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#ThatSucks Stories: A Man in Russia Leaves a Bar to Make Out With a Blonde Stranger . . . and Wakes Up With His Testicles Removed AND MORE

Think your day is bad... you won't after you read these stories...


Dude in Germany got into a motorcycle accident and something was wrong with his bag

… And his leg was shorter… After some x-rays they found out his leg bone has dislodged and relocated itself to the inside of his bag… SUCKS!

Check it out HERE if you dare

Aggressive Owl terrorizes Dutch Residential Facility

Residents in one Dutch town are living in fear after a hostile eagle owl has attacked dozens of people.

The owl has been terrorizing the Purmerend area, 12 miles north of Amsterdam, The Associated Press reports. It has been concentrating around the Prinsenstichting assisted-living complex for people with disabilities, and a spokeswoman said at least 20 people have been injured there, with some needing stitches. One victim, Niels Verkooijen, told a Dutch news program being attacked "was like having a brick laced with nails thrown at your head."

City officials are warning residents not to approach the angry owl, said to be between 24- and 30-inches-tall. Because eagle owls are a protected species, the town has applied for a permit to catch it, but in the meantime, people are asked to carry umbrellas with them during the evening, when the owl is most active. Eagle owls are not known for being so aggressive in the wild, causing officials to believe that it was once held in captivity.

Women knocked unconscious in "Drive-By-Egging"

Seattle police say a woman was knocked unconscious when she was pelted by an egg in a so-called drive-by egging.

Detective Patrick Michaud says the egg hit the woman right behind the ear and knocked her out early Tuesday. Her friends caught her before she fell to the ground and drove her to a local hospital.

Police say the woman and her friends were standing outside a bar in the Crown Hill neighborhood when someone in a passing truck threw a volley of eggs at them. An employee of the bar was also hit in the egging.

Michaud said Thursday that he didn't know her condition.

Witnesses described the truck as a small black or green pickup with a canopy and dark-tinted windows.

Cops in Oregon Have Finally Tracked Down A Stolen 1,200-square-foot House

Someone stole an ENTIRE HOUSE in Klamath Falls, Oregon this week.  Not a mobile home, not a house on wheels, not an RV . . . a real 1,200-square-foot house.



The police got a call about a missing house on Tuesday and have been house hunting ever since.



It took them two entire days . . . but yesterday, they DID finally find it.



No one was inside when it was stolen, so at least this didn't escalate from house theft to kidnapping.



They're still not sure who stole it . . . or how they moved it.  The house looks like a log cabin that's elevated a little bit with several wooden supports, so it wasn't cemented into the ground or anything . . . but still.



The cops say there has been some debate over who the owner is . . . three different people claim they own it, and one of them sold it to a fourth person. 


A Man in Russia Leaves a Bar to Make Out With a Blonde Stranger . . . and Wakes Up With His Testicles Removed


 30-year-old Dmitry Nikolaev of Moscow, Russia was at a bar earlier this month, when an attractive blonde woman came up and started talking to him.  And even though Dmitry is married, he left with her.



They took a cab to a sauna, the woman gave him a beer, and they started making out.  And that's the last thing Dmitry remembers.



When he woke up, he felt EXTREME pain in his groin and saw a ton of blood.  It turns out the woman had drugged him, then surgically REMOVED HIS TESTICLES.



The police believe the woman was working with a gang to sell them on the black market.



Dmitry needed two surgeries to get everything working again.  He initially lied to his wife and said he needed surgery for a random illness . . . but now he's come clean. 



The police haven't tracked down the mysterious blonde woman, the gang she was working with, OR the missing testes. 

Man Hurt In Mysterious Lavatory Explosion At His Friend's House

A man in Providence, Rhode Island got the fright of a lifetime this week when he went to use his friend's bathroom and the restroom exploded. 

Neurosurgeon Jeffrey Oppenheim of New York was visiting his friend Andrew Pessin on Sunday when he went to use the first floor bathroom just 10 minutes after arriving.

Oppenheim says he heard a strange clicking noise – like a pilot light igniting – in the lavatory just second before a mysterious combustive force through him out of the room and into the kitchen. 

'It happened in an instant like getting hit by a cannon,' Oppenheim told WLNE

His friend Pessin was sitting down in the kitchen with his three sons when he caught wind of a burning smell and immediately carried his children to safety and called 911. 

'Oh it was horrible they were petrified screaming standing in the snow screaming, barefoot,' Pessin said of his 9, 7, and 5-year-old sons. 

Oppenheim told Daily Mail Online that it's believed a gas leak sparked the blast. 

Authorities allegedly told his friend that gas may have leaked in from outside the house, and that it can lose it's rotten egg odor (caused by added mercaptan) if it passes up through the ground. 

Everyone got out of the house safely, though Oppenheim did suffer a bruised knee in the blast.  

'I'm just very grateful it was me in there and not one of the Pessin children who are little. They could have gotten killed,' Oppenheim said

'I'm very, very, very lucky,' Oppenheim told Daily Mail Online, adding that he was able to drive back to New York that very day and didn't need to take a break from performing surgery.  

Authorities continue to investigate the cause of the blast, which remains a mystery. 

Reporters on the scene on Sunday said workers from gas company National Grid were surveying the house.

Unfortunately, the Pessin family is facing the possibility that the house could be condemned, according to Oppenheim. 

He says they have been staying in a hotel, and have signed a lease on an apartment in the meantime.  

A Guy Falls 600 Feet Down a Mountain, and Lands Next to a Rescue Crew


  I'm not gonna say this guy is lucky.  But good luck and bad luck have a way of cancelling each other out sometimes.



A 28-year-old named David Spain was climbing a mountain in northern England on Sunday when a storm hit.  And he was near the top when he got knocked off balance by a huge gust of wind . . . and tumbled 600 FEET down a cliff.



Somehow he survived the fall.  But then he had to worry about dying of exposure, because it was freezing out.



He also happened to land directly in the path of a RESCUE TEAM . . . which was training how to save someone stuck on the side of a mountain.



David ended up with an injured leg, a dislocated shoulder, and some cuts and bruises.  But he's back home recovering.

Kid Gets Impaled After Trying To Clear Off Rooftop

The 17-year-old high school junior plummeted 30 feet when a snow-covered skylight shattered underneath him  just after 9 a.m. yesterday. He landed on a metal coat rack that impaled his abdomen, severing part of his colon and damaging his appendix, leaving shards in his abdomen after it shattered on his hip.

“He’s got a long road ahead of him,” the relative said. “They took out his appendix. They repaired his colon. There was a lot of internal bleeding. … The coat rack saved his life. He landed on his hip, but the hip bone saved the piercing from being worse. It slowed it down, it only got his stomach and his colon,” the family member said.

The relative, who asked not to be identified, called the teen “the luckiest kid in the world” and a “tough kid — and that’s what saved him.”

The boy was airlifted to Boston. The family member called the two-hour drive  “pure hell.”

“There’s two examples. One on both sides of us. Go take a look at how they’re protected,” Reardon said, citing the need for safety lines and harnesses.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the teen’s fall.

There have been at least 164 collapsed or damaged buildings since Feb. 9. Canton has had three reported injuries from falls off roofs while clearing snow since Feb. 18, including on Sunday when a man was killed when he fell through a skylight while inspecting snow removal on a warehouse on Will Drive.

Brian Comiskey said contractors who are not properly trained to go on roofs and shovel snow are endangering lives.

“Most of the people falling off are probably not roofers; most are probably landscapers, contractors or carpenters. … They don’t do it every day. They’re doing it for a quick buck,” said Comiskey, adding workers need to use ropes and harnesses. “I’m not surprised by how many people are falling through skylights. Because skylights are covered in snow, they can’t be seen, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the building.”

The teen’s relative said the boy was on vacation from school and working for extra cash. He said the boy and other workers were up there with no harnesses or ropes.

“They’re recruiting kids all over the place to shovel, all these companies hiring people to shovel,” the boy’s relative said. A man reached, which had hired the boy, declined to comment.