Team Rizz

Tony Gardiner is today’s Team Rizz member of the day!

Tony Gardiner is today's Team Rizz member of the day!

Congratulations Tony, Team Rizz member-of-the-day for Monday, May 17th, 2021!

Every Team Rizz member-of-the-day receives a limited-edition TEAM RIZZ jersey, on-air mentions by The Rizzuto Show on the day you’re selected, an on-demand song request on that day’s show, a personal phone call from a member of The Rizzuto Show, and your own feature on the main page of!

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Name: Tony Gardiner

From: Fenton, MO

On-Demand Song Request: “Possum Kingdom” by The Toadies

Since losing in a rigged trivia game called “The Gaunlet” to Anthony Stalter, Tony has sworn an oath of hatred for The Fast Lane, and the enemy of his enemy, is the Rizz Show.

Tony also met Rizz and Jeff at a Guys Night Out bikini contest at Hotshots a few years ago.

The best things about the show in no particular order, he’d say: The arguments between Moon and Tony, King Scott just being King Scott, Jeff Burton because he’s the one Tony relates to the most. And of course, Rizz is the best because he just is the best.

Tony has been listening to Rizz since high school, but since he’s started working at 7am, he gets to listen live each morning.

Congratulations Tony! Welcome to Team Rizz and thanks for listening to The Point!