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#ThatSucks: Valet Steals Car, Man Dies Trying To Rescue Dog From Frozen Pond, Skier Hit By Plane In French Alps and MORE


Valet Steals Couples Car

A couple in California claim that their new vehicle is missing after they say a valet gave away the car as they ate dinner

at Joe’s Crab Shack. House keys and all!
Man Dies Trying To Rescue Dog From Frozen Pond

A 34-year-old man from Brooklyn has drowned while trying to save his dog from a frozen pond in upstate New York this weekend.

The Ontario County Sheriff's Office says Garvin Anthony Brown and his fiancee were renting a home in the Finger Lakes town of Naples, 40 miles southeast of Rochester.

Deputies say Brown was walking his dog around 1am Sunday when the pooch went onto the ice of a pond and fell into the water. 

Police say Brown ventured out onto the frozen pond to save his pet, but the thin ice cracked and the 34-year-old fell through. 

Investigators say Brown was unable to get out of the frigid water and drowned. His dog survived the harrowing ordeal. 

The couple were staying at Jim's Adirondack House during their weekend getaway when tragedy struck, reported WROC.

When their dog fell through the ice, Brown ran inside the cabin to alert his fiancee and then returned to the pond to try and rescue the animal.

The woman immediately called 911 to get help, and first responders arrived on the scene along Route 21 in Naples a short time later, but by that time Brown had already drowned.

Responding officers were able to locate the man's body at the bottom of the pond and recover it within an hour.

Brown was pronounced dead at the scene.

Skier Hit By Plane In French Alps

A Polish skier was seriously injured Thursday when she was hit by a light aircraft careering down the slopes of a resort in the French Alps.


The ski-equipped single-propeller Jodel plane had failed to take off from the snowy high-altitude runway near the ski area at Avoriaz.

The pilot was unable to stop the plane, which slid down the slopes, narrowly missing a group of children and passing under a chairlift before clipping the woman and nearly severing her hand.

"We only narrowly avoided a catastrophe," said a firefighting source, who declined to be named.

The 55-year-old woman was hit by the plane's propeller and suffered a "near amputation", according to emergency services.

She was immediately attended by a resort doctor before being evacuated to a local hospital by helicopter.

"The plane suddenly appeared behind her and there was virtually no sound. She didn't hear it," local public prosecutor Patrick Steinmetz told AFP.

Accompanied by one passenger, the pilot made a stopover in Avoriaz, close to the border with Switzerland, and was about to depart when the accident occurred.

The pilot was "a professional who is used to these kind of conditions" on take-off, Steinmetz said.

The prosecutor's office was investigating the accident.

The plane, which was surrounded by safety nets, was to be moved Thursday night, and the ski track closed until the end of May.

Man Injured By Ham

A 30-year-old man was injured when a pallet of ham fell on his head late Wednesday afternoon at a meat-processing plant in Montgomery County, authorities said.

The accident was reported at 5:44 p.m. at Hatfield Quality Meats at 2700 Clemens Rd. in Hatfield Township. The man was flown to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. His condition was not immediately available.

One report described the contents of the pallet as three dozen hams weighing 20 pounds each. Company officials could not be reached for comment.


Rich guy Gets $60,000 Tickets

Here’s a glimpse into our future if we don’t reign in the socialist leaning democrats. A man in Finland recenty was issued a $60,000 speeding ticket, not because he did something incredibly dangerous, but because he was wealthy and could afford to pay that amount.

AOL News reports:

Breaking the law in Finland will cost you, but exactly how much depends on a couple of things. One is the severity of the crime committed, and the other is the lawbreaker’s income.

The latter factor is in place to ensure that punishments are equally felt by all be they rich or poor. Due to his millionaire status, Reima Kuisla was handed a roughly 60 thousand dollar ticket for traveling 14 miles per hour over the posted limit.

Jumping Whale Kills Whale Wacther

A 35-year-old Canadian woman died from injuries suffered when a surfacing gray whale crashed onto a tourist boat, Mexican authorities say. The Baja California Sur state prosecutor's office says the collision with the whale about a mile from the beach resort of Cabo San Lucas tossed the victim into the water. A firefighter commander says the woman was in a boat with other tourists returning to port around noon yesterday when the whale jumped from the water and landed on the boat. Mexican navy personnel responded to the scene and moved the woman to shore. She was taken to a clinic, where she died during treatment. Authorities have not released her full identity or hometown.

Man Trying To Save Friend Gets Mauled By Dog

Wheeling Police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger said that a preliminary autopsy report shows that a man who was attacked by a pit bull on Sunday in East Wheeling died as a result of the injuries he sustained during the attack. The dog attacked Roy Higgenbotham, 62, as he tried to assist his roommate David Wallace, 63, who had suffered a fatal heart attack. The dog bite injuries severed Higgenbotham's radial artery near his left wrist directly causing his death.

Despite earlier reports indicating that autopsies would be performed on both men, an autopsy was not performed on Wallace. Also, despite Ohio County Dog Warden Doug McCroskey allegedly indicating to "would be rescuers" of the fatally attacking pit bull that he had authority over the fate of the animal — purportedly even appearing on a radio show, saying so publicly — this role falls to City Manager Robert Herron due to the nature of the attack and the city's vicious dog ordinance.
pit bullCity Manager Robert Herron will have final say on whether the dog will be given to a family member or destroyed.
pit bullHerron said because the dog is not registered on the city's vicious dog registry and because of the attack on Higgenbotham, he has jurisdiction over the fate of the dog.