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$10 million lottery prize goes unclaimed: What happens to the money? – LINK

Rogue Georgia Cop Caught in Viral X-Rated TikToks – LINK

Former Yale administrator defrauded university of more than $40 million for expensive cars, homes and travel, DOJ says – LINK

Guess What Happened: A School Photo Company Used a Green Screen . . . on St. Patrick’s Day – LINK

Two People Tried to Poison Their Boss by Putting Eye Drops in His Coffee – LINK

An Autocorrected Text Led to an Active Shooter Scare in Pittsburgh – LINK

Two Drug Dealers Ran a Red Light and Almost Hit a Cop Car – LINK

A Woman Arrested for Car Theft Drove to a Court Appearance in Another Stolen Car – LINK

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Are These Slang Words Still Cool to Use . . . or Outdated? – LINK

Is April Fools’ Day Awesome or Just Annoying? 

1.  We’re more likely to enjoy (LINK) pranking people than BEING pranked.  46% of us like pulling pranks, compared to 35% who enjoy being the target of one.

2.  It’s considered rude in the U.K. if you prank someone after 12:00 PM.  You’re supposed to get them out of the way by noon (LINK).

3.  The most common reaction (LINK) to a prank is to smile and say, “That was a good one.”

4.  The top people we’ll prank today are family members, friends, our significant other, and our coworkers.  That includes 7% who might prank their boss.

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Recall issued for thousands of Skippy Peanut Butter cases due to steel fragments – LINK

McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Returns This Thursday from the Strange Ether of the Past – LINK

Every McDonald’s Dipping Sauce, Ranked – LINK


The LA Times spoke to dozens of people who say they witnessed signs of BRUCE WILLIS’ cognitive decline before he announced he suffered from aphasia. And he reportedly struggled with his lines on multiple movies and even misfired his gun once.

Also, Mike Burns, the director of a 2021 movie called “Out of Death” sent an email to the screenwriter, saying they had to cut Bruce’s dialog by about five pages, and they had to shorten it so there were no monologues. Burns said he could tell there was something wrong with Bruce on their first day working together. Sources on the set of a movie called “White Elephant”, which hasn’t been released yet, also say Bruce was in bad shape. He reportedly told two crew members, quote, “I know why you’re here, and I know why you’re here, but why am I here?” He often didn’t understand what his lines meant.  Quote, “It was less of an annoyance and more like, ‘How do we not make Bruce look bad?'”

KEVIN SMITH directed Bruce in the 2010 movie “Cop Out”, and absolutely hated the experience.  And he has spoken before about how difficult Bruce was to work with.

But he just Tweeted an apology, saying he feels like an [A-hole] for his “petty complaints.”  The Razzies were pretty tough on Willis this past ceremony…however…they rescinded the award they just gave Bruce, saying it was inappropriate given what he was going through.

While Willis has brought the disorder into the spotlight, other celebrities share the same diagnosis. Sharon Stone was diagnosed with aphasia after suffering a brain aneurysm in 2001. The first of two aneurysms the mother of dragons, Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke suffered, left her with aphasia. The legendary Kirk Douglas also struggled until his 2020 death after a stroke in 1996.   American Bandstand icon Dick Clark and country star Randy Travis also were diagnosed with aphasia.

And while we are on this topic…BuzzFeed has put together a list of actors who have also surprisingly retired early from acting . . . except voluntarily.  They are:

  1. Cameron Diaz. . . She stepped away in 2014 and later said she needed to take back control of her life.
  1. Gwyneth Paltrow. . . Sure she’s still busy with her company Goop.  But she said the only time she will do another acting gig is if her husband wrote the script.
  1. Shirley Temple. . . She retired at age 22 and went on to work as a diplomat.  She even served as the U.S. ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia.
  1. Meg Ryan. . . She stepped away in 2019 because she felt like she was burning through life experiences and no longer knew herself.
  1. Peter Ostrum . . . He played Charlie Bucket in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, then retired right after.  He later became a veterinarian.
  1. Daniel Day-Lewis. . . He doesn’t really have an exact reason for retiring, but mentioned he no longer was believing in the value of what he was doing . . . so I guess fulfillment?
  1. Taylor Momsen. . . She played Cindy Lou Who in the live-action “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and later did “Gossip Girl”.  But she quit acting to pursue music with her band The Pretty Reckless.
  1. Kay Panabaker. . . She was a Disney Channel star.  But she retired to go to UCLA and study zoology.  Now she works at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park in Florida.

If this isn’t an example of a man not knowing when to take his own advice, I don’t know what is: STEVEN SPIELBERG directed the horrific “Indiana Jones 4”, and is producing “Indiana Jones 5”, starring a 177-year-old HARRISON FORD. And he once told “Transformers” director MICHAEL BAY to give up on the franchise after the third installment. Bay says, quote, “I made too many of them.  Steven Spielberg said, ‘Just stop at three.’  And I said I’d stop.  The studio begged me to do a fourth, and then that made a billion too. “And then I said I’m gonna stop here.  And they begged me again.  I should have stopped.  [But] they were fun to do.”

Remember earlier this week Jeff mentioned that the dude who is The Flash – Ezra Miller – was arrested doing some karaoke?  Well – apparently – he’s kind of a dick in Hawaii.  He had apparently been causing all kinds of trouble in Hawaii even before his arrest on Monday.  Police were already called 10 times over mostly minor incidents.  There is apparently video of a woman having to physically keep him from entering a bar after he’d been kicked out of another joint across the street.

red with PETA in an attempt to get Starbucks to lower its prices on plant-based milks, writing “I sincerely hope that for the future of the planet and animal welfare you are able to implement a policy” to end the surcharge. PETA added that “Cow’s milk is Starbucks’ biggest contributor to its carbon footprint.”

I am TOTALLY down with this.  An official account of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s life is coming. A&E is creating Biography: Ol’ Dirty Bastard. The documentary is officially approved by ODB’s estate.  His widow said, “I am thrilled to tell the full story of my husband. With this documentary, the world will learn about the son, husband, father, and artist.” The two-hour special will feature never before seen footage and interviews with ODB’s family and friends.  Ol’ Dirty died in 2004 at the age of 35.  The air date for the documentary hasn’t been given.

Joe Exotic is giving up on his marriage while he sits behind bars … because he just filed for divorce. The ‘Tiger King’ star filed divorce docs Thursday after more than 4 years of marriage to Dillon Passage … and in the docs, obtained by TMZ, Joe says the marriage is irretrievably broken. Joe and Dillon have been estranged for about a year … as we first told you, Dillon called Joe in prison last March and told Exotic he wanted out of the relationship (LINK) and divorce was on the table. But, Joe is the one actually pulling the trigger on the divorce … his legal team says Dillon never followed through on his divorce threat. TMZ broke the story … Dillon’s already moved on with a new boyfriend, and Joe is looking for love too.

Sorry nerds, Disney+‘s Obi-Wan Kenobi was SUPPOSED to release on Wednesday, May 25. But Ewan McGregor, Obi-Wan himself, recently shared a change in the plan. Obi-Wan Kenobi will now release on Friday, May 27. And it will drop two of its episodes on its premiere day. Of course, had Obi-Wan Kenobi (LINK) kept its May 25 Disney+ release date, it would have paid homage to an important day in Star Wars history. The original Star Wars movie released on May 25, 1977. And May 25, 2022, would have marked its 45th anniversary.

“Anchorman” star David Koechner has been charged with DUI and hit-and-run … following his arrest on New Year’s Eve that had him ringing in the New Year behind bars. The Ventura County DA’s office tells us … they’ve charged the actor with one count of DUI and one count of hit-and-run — both charges are misdemeanors. Cops were tipped off after they got a call that an erratic driver allegedly hit a street sign with his car. Cops found him and say he failed the field sobriety test. He was arrested (LINK) and booked into jail.

The RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS were honored yesterday with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  There was such a huge crowd that Hollywood Boulevard had to be shut down. Each member got to speak, and CHAD SMITH even gave a shoutout to the late TAYLOR HAWKINS. The USC marching band was also there to perform covers, and got FLEA to dance to their rendition of “Can’t Stop”.  After their star was unveiled ANTHONY KIEDIS went in for a quick LICK.  The band posted, quote, “To our fans we love you forever.”

You know what they say, bros before . . . nevermind.  BuzzFeed just put out a list of Hollywood “bro-skis” that may shock you.  Here’s a look at some of the more surprising celebrity BROmances to blossom out of Hollywood:

  1. Lenny Kravitzand Jason Momoa . . . They are both now exes of Lisa Bonet.  I guess you could say bromance before romance?
  1. Leonardo DiCaprioand Tobey Maguire . . . They’ve been friends since the ’90s.  Their friend group was even called . . . well, something that rhymes with WUSSY Posse.
  1. Pete Davidsonand Machine Gun Kelly . . . They became friends after being in the Motley Crue movie, “The Dirt”.
  1. Eminemand Elton John . . . They performed together at the 2001 Grammys . . . then later Elton became Eminem’s sponsor when he got sober.

5.  Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson . . . They’ve been friends since the ’90s.  Matthew has gone on record saying Woody is one of his closest friends.


YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul is 27.

Saint Louis’ own, WWE superstar Randy Orton is 42.

Former Cowboy’s quarterback and current CBS broadcaster Tony Romo is 42.

Actress Bijou Phillips is 42.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is 49.

Joe Francis is 49.  “Girls Gone Wild” founder.  Spent nearly 12 months in jail for being naughty.  He’s worth $25 million.

Singer Susan Boyle is 61. The biggest star to come out of any of the “Got Talent” shows . . . she became internationally famous on “Britain’s Got Talent”.

On Saturday

Michael Fassbender turns 45. Magneto in the “X-Men” movies.

The Mandolorian, Pedro Pascal turns 47. You’d also know him as Oberyn Martell on “Game of Thrones” and as DEA Agent Javier Pena on “Narcos”.

And on Sunday 

Paris Jackson turns 24.

Amanda Bynes turns 36.

Robin from How I Met Your Mother, Cobie Smulders turns 40.

Adam Scott turns 49.

Sebastian Bach from Skid Row turns 54.

Mike Ness turns 60.  Lead singer of Social Distortion.

Eddie Murphy turns 61.

Alec Baldwin turns 64.

Wayne Newton turns 80.

Porn B

Shanna McCullough

Today’s birthday girl has been in 573 fine films, including:

  • Babysitter Blues
  • Backdoor to Buttsville 2
  • Ball in the Family
  • Bound and Gagged 4
  • Captain Hooker and Peter Porn
  • Count Rackula
  • Fresh Meat 4
  • Gluteus To The Maximus
  • Nightmare on Porn Street
  • And who can forget her role in 1997’s Seymore Butts Meets the Tushy Girls

Shanna McCullough is 62 years old

Sports Report 1

NFL free agency is a few weeks old and the New England Patriots (LINK) still haven’t made any notable additions beyond re-signing their own veteran free agents. As a result, positions such as cornerback, linebacker, offensive line and wide receiver still lack the necessary talent and depth required for the Patriots to compete in a loaded AFC that saw several teams make substantial roster improvements so far this offseason. Fans hoping to see the Patriots dip into the free agent and/or trade markets might be waiting a while, though, and the reason is a lack of salary cap space. So I didn’t think this was interesting enough to talk about til I saw the Patriots salary cap vs everyone else right now. The Patriots have $5,026,680 in cap space right now, per ESPN’s Field Yates. This figure ranks 27th in the league, or the sixth-lowest. Here’s a look at every team’s salary cap space, as of Thursday morning: It’s important to remember the Patriots will need cap space to sign the players they acquire in the 2022 NFL Draft next month. New England owns seven picks (LINK), including No. 21 overall in the first round. So it’s gonna be an interesting draft this year.

One minute, he’s leading the St Louis Cardinals (LINK) to one of the most stunning September runs in baseball history, making the playoffs for the third consecutive year. The next, he’s abruptly fired, interviews for the Padres’ managerial vacancy, and lands in the organization as a player development consultant and interim third base coach. We’re talking former Cardinals manager Mike Schildt. He’s still trying to heal from the emotional scars, wanting to focus on the present and the future, but realizes for now he’s still defined by the past. “I have a broken heart,’’ Shildt tells USA TODAY Sports. “It still hurts. It hurts bad. When it first happened, I broke down. I was inconsolable. I got better as time went on. Then I got down here, put on the Padres uniform, and it hit me. “Now, it just hit me again.’’ Just hours earlier, Albert Pujols and the Cardinals were rejoicing during an impromptu press conference announcing that Pujols was returning to the organization (LINK) for one last dance, ending his Hall of Fame career with the Cardinals where it all started. Shildt should have been on the stage too, smiling in front of the cameras. Instead, he’s alone with a reporter in the visitors’ dugout at Camelback Ranch, where his job as the Padres’ third-base coach is expected to end in a few weeks when Matt Williams returns from his hip-replacement surgery. “I love that organization, gave it everything I had for 18 years,’’ Shildt said. “We make the playoffs after they hadn’t been there for three years. We get back to the standards of the Cardinals. We’re set up to really go. The clean style of play, the culture, everything is in place. “And you get removed from it.’’ Shildt pauses, momentarily looks away, and softly says, “It feels like it was stolen away from me.’’ The Cardinals’ season ended on Chris Taylor’s walk-off homer in the Los Angeles Dodgers (LINK)’ NL wild-card victory, when John Mozeliak, Cardinals president of baseball operations, summoned him to a zoom call with himself and owner Bill DeWitt at 11 a.m. on Oct. 14. “I was getting on the phone with the thought it was going to be about a contract extension,’’ Shildt said. “I had one more year on my contract. So I was looking at some of the numbers of the last three years, feeling good about them, and then Mo started talking.’’ Mozeliak opened up the call by saying, “Mike, this conversation isn’t going to go the way you think it’s going to go.’’ The conversation lasted four, maybe five minutes, top. To this day, Shildt can’t remember exactly what was said. Everything became a blur. His body went limp. His mind went numb. All he knew is that after spending 18 years in the only organization he has ever known –revering the Cardinals’ uniform so much that he never put it on the floor to be washed with other clothes, leaving it nearly folded with the Cardinal logo always facing up – he was fired. “I never thought it was a possibility,’’ Shildt says. “It hit me like a ton of bricks.’’ He walked upstairs to tell his wife, Michelle. She didn’t believe him. She thought it was a joke. It actually took several minutes for Shildt to convince her that he was fired. The news quickly swept through St. Louis FAST, with no hints Shildt’s job was even remotely in jeopardy. Now former Cards and hall of fame manager Tony Larussa is among a bunch of managers that came out to say how surprised they were by the news as well. Shildt’s first three calls and messages were from Cardinals’ veterans Yadier MolinaPaul Goldschmidt, and Adam Wainwright (LINK). Fellow managers immediately reached out, and five months later, still are paying homage.

And, just a few days ago, there was an impromptu meeting behind home plate with Hall of Fame manager Tony La Russa. La Russa, who spent 16 years as the Cardinals manager with two World Series titles before returning to manage the Chicago White Sox, said he heard a comment from someone in the Cardinals’ organization that Shildt was fired because of a “toxic environment.’’ “That one frosted my ass,’’ La Russa said. “My comment was that if it was toxic, it must be in the front office. … I’m for the Cardinals. Everybody makes their own decision. But when you start talking about that, it might damage his chance to manage again for those that don’t know any better. He did a hell of a job. “Philosophical differences? Ok. But toxic? “He’s a special guy. That’s why it’s so important for his reputation to be intact and not smeared.’’

Mozeliak, when contacted, declined to publicly revisit the reasons for Shildt’s firing. He simply reiterated that there were philosophical differences, saying Shildt’s record and success as manager was inconsequential in the decision. Shildt, 53, without going into public details, acknowledges he didn’t share the same views with Mozeliak on some components of the organization, but not nearly enough to provoke a firing. “I thought I was going to die in my Cardinals uniform,’’ he said. “That’s why it still hurts so much” (LINK)

The Masters Par 3 Contest is returning to Augusta, but without an icon.

After a two-year hiatus because of COVID-19, the Par 3 Contest, one of the Masters’ most famous traditions, will be played next week. But six-time Masters champion Jack Nicklaus, 82, has decided that his time partaking in the event has ended. The Golden Bear, who played every Masters from 1959-2005, except ’99 and ’02, last played the Par 3 Contest in 2019. So guess he’s just golfin for funsies from here out.

Blues at Edmonton tonight at 8 central

Cardinals preseason play the Mets today at 12:05 central