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The most popular name for female dogs last year was LUNA, by far, according to a new study.  And Luna is also becoming a popular name for HUMANS . . . it was the 18th most popular name last year for baby girls.  (Full Story)

Here’s How Long $1 Million in Retirement Lasts in All 50 States – GoBankingRates

What Are the Subtle Red Flags When You’re Interviewing for a Job? – Reddit

Facebook is going to start selling “smart Internet glasses” this year, although it’s not clear yet what they’re going to do.  (Full Story)

Someone should check on PRESIDENT TRUMP, because he just lost his favorite toy:  TWITTER.  On Friday, he was permanently banned.

A Guy Gets Chased by a Police Helicopter After Pulling a Gun Over a Wrong Order at McDonald’s – ABQJournal

St. Louis Auto Show, typically held in January, postponed until April due to coronavirus – STLToday

Two Grave Robbers Say They Targeted Veterans’ Graves Because They Have Stronger Spirits – ClickOrlando

Doctors are warning people not to get fooled by a made-up story circulating around on social media that tells men to get the Covid vaccine injected into their JUNK.  Yeah . . . don’t get the injection down there.

A British couple visiting Barbados was caught trying to sneak a woman into their hotel room for a threesome . . . when the woman was spotted scaling the hotel wall.  The couple was fined $5,400 for violating their Covid quarantine.

Six Hotel Trends We’ll See in 2021 – FoxNews

Nickelodeon’s first ever NFL broadcast aired yesterday, and it featured a discussion on players’ bathroom breaks, the trademark Nickelodeon slime, and an UNCENSORED F-BOMB.  (Full Story)

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Armie Hammer, best known for playing the Winklevoss twins in the 2010 film ‘Social Network’, is trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. Allegedly some of his DMs, extensively talk about sex and cannibalism. A considerable number of social media users have shared screengrabs from their own chats which show messages received from an account that appears to have Hammer’s name in the handle. Shockingly it seems as though this may not be true.  ALSO, that’s just a wig Chrissy Teigens hair isn’t really purples you guys!!!!!!!!

Assuming by now you heard who is off social media… yep PRINCE HARRY and MEGHAN MARKLE are giving it up willingly. The not-always-reliable British tabloids say they’re abandoning their personal and business accounts, thanks to all the negativity on the various social media platforms. Apparebtly that just started?? Meghan has previously spoken about being trolled online, saying it was, quote, “almost unsurvivable.”  This past October, she admitted that she didn’t have any personal accounts, and it was helpful for her in “many ways.”  

Remember the band called SUSPECT208.  Rockstar kids are in it. Slash’s son London Hudson plays drums, bass duties are handled by Tye Trujillo, the son of Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, and the singer is Noah Weiland. . . son of the late Scott Weiland. Actually, the singer WAS Noah Weiland.  The other guys had to kick him out of the band.  Because of his DRUG USE.  Yep. They issued a statement saying, quote, “We were really close to him and it is the last thing we would’ve ever wanted to do, but it had to be done for his safety, as well as the longevity of the band . . .”He was heading down a dark path of drug use that got in the way of our friendship as well as the band . . . We did as much as we could to help him.” They’re looking for a new singer, and asking prospective candidates to send them a cover of LED ZEPPELIN’s “Black Dog”. 

“Old Town Road” is now the highest-certified song of all time, at 14-times Platinum.  John Legend’s “All of Me” is currently in the second spot. 

On a recent podcast, Michael Anthony said he regrets not patching things up with Eddie Van Halen before he died. 

Megaforce Records co-founder, Marsha Zazula, died Sunday at 68-years-old. Starting the record label with her husband in 1983 they signed Anthrax, Megadeth and Ministry. And Metallica – to their first record deal, remortgaging her home in order to help the band release their 1983 debut, Kill ‘Em All.  Megaforce Records also released Metallica’s Ride The Lightning in 1984 before the band signed their major record deal with Elektra Records. Metallica paid tribute to Zazula Sunday afternoon with an Instagram pic, writing “Rest In Peace, Marsha. Thank you for everything.” 

blink-182 drummer Travis Barker says new blink is on the way, after a fan on Instagram asked “Any new blink-182 albums dropping this year?” Barker replied in all caps “YES”. blink’s drummer also let fans know that his collaboration with Trippie Red, NEON SHARK Vs. Pegasus, will drop “sooner than you think.” 

TAYLOR SWIFT is un-freakin’-stoppable.  “Folklore” was the best-selling album of 2020.  And with almost 1.3 million copies, it’s the only album that sold more than a million this year. Oh, and that’s not all.  Taylor has TWO albums in the Top 10.  “Evermore” finished at #10, with 283,000 copies.  And then there’s this:  Taylor is now the first artist to have the biggest-selling album of the year FIVE TIMES.  “Fearless” did it in 2009, followed by “1989” in 2014, “Reputation” in 2017, and “Lover” in 2019. “Evermore” is also #1 on the charts this week, and Taylor now has 51 weeks at #1 over her career . . . tying her with Michael Jackson for fourth-most of all time. Here are the 10 best-selling albums of 2020 . . . 

  1. “Folklore”,  Taylor Swift. . . 1.276 million copies. 
  1. “Map of the Soul”,  BTS. . . 674,000 copies. 
  1. “After Hours”,  The Weeknd. . . 480,000 copies. 
  1. “Fine Line”,  Harry Styles. . . 420,000 copies. 
  1. “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”,  Billie Eilish. . . 348,000 copies. 
  1. “Chromatica”,  Lady Gaga. . . 331,000 copies. 
  1. “Legends Never Die”,  Juice WRLD. . . 301,000 copies. 
  1. “Manic”,  Halsey. . . 287,000 copies. 
  1. “Music to be Murdered By”,  Eminem. . . 287,000 copies. 
  1. “Evermore”,  Taylor Swift. . . 283,000 copies. 

There are rumors that actor Robert Downey Jr. may show up in the Star Wars Universe as an evil villain! Think about it; Iron Man director John Favreau and RDJ make a bankable team and Favreau’s the boss of Star Wars: The Mandalorian.  Fans want him to play a villain named Admiral Thrwan, who was mentioned by The Mandalorian’s Asohka Tano in season two.  If you’re an ultimate Star Wars fanatic, you’ve seen Admiral Thrwan do some damage in the animated Star Wars: Rebels.

Sex and the City is officially returning to television on HBO Max. The new series will be called And Just Like That. It will follow Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte as they navigate friendship in their 50s. Production on the series will begin in late spring in New York. The new Sex and the City will run for 10 episodes. Parker, Davis and Nixon will also exec produce.  Kim Cattrall (Samantha) is not involved in the HBO Max incarnation. The actress has openly feuded with Parker and, more in October 2017, was vocal about seeing her part being recast in a bid to improve the original comedy’s inclusivity. Sex and the City ran for six seasons from 1998-2008 on HBO with 2feature films in 2008 and 2010 as well as a two-season prequel series on The CW, The Carrie Diaries. A third film was scrapped in 2017. Cattrall was vocal at the time that she did not want to participate in any extensions of the franchise. 

Actor David Hasselhoff is auctioning off KITT, his customized Pontiac Firebird TransAm that was used in Knight Rider. Bidding ends January 23rd, but the highest bid, so far, is at nearly $900,00, exceeding the auction company’s high estimate of $300,000.  LiveAuctioneers.com says if the car’s final hammer price exceeds 25% of the reserve price, Hasselhoff will deliver the car himself. There’s also other stuff yoo like a Baywatch pinball machine and that 14-foot David Hasselhoff model from The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

The folks over at Goldin Auctions will soon auction off a1999 first edition 103-Pokémon card set that’s in mint condition and expected to fetch upwards of $750,000. The collection includes the highly sought-after Charizard card.  Each card is gemstone certified. Goldin says while the cards have rounded corners, the Professional Sports Authenticator has given it a Gem Mint 10 grading … meaning they’re virtually perfect cards. Some of the other cards in the set include Alakazam, the cute Blastoise, Chansey, Mewtwo and Poliwrath. That might sound like gibberish to some of you, but trust us … that’s badass. BTW, it also has 72 Devolution Spray cards! The auction opens Monday with a minimum bid of $125k. If that $750k mark sounds far-fetched, think about this — just last month, Goldin Auctions sold a pristine Charizard for nearly $400k.

Master Of None is preparing a third series filmed in London after a four-year break. Unconfirmed by Netflix but Aziz Ansari’s series Master of None will make a return. Production for the Netflix show had started last spring before the coronavirus forced its shutdown, but is now set to resume. Master Of None tells the story of Dev who is facing battles with his romantic and professional life. The Emmy award-winning series aired its first season back in 2015 followed by a second season in 2017.

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, theaters have been forced to remain closed, leaving many of its stars unemployed. The National Endowment for the Arts recently released data that showed the overall unemployment rate has averaged at 8.5 percent. However, for actors, the rate was 52 percent. To that end, last week Law & Order: Special Victims Unit  announced their cast for an upcoming episode. On the list was a few Broadway actors. When a fan commented on their Broadway resumés and as it turns out the big wigs there are making it a point to try and hire out of work Broadway talent.  “We know how hard the community has been hit here. The goal is to get as many jobs to as many theater actors as we possibly can.” The roles range from one-day parts to “more substantial” appearances — they all provide a workday minimum required for union health insurance.

Roku announced Friday it has acquired Quibi’s library of content, about three months after they shut down. Roku will make the Quibi content available for free on an ad-supported basis to all Roku users, starting this year. Roku has the rights to stream the company’s more than a dozen unaired programs. Roku’s own streaming app provides a lot of free content to stream supported by advertising, a growing part of the company’s business outside of hardware device sales. Quibi failed to gain traction when it launched early last year. The company, which shut down in October, pointed to a convergence of factors that led to its failure. Roku, meanwhile, has experienced rapid growth amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The company said it doubled household reach year of year in its fourth quarter of 2020.


Australian singer Cody Simpson is 24. Twitter: Over 7 million followers. IG: 3.9

million followers. YouTube: 1 million subscribers.

MMA fighter Eddie Alvarez is 37.

Actress Amanda Peet is 49.

Singer Mary J. Blige turns 50.

No Doubt’s guitarist Tom Dumont is 53.

Singer Naomi Judd, mother of Ashley and Wynonna Judd, is 75.

Today would have been Alexander Hamilton’s 266th birthday.

Porn B

Kim Chambers

Today’s birthday girl has had her legs in the air more than a trapeze artist in 262 fine films…including:

– 38DD… Do The Math

– Battle of the Glands

– Best of Catfighting 3

– Bridges Of Anal County

– Count Rackula

– Return to Boobsville.com

– Witness for the Penetration

– And who can forget her unforgettable role in 2013’s Now That’s How You Orgy 2

Kim Chambers is 47 years old today.

sports_report_1.jpg 134551

  • “Iron” Mike Tyson casually informed the Impaulsive Podcastteam what was going to happen to host Logan Paul during his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather on February 21st:
  • “Floyd is going to beat his f***ing a**.”
  • He also reminded Paul, who slowly had the color drain from his face, that even though “Floyd retired – he’s still in the gym.  His only vice?  The gym.”
  • Paul then asked “You don’t think I have an opportunity to land a couple shots?”  Tyson, with the deadpan delivery of comedian Dave Chappelle, replied “He might let you hit him a couple of times to make the show look good.”
  • That’s when the video shows Paul’s heart drop to his feet.
  • On Friday the news hit that Dodgers legend, Tommy Lasorda died at the age of 93.   Lasorda suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at his California home. He was pronounced dead at 10:57p Thursday night Jan. 7.
  • Lasorda was arguably the most famous manager in MLB history.
  • Tributes poured out all weekend from those remembering the Hall of Fame manager.
  • “In a franchise that has celebrated such great legends of the game, no one who wore the uniform embodied the Dodger spirit as much as Tommy Lasorda,” Dodgers president Stan Kasten said.
  • Manager Dave Roberts shared how incredible it was having Tommy there when the Dodgers finally won the World Series! He said:
  • “He was there [at the World Series] in Texas… That’s one of my proudest moments, that we got to fulfill one of his dreams.”
  • Pitcher Clayton Kershaw shared what he’ll remember the most.
  • “He told the same stories and the same jokes over and over again. I still listened and laughed the same each time. His ability to command a room and make people laugh is what I will remember most.”
  • Kershaw added, “Thankful for the time we had together, and most thankful that he could be here to see us win the whole thing. RIP Tommy.”
  • It’s been a rough week for Vin Scully, who also lost his wife Sandi.
  • “I want to express my gratitude for all your kind messages about my beloved Sandi. And with the loss of my dear friend Tommy, it’s been quite a lot to bear.— Vin Scully”
  • MLB Network ran a seven-minute tribute video to Lasorda that’s worth a look. You don’t have to bleed Dodger blue to love and respect Tommy Lasorda. He will be missed…

The NFC divisional round will give fans a third-time treat: another meeting between the old-timers Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Possibly the final one.

The AFC matchups, meanwhile, will include the Cleveland Browns for the first time since they re-entered the NFL in 1999, and Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. Brees assured that the NFC South rival Saints and Buccaneers will meet once more, throwing for two touchdowns in a 21-9 victory over Chicago. The New Orleans quarterback, who turns 42 on Friday — one year younger than Tampa Bay’s star — is toying with retirement, but with the way the Saints defense is playing, a second trip to the Super Bowl is not a long shot. Tampa Bay (12-5) defeated Washington 31-23 on Saturday. The Bucs will travel to New Orleans (13-4) next Sunday night.

The other NFC game next weekend will be on Saturday as Green Bay (13-3 and coming off a bye) hosts the Los Angeles Rams (11-6), who downed Seattle this weekend.

In the AFC, Cleveland’s return to the postseason for the first time in 18 years went very well. The Browns not only snapped a 17-game skid at Heinz Field, they manhandled their archrival Steelers 48-37 Sunday night. Now theyll face reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City (14-2 and coming off a bye) next Sunday.

After two postseason flops, Jackson was his usual dynamic and decisive self in leading the Ravens to a 20-13 wild-card victory at Tennessee. That sends them to Buffalo on Saturday night.

The Blues closed training camp with the second scrimmage of their lightning fast preseason, this time Sunday in an almost entirely empty Enterprise Center. On Monday, they will set their roster for their 56-game season that starts on Wednesday in Colorado. Not that his spot was in doubt, but Jordan Kyrou impressed by scoring two goals in the Blue team’s 4-2 win over the White team, which was to have been expected because the team’s top three lines all were on the Blue team. Not only does Kyrou look to have locked up a roster spot, but he figures to start the season in the group of 12 forwards rather than as an extra. And Berube’s decision to put him on the third line with Sanford and Bozak looks to be working well.

The Missouri men’s basketball team won’t play for another week at the earliest now that a second game has been pushed back indefinitely.

The Tigers’ home game against Vanderbilt set for Tuesday has been postponed as a result of the positive COVID-19 cases, contact tracing and subsequent quarantining that also postponed Saturday’s home game against Louisiana State. MU must pause all team activities through Wednesday until people within the program can test out of quarantine per Southeastern Conference protocols.