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One of the ways that some people are getting their sense of smell back if they lose it because of Covid is SMELL TRAINING.  That’s where you basically train your nose and brain to smell again by sniffing a few strong perfumes or other scents every day. And believe it or not, studies show that just MIGHT be the best way to get your sense of smell back.  One new study found it’s a better option than something more drastic, like steroids.

‘Uber driver drove into a Salford canal – and still charged me £29.31 for the journey’ – ManchesterEveningNews

Police Are Searching for Chewbacca After He Stabbed Someone During a Fight – NOLA

People Are Buying a Ridiculous Amount of Crocs – CNN

50-year-old charged in O’Fallon, Ill. vandalism investigation – Fox2Now

We could be looking at a gas shortage this summer . . . because there aren’t enough qualified tanker truck drivers to get gas to stations around the country.  Around 20% to 25% of the tanker trucks in the U.S. are parked because there’s no one to drive them.

Lumber prices skyrocket nearly 250 percent, impacts local suppliers and buyers – Fox2Now

Best public high schools in Missouri ranked in new report – Fox2Now

A Woman Is Suing Bagel Bites for Being Low Quality Pizza – NBC15

Here’s How to Make a Delicious Party Punch Mix . . . in Your Toilet? – MSN

Domino’s Is Bringing Back the Noid – TheTakeout


Primus Tribute To Kings tour has been rescheduled for a third time, this time kicking off August 10th in Boise, Idaho. The Sword, Battles and Wolfmother will support Primus on select stops as the band plays Rush’s album, A Farewell To Kings, in its entirety. There are over 40 dates before Primus’ Farewell To Kings tour wraps up in Phoenix October 25th.  Get ticket details at Primusville.com.  …and if at any point you bought a ticket to see this tour the first two times it was supposed to come around, your ticket will be honored or you can request a refund through Primus’ website. September 14th  @ Music Park 

DAX SHEPARD talked about his relapse on a podcast recently.  He said that he and his wife KRISTEN BELL were very open with their kids about it. They are actually quite remarkable when it comes to what they tell and let their kids see as far as the real world.

After 13 years, yes its been that long since Britney Spears (link) has had control over her moneys, she may get her day in court. Her lawyer said his client has something to say, and it’s not a stretch to believe there’s some connection to the #FreeBritney movement and the documentary. Britney has never challenged (link) her conservatorship in the 13 years it’s been in place. She’s had issues with her dad, but she’s never asked to pull the plug on the conservatorship. Britney’s been in court a number of times in the past and talked to the judge, but this one could be big. The hearing is set for June. 

ADAM SANDLER is going viral for basically just being a regular guy. A TikTok user named Dayanna Rodas was working her shift at IHOP when a guy came in with his daughter and asked how long the wait was.  She told him 30 minutes, so he left. The guy was masked, so Dayanna didn’t realize it was Adam.  And now she’s freaking. She posted video (link) of the encounter from the restaurant’s surveillance camera, along with a picture of her face with a clown makeup filter on it, and the message, “Not realizing it’s Adam Sandler and telling him it’s a 30-minute wait and him of course leaving because he’s not going to wait 30 minutes for IHOP.” In the caption she wrote, “Pleaseee come back.” What people are picking up on and giving Adam props for is that he just left, instead of pulling the “don’t you know who I am?” card to get seated ahead of everyone else.  

TOM CRUISE has been doing this whole “real-life action hero” thing a lot longer than you probably realize.  In fact, back in 1987, he had to make a split-second decision that saved ELISABETH SHUE’s life on the set of “Cocktail”. A cinematographer named Bill Bennett was filming some beach scenes from a helicopter.  And after every few scenes, the chopper would land, and Tom and Elisabeth could come over and check out the footage. Because they kept landing and taking off, the pilot just left the rotors running while they were on the ground.  And one time, after viewing the scenes, Elisabeth took off running toward the back of the chopper. Bennett says, quote, “The area at the back of the helicopter, where the tail rotor is spinning, is deadly.  The rotor is invisible when it is spinning, and if you walk into it, it will kill you instantly.” Even back then, Tom knew his way around aircraft, and he knew Elisabeth was in danger.  So he lunged at her legs and tackled her.  At first she was mad at him, but when she realized what could have happened, she “turned white.” 

“Citizen Kane” has been at the top of Rotten Tomatoes with a 100% for a while . . . but now that’s suddenly changed. For whatever reason, Rotten Tomatoes dug up an 80-year-old negative review, which ended its perfection.  The review was published in the “Chicago Tribune” back in 1941. The headline said it “fails to impress” . . . and the excerpt (link) on the site says, quote, “It’s interesting.  It’s different.  In fact, it’s bizarre enough to become a museum piece.  But its sacrifice of simplicity to eccentricity robs it of distinction and general entertainment value.” The negative review was added in March.  And so, “Citizen Kane” drops to a 99%, with 115 positive reviews and now one negative.  IndieWire.com says (link) that the site is adding old, newly archived reviews for a lot of classic movies. There are dozens (link) of movies that have 100% ratings . . . including “Paddington 2”, the first “Terminator” movie, and the 1995 cinematic classic “Godzilla vs. Destroyah”.  On Rotten Tomatoes’ WEIGHTED list (link) of the best movies, “Citizen Kane” is still #3, behind “It Happened One Night” (1934) and “Black Panther” (2018). 

Fox is developing a “Flintstones” show, which is described as a “sequel” series. It’s called “Bedrock”, and it will be a primetime animated show targeted at ADULTS. The show will follow the Flintstone family two decades after the original, with Fred retiring and Pebbles now in her 20s, embarking on her own career. ELIZABETH BANKS from “The Hunger Games” is onboard as a producer.  She’ll also provide the voice of Pebbles.  No other casting has been announced. 10 years ago, SETH MACFARLANE from “Family Guy” was working on a new “Flintstones” show, but it never got off the ground.  Elizabeth has been developing this one for a few years . . . and it doesn’t sound related to Seth’s version. The original show ran for six seasons on ABC . . . and it was the first animated series to air in primetime. 

So, Loudwire.com put together a list of bands that also don’t have a “The,” and some of them may be surprising.   

Here are 20 highlights:

  1. Beastie Boys 
  1. Bee Gees 
  1. Buzzcocks 
  1. Carpenters 
  1. Counting Crows 
  1. Deftones 
  1. Foo Fighters 
  1. Gorillas 
  1. Grateful Dead 
  1. Melvins. . . Even though they DID use a “The” on some releases. 
  1. Misfits 
  1. Pixies 
  1. Pretenders

      Queens of the Stone Age 

  1. Ramones 
  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers. . . Even though they used a “The” on some releases. 
  1. Scorpions 
  1. Sex Pistols 
  1. Steve Miller Band 
  1. Talking Heads 
  1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs 

(Hit up Loudwire.com (link) for a longer list.  Interesting Fact:  The Smashing Pumpkins DO have a THE.  Their first two album covers don’t have it, but that’s the official name.  So, Smashing Pumpkins is available!) 

Lets get you caught up with actor Randy Quaid…. Quaid and his wife, Evi, are wanted in Santa Barbara, California, on felony vandalism charges from 2010 after authorities said they were found squatting in the guesthouse of a home they previously owned. The couple ended up moving to Canada where Evi was granted citizenship. Quaid was denied his request for permanent residency in Canada but lived there illegally until 2015, when he was arrested after crossing the border into Vermont ahead of being deported by the Canadian government. Authorities in California attempted to extradite him at that time, but a Vermont judge denied the request. The Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office vowed to continue its efforts to bring the couple to justice at the time but it is not clear what the current status of the case is. HAVING SAID ALL THAT…On Tuesday afternoon, actor Randy Quaid tweeted that he is “seriously considering a run for governor.” He tweeted this just before it was announced that the recall petition had met the threshold to be put on the ballot later this year. It’s not clear whether or not Quaid would even be eligible to run for governor, as he is technically still considered a fugitive in the state of California due to unresolved legal issues stretching back more than a decade

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Could MLB Replace Extra Innings with . . . a Home Run Derby? – ESPN

The Cardinals and Phillies are in action against tonight after Carlos Martinez was on it last night and the Cards picked up the 5-2 win.  Arenado, Edman, and Goldschmidt all had RBI in the win.  Tonight Johan Oviedo gets his first start of the year.  First pitch is scheduled for 6:45PM.

Tonight the Blues are up in Minnesota for a game against the Wild.  The Blues have working off of back-to-back wins against the Avalanche.  As it stands this morning, the Blues are in the 4th spot in the Honda West.  Puck drop tonight is scheduled for 6PM.

One of the bigger personalities in the game is looking for an avenue back in. PBI Sports Agency confirmed Monday that it has been hired to represent legendary Hall of Fame goalie and ex-NHL Avalanche coach Patrick Roy, who is looking to return to the game at its highest level in either a coaching or management role. Roy has returned as coach and general manager of the idle Quebec Remparts of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League since leaving the Avalanche back in 2016. Roy cited a lack of control over personnel decisions and contrasting philosophies with GM Joe Sakic when he made his exit from Colorado with one season remaining on his deal at the time, and it seems he still prioritizes say in roster matters, having opened himself up for either a coaching or executive role.

On Monday, baseball’s Shohei Ohtani accomplished a feat not seen in nearly a century — taking the mound as his team’s starting pitcher while simultaneously leading the league in home runs. The last man staking a claim to such an effort? Babe Ruth, on June 13, 1921. When the Angels sent Ohtani to start the club’s game in Texas, he did so having hit seven home runs on the season, good for a tie with seven other players atop all of Major League Baseball. Ohtani, who serves as Los Angeles’ designated hitter in games he does not pitch, tossed five innings versus the Rangers, striking out nine batters and allowing four earned runs en route to his first win of the year. At the plate the 26-year-old from Japan was 2-3 with a pair of RBI and three runs scored as the Angels earned a 9-4 victory.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s breakout season continues as he made Blue Jays, MLB and family history last night while almost single-handedly bringing Toronto back from a three-run deficit. The 22-year-old hit three homers—including a grand slam—and racked up seven RBIs as the Blue Jays slid past the Nationals, 9-5. He’s the youngest player in Blue Jays history with a three home run game, and the second-youngest player in the last 50 years to do it. Guerrero Jr. is now the youngest player in league history to have a three-HR, seven-RBI game. It’s worth noting that his Hall of Fame father, Vladimir Guerrero Sr., never had a three-HR game.

Five-time world champion Floyd Mayweather will return to the ring to face YouTube sensation-turned-boxer Logan Paul at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on June 6. “Logan Paul and I are going to fight at Hard Rock Stadium. Mayweather wrote on Instagram… “Mayweather Promotions, Fanmio and Showtime will team up to give you an epic event.” The fight was originally scheduled for February but was postponed indefinitely until Tuesday’s announcement. In February, it was billed as a “special exhibition.” The announcement didn’t specify how many rounds they will fight or what size gloves they will use. Additional details on rules of the fight and the undercard will be released soon.

Conor McGregor is no longer the majority owner of the whiskey brand he founded, but the UFC star has added to his growing fortune. Proximo Spirits, a company that owns Jose Cuervo and other alcohol brands, has acquired a majority stake in Proper No. Twelve Irish whiskey in a deal worth up to $600 million. Proximo previously held a 49% stake in the company. The $600 million will go to brand co-founders McGregor, his agent. Proper No. Twelve was founded in 2018 and has been promoted vigorously by McGregor.

Former NFL linebacker and Florida State star Geno Hayes died on Monday evening from liver disease. Hayes had been in hospice care at his parents’ home in Georgia before Monday night. Back in March – he said that he had been placed on a waiting list for a liver transplant in December after being hospitalized more than 20 times in the past year. Hayes joined Florida State in 2005 as a defensive lineman before eventually moving to linebacker. During his junior season at FSU, he was named an All-America, finishing the year second on the team in total tackles and first in tackles for loss. Hayes was a sixth-round pick for the Buccaneers in 2008. He started 42 games in four seasons with the franchise. He later spent the 2012 season with the Bears before head to the Jaguars. Hayes was 33.