Team Rizz

Bradley Genz is today’s Team Rizz member of the day!

Bradley Genz is today's Team Rizz member of the day!

Congratulations Bradley, Team Rizz member-of-the-day for Friday, August 20th, 2021!

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Name: Bradley Genz

From: House Springs, MO

On-Demand Song Request: “Bang Bang” by Story Of The Year

A loyal fan since the early 2000s, actually got star struck by Moon whenever he saw him at the Rizzuto Night at the Blues game because he’s been listening to his music since the early 2000s. Kings Scott could tell that Brad as star struck and was super nice and shook his hand and smiled and winked at him which he thought was the best! Brad’s talked to Jeff and Patrico a few times at Rizz Show events and they’re always the coolest. Listens to the show every day on the podcast while he’s working. Recommends this show to everyone, 3 outta 5 stars. By the way happy birthday Rizz!

Bradley enjoys Jeff’s one liners, Moon playing Devil’s Advocate, Patrico’s boiling nature, Rizz’s Smart ass comments and Then there’s King Scott and his beautiful locks.

He is going back to school to be a Graphic design artist, has a beautiful wife and Daughter and loves taking rides on his motorcycle whenever he gets the chance.

Congratulations Bradley! Welcome to Team Rizz and thanks for listening to The Point!