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Man officiating a wedding in Nebraska accidentally shot his 12-year-old grandson during the ceremony, police say – LINK

A Guy Pulls a Gun on a Stranger for Refusing to Buy Him a Happy Meal – LINK

A DoorDash Driver Attacked a Wing Stop Manager for Taking Too Long – LINK

A Drunk Guy Threw Snickers Bars at Walgreens Clerks, Because They Wouldn’t Sell Him Cigarettes – LINK

Man arrested after trying to pay for McDonald’s order with fake $100 bill, deputies say – LINK

Arizona man accused of sending fentanyl packages through the mail – LINK

A Cop That Was Praised by MADD for His DUI Arrests . . . Was Arrested for DUI – LINK

Woman returns to store she allegedly shoplifted to demand phone she forgot – LINK

Two Thieves Returned to the Scene of the Crime While Cops Were Investigating – LINK

A Drugged-Up Canadian Twerked at a Cop – LINK

Calhoun County correctional officer arrested, fired after stealing Pokémon cards in uniform – LINK

Tattoo artist leaves woman with major spelling mistake in new ink but she finds it hilarious (ladbible.com)

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Man Faces DUI Charge for Allegedly Riding Horse While Intoxicated – LINK

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Powerball odds, how to play explained as jackpot climbs to $1.4 billion – LINK

Some Odds About Tomorrow’s Powerball Drawing . . . and Also What You Could Buy If You Win – LINK

Suddenly, a Lot More People Are Early Birds – LINK

The Most and Least Popular Slang for Each Generation – LINK

29% of Parents Would Rather Clean the Bathroom Than Pack Their Kid’s Lunchbox – LINK

Ring Will Pay You $1 Million if Your Doorbell Cam Catches Footage of an Alien – LINK

Monkey on the loose in Indianapolis seen drinking beer – LINK

Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? Here’s What America Says – LINK

A Lot of the Nutrition Advice on TikTok Is B.S. – LINK

The Top “How To” Questions We’re Googling in 2023 – LINK

After margarita theft, locals spot similarities in Hazelwood break-ins – LINK

81% of Coffee Drinkers Say It Motivates Them to Get Out of Bed – LINK

Uber Will Now Return Your Packages for $5 – LINK

The FCC has begun fining companies over their dead satellites – LINK

Charmin Toilet Paper Gets First Big Redesign in Nearly 100 Years – LINK

Gatorade Debuts First-Ever Mystery Flavor – LINK

The Marine Corps is relaxing its uniform standards because of an ongoing camouflage shortage. They say it’s been really hard to find – LINK

Family sues Google alleging its Maps app led father to drive off collapsed bridge to his death, attorneys say – LINK