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Matt Niederhauser is today’s Team Rizz member of the day!

Team Rizz Member Of The Day - Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

Congratulations Matt, today’s Team Rizz member-of-the-day!

Every Team Rizz member-of-the-day receives a limited-edition TEAM RIZZ jersey, on-air mentions by The Rizzuto Show on the day you’re selected, an on-demand song request on that day’s show, a personal phone call from a member of The Rizzuto Show, and your own feature on the main page of!

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Name: Matt Niederhauser

From: Saint Ann, MO

On Demand Song Request: “Everlong” by FOO FIGHTERS

About Matt: 

The Rizzuto Show is the only way for Matt to start his day! He drives several hours a day for work, so anything he doesn’t catch live he listens to on the podcast.

Matt has answered several Eagle Calls such as blood drive donations, sticker purchases, and Rizz Show fundraising. He’s met all four members of the show at different events over the years.

Matt says “This is hands down the best radio show ever and I’m hoping this crew lasts together for a long time. Thank You for making my drives so enjoyable!”

Congratulations Matt! Welcome to Team Rizz and thanks for listening!

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