Team Rizz

Megan Lenahan is today’s Team Rizz member of the day!

Megan Lenahan is today's Team Rizz member of the day!

Congratulations Megan, Team Rizz member-of-the-day for Thursday, January 14th, 2020!

Every Team Rizz member-of-the-day receives a limited-edition TEAM RIZZ jersey, on-air mentions by The Rizzuto Show on the day you’re selected, an on-demand song request on that day’s show, a personal phone call from a member of The Rizzuto Show, and your own feature on the main page of!

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Name: Megan Lenahan

From: Rock Hill, MO

On-Demand Song Request: “Pretender” by Foo Fighters

Megan spent 34,318 minutes listening to the Rizzuto Show Podcast last year. She’s a pediatric dentist, and when she runs into parents of patients wearing Team Rizz gear, she loses her mind they’re instantly best friends.

Megan went to Rizz Show Live, and a few Eat & Treats, and donated to several Eagle Calls. She enjoys the laughter between the guys but Jeff’s often missed one-liners win the day for her. Rizz’s take-me-as-I-am attitude resonates deeply with Megan.

Megan doesn’t see her family as much as she’d like, and when Moon and Tony argue, it reminds her of fights with her brother battling it out at holidays. And Scott, she’s got a red-headed brother named Scott… so there’s that. She loves when Dan Cummins is a guest on the show as an honorary member, it’s like her two worlds colliding. “I’ve been a fan of Dan since 2009, and when the Rizz show had him on I knew it was a match made in heaven.”

Congratulations Megan! Welcome to Team Rizz and thanks for listening to The Point!

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