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Every Hot Dog You Eat Shortens Your “Healthy Life” by 36 Minutes

Hang on a second.  I’m just counting up all the hot dogs I’ve had this summer . . .

A new study at the University of Michigan found that every hot dog you eat shortens your “healthy life” by an average of 36 MINUTES.

By “healthy life,” they mean the years where you’re fairly healthy in general, and aren’t dealing with chronic illnesses or disabilities.

They looked at over 5,000 different foods and came up with a number for each one.

For example, burgers and macaroni-and-cheese both shorten your healthy life by about five minutes.  But the good news is you can also ADD time.

Opting for a handful of cashews can extend your healthy years by 26 minutes.

Other things that do it include fruits, vegetables, and seafood.  And this one’s surprising . . . but peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches can also add time.  (Do you have to use the healthy stuff that requires mixing though?  If so, kill me now.)

(UofM / Nature / Daily Mail)

fail_1.jpg 134627

A Theater Tried to Order “Rocky Horror” Wigs but Got 416 Hot Dogs Instead

You can see how this mistake happened.  It almost seems MORE likely to happen than not . . .

A theater near London that’s been closed for the pandemic is finally set to re-open this month.  And the first production they’re doing is “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

So producers decided to order a bunch of Dr. Frank-N-Furter wigs to sell as merch.  He’s the main character that Tim Curry plays in the movie.

But when the box arrived, they opened it up.  And instead of wigs . . . they got hundreds of HOT DOGS.  (???)

It turns out they use the same supplier to order lots of stuff, including food.  And whoever handled their order saw the name “Frank-N-Furter” and thought it meant FRANKFURTERS.

They got 52 CANS of hot dogs with eight per can.  So 416 hot dogs total.

They’re working with several food banks to make sure they don’t go to waste.

(Kent Online)

(Here’s a photo.)

A Thief Wearing an Ankle Monitor Couldn’t Stop Robbing Ice Cream Shops

It makes sense to rob banks, because that’s where all the money is.  But why make THIS your thing?

A guy in Grand Rapids, Michigan broke into a bunch of businesses last month . . . all of them ICE CREAM shops.

In the span of a few days, he broke into eight different ice cream places and stole money.  It’s not clear if he also stole any ice cream or not.

A cop spotted his car one night, and they tracked him down a few days later.  His name is Cameron Harris, and he’s 25 years old.

They released him on bond last Thursday with an ankle monitor to track his movements until his trial.

And here’s where it really gets dumb.  Once he was out, he robbed THREE MORE ice cream shops.

The GPS on his ankle monitor showed he was at all three stores when the break-ins happened.  So they arrested him again.

Now he’s facing charges for robbing 11 ice cream shops instead of eight.


A Woman Hired “Mrs. Bigfoot” to Sneak Into Her Six-Year-Old’s Birthday Party, and It Didn’t Go Well

It’s one thing to go ALL OUT for a kid’s birthday party.  But it’s ANOTHER LEVEL when you try to scare the jelly beans out of them.

A mother in Oklahoma was hosting a birthday party for her six-year-old girl . . . and she was bummed because her plans for a cake fell through.  So she came up with a bizarre back-up plan.

She hired “Mrs. Bigfoot” . . . a.k.a. “Cinnamon” . . . who would be in costume, and would surprise the kids by peeking in the windows at the party.  (???)  (And despite what it may sound like, this performer is NOT a stripper.)

Mrs. Bigfoot showed up, and the kids were immediately horrified, and began screaming, running, and crying.  Mrs. Bigfoot went in the house . . . and the kids eventually warmed up to her a little, but the mother says the kids still say they never want to see her again.

Mrs. Bigfoot arrived with balloons, wearing a tutu and a bow in her hair . . . so the mom says she thought it would be “cute and fun.”  But the kids “did not have that reaction.”  (KJRH

(Here’s video of this chaos from a local news report.  If you’d like to hire Mrs. Bigfoot, here’s her Facebook.)

A Woman Shot Her Friend, While Using a Gun’s Laser to Play with a Cat

Just a reminder:  Guns are NOT toys.  And they’re definitely not CAT TOYS.

Last Tuesday, a 19-year-old woman named Jashanti Pleasant from Kenosha, Wisconsin accidentally shot her friend James, while playing with a cat.

She apparently pulled a 9mm handgun from a nightstand drawer . . . turned on the laser sight  . . . and was pointing it at the floor to get a cat to chase it.  (???)

While she was doing that, the gun went off, and it struck James in the right thigh.  Jashanti said she thought the gun’s magazine had been removed.  But according to a witness, she’d also been drinking brandy.

She was arrested for causing injury by the negligent use of a weapon.  James was treated for the gunshot wound at the hospital.  It sounds like he’ll be okay.

By the way, it was James’ gun, and he’s already facing felony gun charges for his role in a gang-related shooting last year.  So he’ll likely be in even more trouble now.

(AP / The Smoking Gun)

A Guy Intentionally Drove His SUV into a Lake to Fill the Radiator with Water

I don’t know a lot about cars, but I might still know more than THIS guy:  Cops in Washington state got several calls yesterday morning after someone drove their SUV into a river.  (It happened in Yakima, about 60 miles north of the Oregon border.)

It happened at a slipway, where you’d normally back your boat into the water.  So they assumed the driver lost control or something.  But when they got there, he was fine.  And the front end of his Suburban was still in the river.

So what actually happened?  It turned out he replaced a part in his car himself, and his radiator needed water.  So instead of pouring some in . . . or coolant like you’re supposed to . . . he took the cap off, and dipped the entire front of his SUV into the river.  They had to tow it out.  It’s not clear if it still runs or not.  (Here’s a photo.)

A Guy Gets Sprayed by a Skunk While Hiding from the Cops

You’ve gotta feel for the cops here.  Because they had to wrestle this guy to the ground, and then be in a CAR with him.

37-year-old Michael Ring was out causing trouble in Madison, Wisconsin on Monday night.

Witnesses said he was out of control, obviously high on drugs, and had a KNIFE.  So it was a pretty serious situation.

When cops showed up, he ran off and hid from them.  And he did get away for a minute, but they found him nearby.

And when they finally caught up with him, they got a whiff of something awful.  Because it turned out that while he was hiding . . . he got sprayed by a SKUNK.

He wasn’t actually hiding when they found him . . . he was in the middle of slashing a random person’s tires.  So maybe he was angry about the skunk, or just hates tires.

He resisted, but they got him into custody.  And he also had an outstanding warrant.

They charged him with resisting arrest . . . disorderly conduct while armed . . . criminal damage to property . . . and for, quote, “discharging bodily fluids on a public safety worker.”  Which we assume means spitting, but who knows.

(WMTV / Madison State Journal)

(Here’s his mugshot.)


It’s National Radio Day! Here Are Ten Random Radio Facts

You have to be extra nice to us . . . because today happens to be NATIONAL RADIO DAY.

The first commercial radio broadcast was in 1920.  Now there are over 15,000 radio stations in the U.S., and more than 40,000 worldwide.  Here are a few more random radio stats . . .

1.  One in five Americans say listening to the radio is one of the top “little things” they look forward to each day.  And a poll in June found it was the #1 thing people missed about their commute last year.

2.  Around half of us love singing along to the radio.  Women are more likely to admit they do it than men.

3.  A study by Tinder in 2016 found “radio personality” was one of the SEXIEST JOBS you could have.  It ranked fifth, but we fell off the list in 2018.

4.  The radio is the 11th most important invention of all time.  That’s according to a poll that came out in October.  The top three were electricity, phones, and vaccines.

5.  9% of people wouldn’t mind it if radio stations played more commercials.  (???)  And 9% also think we should be allowed to play Christmas music all year.

6.  Here’s a little science:  FM stands for “frequency modulation” . . . and AM stands for “amplitude modulation.”  When you change channels on AM radio, you’re changing the amplitude of the signal.  On FM, you’re changing the frequency.

7.  In general, if a station’s call letters start with a “W”, it means they’re east of the Mississippi River.  Stations west of the Mississippi usually start with a “K”.

8.  A recent study in Australia found waking up to music on the radio makes you feel less sluggish than waking up to an alarm.

9.  31% of dog owners have used the radio to keep their dog company.

10.  Only 28% of radio hosts agree with the statement, “I have a face for radio.”

(National Today)

crap_on_02.jpg 140013

I don’t believe there were any serious injuries but…  The BLUES TRAVELER tour bus crashed Wednesday night on its way to a show in Rochester, Minnesota. The bus had crashed onto the median and passengers were trapped inside until law enforcement and first responders arrived. Lead singer JOHN POPPER was one of three people who had to be treated for injuries at a local hospital. Luckily there was nothing life-threatening:  John’s ribs were injured and a bandmate had a dislocated shoulder. But they’re still set to perform tonight, injuries and all.  They posted their thanks to the Police Department and Rescue Crew.



The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards will include a new award, the U.S. Global Icon Award. It is being given to this band because their “unparalleled career and continued impact and influence has maintained a unique level of global success in music and beyond.” The first recipients will be…Foo Fighters.  They will perform at this year’s VMAs ceremony at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on September 12. The band is up for three other awards this year: Best Rock, Best Choreography, and Best Cinematography, all for their video for “Shame Shame,” from Medicine at Midnight


Remember Peacock the streamer brought back Punky Brewster? NBCUniversal bigwig Lisa Katz is calling it a bright light for so many viewers. Especially star Soleil Moon Frye. All cast and crew want to return for season 2. So, congrats to Punky Brewster for being the first half hour comedy canceled by Peacock. 


Peacock dropped a trailer for the upcoming “Frogger” game show . . . based on the ’80s video game of the same name. And, in case you were curious, it looks kind of like a less-intense version of “Wipe Out”.  It’s got people jumping from one platform to another in a pool . . . including fake alligators.  There are also conveyor belts you have to get across with obstacles on them, and fake cars that’ll push you into the water.  It can’t be too easy though, because contestants can win $100,000. “Frogger” drops on September 9th, with DAMON WAYANS JR. and KYLE BRANDT hosting.


Are you interacting with or at least reading the posts from actual celebrities or is it their assistants? With SELENA GOMEZ its been her assistant since 2017. And recall she has like 150 million followers. She doesn’t miss it at all. “I would find myself down nearly two years in someone’s feed, and then I’d realize, ‘I don’t even know this person!..”Now…When my friends have something to talk about, they call me and say, ‘Oh, I did this.’  They don’t say, ‘Wait, did you see my post?'”


Disney’s latest gig is to make their robots not only free-roaming, but also capable of emotion. Guests will be given a more personalized experience with more “extreme” characters from Marvel and “Star Wars” like Groot, the Hulk, or even possibly Baby Yoda. There are no plans for robots to replace human performers. Cameras and sensors will give the robots the ability to make quick choices about what to do and say, or how to express emotion. One of the newest animatronics is already at the parks.  It’s a “stuntronic” robot of Spider-Man in California Adventure’s Avengers Campus and it flies in the air doing web-slinging stunts.

There have been rumors about CHANNING TATUM and ZOE KRAVITZ since early this year . . . and now it seems like they could be true.  The two of them were spotted on a bike ride in New York City on Wednesday . . . SHARING a bike. Channing was pedaling and Zoe was standing on the pegs, hanging onto him. Zoe and Channing met on the set of a movie whose title rhymes with Wussy but it doesn’t start with a W.    Channing is 41, Zoe is 32.


He has a new album out today called • “Gestureland, Her is a song off it called Nights are Harder These Days…who is it.  (AUDIO) Its David Duchuvny and its his 3 album.



The Body Remembers, Debbie Gibson.  This is her 10th album.  It’s her first since 2001 to have original songs.  Her guests are New Kid on the Block’s Joey McIntyre and DJ Ashba.  You might know her from her 1989 hit “Lost In Your Eyes.


Check out a new trailer for Marvel’s “Eternals” on the blog


Netflix has a documentary about MALCOLM X and MUHAMMAD ALI coming in September.  It’s called “Blood Brothers”, and the first trailer dropped yesterday.






So here the small things that movies and TV do that ruin them for people.

Not saying goodbye on a phone call.

Working-class single mom, two to three kids. Lives in a $2 million house.

Empty suitcases! Characters on their way to the airport lift suitcases into the car with one finger.

When people are texting, and It’s very clear that this isn’t the first time they’ve texted this person, there’s no chat history.

Ridiculously unrealistic hackers…

Hacker: ‘It’ll take me about three hours to hack this.’

Character: ‘Well, you have three minutes.’

Hacker: (typing furiously) ‘I’m in.'”


Random destruction that holds no weight and is never mentioned again.”

When straight couples lie in bed, the woman always has to cover her boobs, unlike the man.

Women in action movies ALWAYS have the same ‘injury’: just a small cut on their upper cheek after being basically thrown out of a helicopter. Just enough to look ‘tough,’ but still pretty.

How about movies where teenagers are able to solve a crime before seasoned detectives can?

It’s the random shower scene that has nothing to do with the story for me!

Carrying or pretending to drink from obviously empty coffee cups. Hate it.

When people in movies wake up looking immaculate.

When the monster shows up and kills some extras instantly but just picks up the main character to throw them across the room, and then the main character doesn’t have any injuries.

A female character with no other symptoms throws up and boom she had no clue she was pregnant.

My personal ones…when someone closes a door and the whole wall shakes…Brady Bunch had astroturf for grass…when I know an actor is faking an accent…when the steering wheel doesn’t even move in a car scene…when the driver stares at the passenger too long while driving





























Tera Bond


Today’s birthday girl has been in 262 fine films, including:

– 3s Company

– Boob Exam Scam 4

– Fetish Whores 2

– Gang Bang of New York

– Girls, Girls and More Girls

– Innocent Until Proven Filthy 1

– And who can forget her role in 2003’s Mr. Beaver Checks In 18



Tera Bond would have been 43 years old. She died of cancer back in 2017.


The Cardinals weren’t able to follow up on their mantra of winning every series as they try to remain relevant in a potential postseason picture. But down 4-1 in the fifth inning to Milwaukee and one of its many All-Star pitchers, Brandon Woodruff, on Thursday night, they seemed headed for a crippling sweep at Busch Stadium that would have left them 13 games out of first place. BUT, Some hits, some loaded bases walks and the Cardinals’ bullpen locking down, the Cards took an 8-4 win with 4 2/3 perfect innings of relief from that bullpen. So, the Cardinals now are 11 games behind Milwaukee but much closer to Cincinnati (2 ½ games) and San Diego, which it trails by 3 ½ in the second wild-card derby. That clearly is the Cardinals’ best chance to make anything out of this season. Swing boys



New York Jets fans should be used to disappointment by now, but Thursday’s news should test even the most dedicated supporters of the team. Defensive end Carl Lawson, the team’s biggest free agent signing this offseason, will miss the entire 2021 NFL season due to an Achilles injury, the team announced. Lawson signed a three-year, $45 million deal with the Jets during the offseason. That deal includes $30 million guaranteed.

Lawson experienced the injury during Thursday’s practice. He was taken for an MRI, which revealed a ruptured Achilles. Lawson, 26, will miss the entire season due to the injury.

Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi has launched his own collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), crypto art that was created with his image by digital designer BossLogic and will go on sale on Friday. Messi, 34, is portrayed as a king, superhero and Greek titan in works entitled “Man from the Future,” “Worth the Weight,” and “The King Piece” that celebrate his career highlights. Australia-based BossLogic is known for his work with Marvel Studios and Disney. (An NFT is a form of crypto asset which uses blockchain to record the ownership status of digital objects, such as images, videos and text. While anyone can view the item, only the buyer of an NFT has the official status of being its owner.) The market for NFTs has exploded in recent months. In March of this year, Christie’s auction house sold a digital work by the artist known as Beeple for almost $70 million.


The Arizona Coyotes were essentially served an eviction notice on Thursday as the city of Glendale decided not to renew the yearly agreement between itself and the team. The broken-off pact forces the Coyotes out of their current home at Gila River Arena after the 2021-22 campaign. The team’s official statement highlights the fact that president and CEO Xavier A. Gutierrez would like to try his best to keep the franchise in Arizona but without anything concrete, a return to the Valley is not guaranteed.

When the 2022-23 NHL season begins, the Yotes will be playing somewhere new, but where exactly? Here are the most likely destinations.


Hockey fans in the desert hope the team doesn’t have to relocate too far and a return to its former home, the Footprint Center, could offer a nearby solution.

Quebec City

Here we go again. After bidding and falling short of securing an NHL franchise in the expansion that awarded Las Vegas the Golden Knights, Quebec City could once again be in the mix to acquire a professional hockey team. Most recently, Quebec City was home to the NHL’s Nordiques, who relocated to Denver to become the Colorado Avalanche in 1995.


If the NHL wants to keep a franchise in the southern portion of the United States and staying in Arizona is not feasible, a move to Houston could be in the cards. Houston, the fifth-largest city between the U.S. and Canada, is the most populous city to not currently host an NHL team.

Hamilton ONT (near Toronto/Buffalo

Jim Balsillie, you ready for another crack at this thing?

The former co-CEO of Research In Motion has tried three times to bring an NHL team to Hamilton, Ont., with no success. He’s tried bringing the Pittsburgh Penguins, Nashville Predators, and Coyotes to the ‘Hammer’ before, but maybe he’s interested in a second go-around with the Yotes?


Detroit Tigers Hall of Famer Jack Morris has been suspended indefinitely by Bally Sports Detroit for an apparent racist comment he made during Tuesday’s game telecast.

During Tuesday’s game, Angels superstar Shohei Ohtani, a Japanese-born pitcher and hitter who started this year’s All-Star Game, was about to step to the plate in the sixth inning. Play-by-play announcer Matt Shepard asked Morris, who won 254 games in his 18-year major league career and was a four-time All-Star with the Tigers, what the strategy should be against Ohtani.

Morris replied: “Be very, very careful,” but in an apparent tone that has long been used to mock English-speaking Asians.

In the ninth inning of Tuesday’s game, with Ohtani coming up to bat again, Morris issued an on-air apology:

“It’s been brought to my attention, and I sincerely apologize if I offended anybody, especially anybody in the Asian community, for what I said about pitching and being careful to Shohei Ohtani. I did not intend for any offensive thing and I apologize if I did. I certainly respect and have the utmost respect for this guy.”