charges on the card. A court date is set for March, a month after the two embark on a tour together!  

There’s a website called Instafest.app that will curate your own personalized music festival lineup.  All you have to do is sign in to your Spotify account, then it uses your most listened to artists.  You have the option to have it calculated using the last four weeks, the last six months, or all time. You can also choose the style of the graphic.  There’s “Malibu Sunrise”, “L.A. Twilight”, and “Mojave Dusk”.  And you can name your festival too, or it’ll default to your username.

Blake Shelton and some rock and roll heavyweights released a cover of the Tom Petty song “I Won’t Back Down”.  Proceeds will go to The Miraculous Love Kids, which gives guitar lessons to girls from war-torn countries like Afghanistan. Joining Blake are Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit from the Eagles, and Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum.

Metallica released a new song yesterday called “Lux Aeterna”.  They also announced a new album called “72 Seasons” that comes out in April, and a world tour. Metallica will be in STL at The Dome on November 3rd and 5th next year.  On the 3rd, they will be joined by Pantera and Mammoth WVH….on Sunday…they will be joined by Five Finger Death Punch and Ice Nine Kills.  Here is a clip of that new song.

“Rolling Stone” put together a list of the 50 worst decisions in music history.  Here are the Top 10 . . . well, the WORST 10:

  1. The Rolling Stoneshire the motorcycle club Hells Angels to do security at their 1969 concert at Altamont Speedway.  It resulted in the death of a fan who was stabbed by a member.
  1. Jerry Lee Lewismarries his 13-year-old cousin in 1958.
  1. Decca Records passes on signing The Beatlesin 1962.
  1. Eric Claptongoes all-in on Covid vaccine conspiracies in 2020.
  1. Woodstock organizers celebrate the festival’s 30th anniversary with the horrific riot that was Woodstock 1999.
  1. Kanye Westinterrupts Taylor Swift at the “VMAs” in 2009.
  1. Blood, Sweat & Tearsgo on a tour sponsored by the U.S. government during the Vietnam War.
  1. Ja Ruleinvests in the Fyre Festival.
  1. U2basically forces Apple users to receive their “Songs of Innocence” album for free.
  1. Billy Squierkills his career with the cheesy music video for “Rock Me Tonite”.  You know, the one where he’s dancing around in a pastel bedroom in a pink tank top.

Other bad decisions include:  John Lennon says The Beatles are bigger than Jesus (#14) . . . Ticketmaster introduces their dynamic pricing system (#43) . . . and Elton John goes disco (#50).


Bronco’s quarterback Russell Wilson is 34.

Rapper The Game is 43.

Anna Faris is 46.

Best known as Kevin Malone from “The Office”, Brian Baumgartner is 50.

The greatest relief pitcher of all-time, Mariano Rivera is 53.

Don Cheadle is 58.

Actor Tom Sizemore is 61.

Howie Mandel is 67.

WWE announcer Jerry “The King” Lawler is 73. In September of 2012 he had a near-fatal ON-AIR heart attack during “Monday Night Raw”.

Composer-musician and master of the flugelhorn on the fabulous instrumental classic “Feels So Good”.  You’d know it if you heard it. Chuck Mangione is 82

Porn B

Veronica Rayne

Today’s birthday girl has been in 390 fine films, including:

– The Ass Farmer

– Babe Buffet 2

– Big Butt Smashdown 5

– Bubble Butt Bonanza 2

– Bubble Butt Mothers 2

– Bubble Butts Galore 5

– Captain Stabbin’ 1

– Dirty Over 30 1

– My Buddy’s Hot Mom 10

– And who can forget her role in 2006’s Your Mom

Veronica Rayne is 46 years old.