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Cruise ship staff allowed Florida man’s body to badly decompose after heart attack, lawsuit says – LINK

Bad Driver? Your Parents Probably Were Too – LINK



Melissa McCarthy covers People magazine’s 2023 Beautiful Issue. On Good Morning America Tuesday for the cover reveal, Melissa said, “I was like, have you called the right person? It’s crazy. I love what it says — I mean I’m 52 and I just like that we’re kind of redefining what we want to kind of think could be beautiful, could be strong, could be anything. Because I think they’re all wrapped up together now.” Melissa’s next movie is The Little Mermaid, which opens in theaters May 26th.

This seems like a joke, but we assure you it’s a real product — Travis Barker of Blink-182 teamed up with water company Liquid Death for an enema kit. The “Enema of the State Collectible Kit” is for sale only through the company’s website, and it comes with a can of Liquid Death autographed by Barker and a custom-branded enema bulb. It costs $182. “Enema of the State is a limited edition collectible adult art piece and not intended for use as a real medical device. Enema of the State should never be placed in or near your butt—- without consulting a doctor first. Also, you should not place it in or near your friend’s butt—- without consulting them or their doctor first either.” That warning is also stated in a commercial for the kit that you really need to watch right now.

Desmond Child, who produced and wrote or co-wrote hits for and with AerosmithKISSMeat LoafAlice CooperRicky MartinKaty Perry, and Bon Jovi, has written his memoir: Livin’ on a Prayer: Big Songs Big Life. That adventure includes his unconventional upbringing as his family fled revolutionary Cuba for Florida in the 1960s and fell into poverty; his discovery at 18 that his father wasn’t his biological father; being a gay Latino in the rock world; and much more. Paul Stanley wrote the foreword and the book will be published on September 19th. Here is a list of all the songs written by Desmond Child LINK

The Red Cross has called on gamers to stop committing virtual war crimes in their video games. The organization has also urged game developers to add features that would alert players to the real-life consequences of their actions in-game and to implement rules such as avoiding targeting enemies who are down and can’t respond, not destroying civilian buildings — and maybe sharing their med kits with allies and enemies alike. The idea is to — hopefully — help gamers become more aware of the realities of war and have a greater respect for humanitarian laws.

Hugh Grant is going to be an Oompa Loompa in the upcoming movie, ‘Wonka’ starring Timothee Chalamet alongside as Willy Wonka. Grant’s Oompa Loompa was “no taller than knee high” in the film, and made his debut in footage that was screened at CinemaCon 2023 in Las Vegas. He will be doing a little jig, and will sing a song that is quote, “so ludicrously catchy that it may never leave your mind.” Wonka arrives in theaters Dec. 15.

Special effects are awesome and Harrison Ford will be able to go back in time to look young again for a good chunk of the upcoming movie, ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.’ VFX technology will de-age the 79 year old out Ford for about 25 minutes in the film for this flashback scene – making him appear to be 35 again. Ford revealed earlier this year that artificial intelligence was used to comb through his entire filmography so that his de-aged face was his actual face ripped from archival footage. According to the director, James Mangold, they sifted through hundreds of hours of footage of Harrison Ford close ups, in every kind of lighting to manipulate the scenes. Disney will release “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” in theaters nationwide on June 30 f

The bandmates of Crazy Town got into a physical altercation after a show, and it was caught on video.  Apparently, singer Shifty Shellshock didn’t even show up until the end of the show, leaving Bobby Reeves to handle all the vocals.  And he made it known to the audience that he wasn’t happy about it. After the show ended, Bobby and Shifty went at it, and there’s video showing Shifty on top of Bobby, whaling on him.  He’s also yelling about how Bobby owes him money. When they get back to their feet, they continue arguing, with Bobby threatening Shifty and his family . . . including his kids.  Then he sucker-punches Shifty. But later on, Bobby posted a video showing off a black eye, and saying it’s all good, and he and Shifty are brothers.

And Finally: The ’90s were a good time for cartoons, but what was YOUR favorite?  The website SlashFilm chose the 15 best.  Here’s how they ranked them:

  1. “SpongeBob SquarePants”
  1. “Animaniacs”
  1. “Arthur”
  1. “Family Guy”
  1. “Batman: The Animated Series”
  1. “Rugrats”
  1. “Pokémon”
  1. “South Park”
  1. “The Magic School Bus”
  1. “The Wild Thornberrys”
  1. “Doug”
  1. “The Powerpuff Girls”
  1. “Spider-Man”
  1. “Dexter’s Laboratory”
  1. “Darkwing Duck”

Porn B

India Summer

Today’s birthday girl has been in 1,647 fine films, including:

– Adventures of MILF Man 1

– America’s Next Top MILF

– Bangin’ the Boss 1

– Bruthas Who Luv Muthas 1

– Face Full of Diesel 5

– Gimme That Big White Ass 3

– I Blackmailed My Stepmom

– Let’s Bang the Babysitter 5

– And who can forget her role in 2012’s Momma Gotta Big Ole’ Butt 2

India Summer is 48 years old.

Sports Report 1


The Third Round of the 2023 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, U.S. Soccer’s national championship, began in record-breaking fashion as a sellout crowd of 22,423 enjoyed St. Louis City SC’s victorious tournament debut. The newest Major League Soccer (Division I) club cruised to a 5-1 win against one of last year’s surprise teams, Union Omaha of USL League One (Div. III), in front of the largest crowd to attend a Third Round Open Cup match in the Modern Era (1995-Present) of the history-laden competition. Aziel Jackson scored twice for City SC and got an emphatic ovation from the crowd when he was subbed out in the 75th minute after just missing a chance to complete the hat trick. The draw for the round of 32 to determine City SC’s next opponent will be held Thursday. The third round is where Major League Soccer teams enter the competition and are matched up against lower-division teams.

The Cardinals failed to hold a two-run lead in the ninth inning when an error and then a walk-off homer brought the San Francisco Giants another win against the Cardinals. The Cardinals had rallied for three runs in the eighth inning to take a lead, and then in the span of a few batters in the ninth it was gone. The Cards try again tonight against the Giants on the coast with a local start of 845pm.

When the historic sports news broke about Aaron Rodgers becoming the new quarterback of the New York Jets, ESPN hosts and guests were thrilled to report it and celebrate it.  Here’s a quick montage. The Jets didn’t want to give up a first-round pick in 2024, unless it was the payoff for a great season.

In the end, the two becomes a one next year if Rodgers takes only 65 percent of the snaps this season. That’s not even two thirds of the full campaign. It’s only 11.05 games. He can miss nearly six games, and the Jets will still owe a first-round pick in 2024.