Team Rizz

Thomas Pauk is today’s Team Rizz member of the day!

Thomas Pauk is today's Team Rizz member of the day!

Congratulations Thomas, Team Rizz member-of-the-day for Thursday, February 25th, 2021!

Every Team Rizz member-of-the-day receives a limited-edition TEAM RIZZ jersey, on-air mentions by The Rizzuto Show on the day you’re selected, an on-demand song request on that day’s show, a personal phone call from a member of The Rizzuto Show, and your own feature on the main page of!

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Name: Thomas Pauk

From: Ballwin, MO

On-Demand Song Request: “One Headlight” The Wallflowers

Thomas and several friends have attended both Rizz Show Live events and look forward to the Rizz Show Night at the Blues Game each year. He turned his fiancé into a Weirdo and they discuss the show every night. 3 out of 5 stars.

Thomas’ favorite part about the Rizz Show is how every show feels like a bunch of friends just sitting around a table talking. He likes all of the discussions on the show, such as the “Great Paper Plate Debate.” His favorite segments are Friday Fails, Headline Goo, and Matchup with Moon. He enjoys all of Jeff and King Scott’s jokes and one-liners. Thomas feels that he relates most to King Scott because, like him, many of his jokes aren’t that good and go unappreciated.

The Rizzuto Show has been his #1 podcast on Spotify for the last two years.

Thomas likes to share a new joke on Facebook every morning to help others start their day with a little laughter… just like The Rizz Show!

Congratulations Thomas! Welcome to Team Rizz and thanks for listening to The Point!