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KYLIE JENNER is worth around $900 MILLION.  So when a friend of hers needs help, should she be asking US to pony up?  She’s getting dragged right now for doing that. Kylie’s former makeup artist Samuel Rauda got into a major car accident recently.  He suffered serious brain injuries and has immense medical bills already . . . with plenty more on the way. Someone set up a GoFundMe, and Kylie chipped in $5,000.  Then she asked others to donate as well. The original goal of the GoFundMe was $10,000, but it has now raised upwards of $100,000 . . . and it was probably helped immensely by Kylie promoting it. So the debate is over whether Kylie is a HERO for helping to get those donations up . . . or is she SELFISH for asking OTHER PEOPLE to pony up and not giving more herself, when she could EASILY afford to?  

ROBIN WILLIAMS did so many alternate takes during the filming of “Mrs. Doubtfire” they could do an R-rated version. Director Chris Columbus said they had a deal…he’ll do one or two, three scripted takes.  And then he would say, ‘Then let me play.’ ” and then do between 15 to 22 takes. Sometimes it would be more R rated than PG 13. But he said it was great stuff  and he is open to doing a documentary on the making of “Mrs. Doubtfire” with some of that R-rated footage.  

“Ace Ventura 3” is in the works with Jim Carey and the writers from “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie. A statement from the producers at Morgan Creek says, quote, “It’s noticeable from the 3 million fans chatting on the official Facebook page for Ace Ventura that audiences are clamoring for a 3rd installment. “During COVID, audiences have been in love and are thrilled to have beloved characters brought back with new stories.” The original “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” came out in 1994.  “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls” followed in 1995.  And there was a reboot without Jim Carrey in 2009 called “Ace Ventura Jr.: Pet Detective”. 

Have you ever wondered how soap operas are handling all the kissing scenes in the age of COVID-19? Well, one show is REALLY putting some effort into it. The British soap “Coronation Street” has gone to the trouble of finding LOOKALIKES to serve as Extras for those kissing close-ups . . . who also happen to be couples in REAL LIFE.  Due to restrictions, they’re also filming the actors having conversations SEPARATELY . . . and then editing it together in a way that makes it look like they’re sitting together. This seems crazy . . . but at the same time, it IS a unique situation. Most movies and shows will go into production for a few weeks at a time.  So if there’s a lot of close contact or kissing required, they can quarantine first, and then operate freely within a production “bubble.” But with soaps, it’s a more ongoing gig.  They’re filming constantly . . . and the actors are INTIMATE constantly. A few months back, we heard Lifetime movies were having actors kiss through plexiglass barriers, and then editing them out.  It’s unclear if this soap tried that, or if it would still require the actors to be too close for local restrictions. 

Some very very sobering numbers from the pandemic. We all know how it has wrecked the movie industry and live music but these startling numbers if accurate… During the pandemic…According to Nielsen, Americans watched more than 11.3 BILLION MINUTES of “Family Matters” in 2020, which is up 392% from 2019, when we watched “just” 2.3 billion minutes.  The show is streaming on Hulu, and is in syndication on TBS. As big as that number seems, it’s still dwarfed by “Friends”.  In 2020, viewers watched nearly 97 billion minutes of that show, which was up 30% from 2019 when we watched 74.8 billion minutes. Nostalgic sitcoms have been popular during the pandemic.  The numbers for “Family Matters” are similar to “George Lopez”, which was up 113% to just under 11 billion minutes.  “The Bernie Mac Show” was up 71% . . . “Roseanne” was up by 70% . . . and “The Andy Griffith Show” was up 29%.  And get this:  “The Andy Griffith Show” beat out all those other shows to come in behind “Friends”, with America spending 58.3 billion minutes in Mayberry in 2020 

What makes an “earworm” . . . you know, one of those songs you just can’t get out of your head once you hear or even THINK about it? The American Psychological Association says these songs are, quote, “usually faster, with a fairly generic and easy-to-remember melody but with some particular intervals, such as leaps or repetitions that set them apart from the average pop song.” They also identified nine songs that are most commonly cited as earworms.  And LADY GAGA is responsible for three of them.  They are: 

  1. “Bad Romance”,  Lady Gaga 
  1. “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”,  Kylie Minogue   
  1. “Don’t Stop Believing”,  Journey 
  1. “Somebody That I Used to Know”,  Gotye 
  1. “Moves Like Jagger”,  Maroon 5 
  1. “California Gurls”,  Katy Perry 
  1. “Bohemian Rhapsody”,  Queen 
  1. “Alejandro”,  Lady Gaga 
  1. “Poker Face”,  Lady Gaga 

So how do you get a song OUT of your head?  The APA lists three methods:  Listen to it all the way through . . . listen to another song to distract yourself . . . or just FORCE YOURSELF to stop thinking about it.


Last night on “American Idol,” Erika Perry went full “Karen” after being eliminated for her weird over-enunciated version of Phil Collins, “In The Air Tonight”.  She even asked to see a…




Today’s birthday gal has been wrecked more than a car race featuring Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Helen Keller in 188 fine films including:

  • 3’s NOT a Crowd
  • Flu Shot Gone Bad
  • Big Ole Boobs Make The World Go Round
  • Take Me Out To The Boob Game
  • Big Sausage Pizza
  • This Butts For You
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…What Really Happens When Girls Go To The Bathroom Together 

Memphis Monroe is 36 YEARS OLD


The Blues were in action over the weekend against the San Jose Sharks.  Friday they won 2-1 in a shootout and then Saturday they picked up a big 5-2 win.  Now – the win came with a loss.  Oskar Sundqvist is out for the year with a torn ACL and Tyler Bozak suffered an upper body injury.  The Blues are on the ice tonight in Vegas against the Golden Knights.  Puck drop is scheduled for 9PM.

Today the Cardinals are in action against the Marlins.  Jack Flaherty gets the start.  First pitch is scheduled for 12PM.

Shohei Ohtani lived up to his Sho Time nickname on Sunday when he started on the mound and at the plate against the Padres. Despite being a spring training game, he’s only the second pitcher and fourth player in MLB history to lead a rotation on both sides. Ohtani didn’t waste any time to start things off as he sent one to deep center field for his first at-bat. Jim Jones was the first pitcher to start on both sides and the only player to ever do it for more than one inning back on Sept. 30, 1901.

LEBRON JAMES left the L.A. Lakers game against the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday after suffering a high ankle sprain.  It happened after a Hawks player fell on his ankle while trying to steal the ball. LeBron was able to stand on his own, and he limped back to the bench.  He was even able to briefly re-enter the game and hit a three.  That gave him 10 points . . . extending his streak of 1,036 straight games of scoring at least 10.

But he left after that and didn’t return.  The Lakers say he’s out “indefinitely” . . . however, LeBron Tweeted that he hopes to be “back soon.”

If you are following – you more than likely have already thrown your bracket into the garbage.  LOTS of upsets this year during March Madness.  Locally – Mizzou is out.  They lost to Oklahoma.  Some bigger names that lost in the first round – 4th ranked Virginia lost to 13 seed Ohio.  3rd ranked Texas lost to Abilene Christian.  13th ranked North Texas beat 4th ranked Purdue. Oral Roberts not only beat NO 2 team Ohio State, but they also knocked off Florida yesterday to get into the Sweet 16.    And the biggest upset yet….#8 Loyola Chicago knocked off No 1 seed Illinois.  Bunch of games on today with the first starting at 11:10AM with #7 Oregon taking on #2 Iowa.    Also – it is of note…VCU was upset their first game in the tournament…not because they lost…but because COVID cancelled all their plans.  Since it was this late in the tourney – they didn’t have one of the alternate teams join, the game against Oregon on Saturday was just listed as a no-contest and the Ducks moved on.

And finally — The Tiger Woods crash investigation has unearthed some troubling evidence … because law enforcement sources tell us they believe Tiger never hit the brakes as he flew off the road and there’s no evidence he took his foot off the gas either. The investigation has been going full steam since the accident nearly a month ago. The Sheriff’s Dept. has been looking at the SUV, the crash site and many other pieces of evidence. They are also retrieving data from the SUV’s black box. So far, we’re told investigators believe Tiger did nothing to prevent the crash once he lost control of the vehicle. Sources with direct knowledge say investigators have looked at various videos … from the hotel where he started the drive to various surveillance cameras along the way. We’re told before Tiger got to the scene of the crash he had been driving “normal” and not speeding, but the evidence indicates he accelerated and was speeding when he lost control.  Tiger told one of the first responders he had no recollection of the accident. This all leads to the question — Could Tiger have lost consciousness just before the crash? The Sheriff said almost immediately after the crash there was no evidence of impaired driving and there was no evidence of alcohol. That said, the Sheriff never attempted to get a warrant to draw blood in order to test for medications. Tiger was recovering from back surgery at the time of the crash, and had been hosting a golf tournament — he couldn’t play because of his back.