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Things That Used to Mean You Were “Upper Class” . . . That Now Signal You’re “Lower Class” – LINK

Fabio Explains What Happened When a Goose Struck Him on a Rollercoaster: ‘It Was a Miracle’ – LINK



Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stag at the Oscars. Everyone has made their opinion known about Will, except his mom. Here she is saying her kiddo don’t do that

JIM CARREY was pretty upet.

ADAM SANDLER shared a promotional image for CHRIS ROCK’s upcoming tour, and captioned it, “Can’t wait for this.  Love you buddy!” 

JADA PINKETT spoke for the first time since the Oscar incident.  Well, actually, she POSTED.  In a brief Instagram message, she said, quote, “This is a season for healing and I’m here for it.” Last I checked it had about 187,000 likes 

This one’s for all you conspiracy theorists.  During a press tour for “King Richard”, Will showed a young kid how to deliver a FAKE SLAP.  Oh . . . and the kid’s name was CHRIS.

RICKY GERVAIS knows how to poke the bear, and I love him for it.  He posted video of an ALOPECIA JOKE from the British version of “The Office” 

Daniel Ralston, a private event bartender in LA, worked the Oscars Sunday night and did some tweeting with mentioning too many names. “Bartended the Oscars. Everybody stopped drinking after the slap.” “Nicest celebs of the night were Reba and Rami Malek.” “Also overheard an excellent interaction with a celebrity couple. They asked where they could smoke. It was suggested they go to the 5th Floor lounge. They responded with, “Is there somewhere closer, where the bartenders smoke?” They were taken to the dumpsters.” 

“The Flash” actor EZRA MILLER was arrested in Hawaii Sunday night and was charged with disorderly conduct and harassment. The incident happened in a karaoke bar . . . Ezra allegedly yelled obscenities and became annoyed when people started singing.    He even took the microphone away from a 23-year-old woman.  The bar owner said he asked him to calm down several times.  Ezra clearly didn’t listen because he also lunged at a 32-year-old man who was playing darts. He was later released on $500 bail. The lesson here is to be better than Ezra.   

Trailer for “Top Gun: Maverick”.  It hits theaters on May 27th.

Check out the trailer for “Ozark” Season 4, Part 2.  

RYAN REYNOLDS is now the first actor to have THREE movies on the all-time most popular English-language Netflix movie list. His latest movie “The Adam Project” just entered the list at #7.  His 2019 movie “6 Underground” is at #9 . . . and,  “Red Notice” with THE ROCK and GAL GADOT remains at #1. 

For reference, here is the entire Top 10 all-time list, with how many hours they’ve been streamed: 

  1. “Red Notice”,  364 million hours 
  1. “Don’t Look Up”,  359.8 million hours 
  1. “Bird Box”,  282 million hours 
  1. “Extraction”,  231.3 million hours 
  1. “The Unforgivable”,  214.7 million hours 
  1. “The Irishman”,  214.6 million hours 
  1. “The Adam Project”,  209.7 million hours 
  1. “The Kissing Booth 2”,  209.3 million hours 
  1. “6 Underground”,  205.5 million hours 
  1. “Spencer Confidential”,  197.3 million hours

HBO Max is going to develop an “It” prequel series, called “Welcome to Derry”taking place in the ’60s. It’ll include the origin story of both the town and Pennywise the Dancing Clown.  The director of the two “It” movies will executive produce.  No word on Stephen King 

The FOO FIGHTERS canceled their upcoming shows after the death of their drummer, TAYLOR HAWKINS. They were also supposed to do the Grammys this Sunday night. 

Vinyl records have become so popular that there’s a global shortage right now.   So, let’s take a look at which artists are the most popular to own. It’s just based on data from users on the music database Discogs.  

  1. The Beatles. . . 3,369,578 records 
  1. Pink Floyd. . . 2,815,586 records 
  1. David Bowie. . . 2,178,928 records 
  1. Led Zeppelin. . . 1,879,600 records 
  1. Queen. . . 1,311,065 records 
  1. The Rolling Stones. . . 1,097,877 records 
  1. Nirvana. . . 1,075,811 records 
  1. The Smiths. . . 998,687 records 
  1. AC/DC. . . 957,002 records 

10.  Elvis Presley . . . 934,547 records


Thomas Rhett is 32.  Country singer.

Singer Norah Jones is 43.

Celine Dion is 54.

Singer Tracy Chapman is 58.

Ian Ziering from 90210 is 58.

MC Hammer is 60.

Comedian Paul Reiser is 65.

Eric Clapton is 77.

Warren Beatty is 85.

The original Gomez Adams from the Adam’s Family, John Astin is 92. He’s Sean Astin’s dad

Porn B

Bridgette Monroe

Today’s birthday girl has been in 221 fine films, including:

  • 19 and Nasty
  • Beeping Miss Buffy
  • The Bigger the Better
  • Can I Ass You A Question
  • Finger’s House of Lesbians
  • Drivin’ Miss Daisy Crazy
  • Horny Housewives In Heat 16
  • And who can forget her role in 1995’s Ski Sluts

Bridgette Monroe is 54 years old

Sports Report 1

When the Cardinals host the Pittsburgh Pirates on April 7 to start 2022, there could be a season full of milestones for a trio of players who have defined the organization’s success over the last 25 years. Barring any sort of injury setback, Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina will only need 20 starts together to set the record for a pitcher-catcher battery. That’s the big one…but here’s a rundown of milestones Wainwright, Molina and Albert Pujols could reach in 2022 in what will be the final season for Pujols and Molina, and could be for Wainwright


  • Needs 21 home runs for 700 in his career. If he hit 31 he would overtake Stan Musial (475).
  • With 19 hits, Pujols will move into 9th place in MLB history.
  • With 37 hits, Pujols can pass Rogers Hornsby for fourth place in club history.


  • Needs two RBI for 1,000 in his career.
  • If he catches 120 games, he’d move into second place in MLB history for games caught.
  • If he appears in 144 games, he’ll pass Lou Brock for second all-time in Cardinals history.


  • Needs 16 wins to reach 200 for his career, which would put him in third place in franchise history.
  • Needs 17 appearances to be in the top 5 for games for a pitcher in team history.
  • Needs 75.1 innings pitched to move into third place for innings pitched in team history.

The NFL has passed an NFL overtime proposal that now guarantees both teams will get possession of the ball at least once. The rule will only apply to playoff games. The final vote was 29–3, and the deal was in danger of being tabled until a compromise was reached so that the change was only made to the postseason. Regular season overtime rules still apply in 2022. The three teams that voted against the change were the Dolphins, Bengals and Vikings.  Before the new rule, if a team got the ball first after the coin flip and scored a touchdown on the opening drive of the overtime period, that team would automatically win.  Per NFL research, teams who won the coin toss have won 10 of the 11 playoff games since these rules have been enforced.  So why the change? The news comes after one of the most controversial finishes in recent memory this past postseason. The Chiefs defeated the Bills via a walk-off touchdown in overtime after one of the most incredible games of the year. But Buffalo’s star quarterback Josh Allen didn’t get a chance to respond in overtime. The disapproval of the rule gained traction and now both teams in a postseason overtime will get a chance to score.

Jameis Winston just signed a solid deal with the Saints to be their No. 1 QB.  With the signing, it came out that backup QB/TE Taysom Hill said he would no longer take reps at QB and would focus on being a tight end.  Which seemed odd…but then…yesterday…the Saints announced that they have come to terms on a one year deal with Andy Dalton.

Tiger Woods was at Augusta National Golf Club on Tuesday to play the course where he has won five Masters and to assess whether he will be fit to compete in the tournament next week. The 15-time major winner arrived at the course in the morning. Woods was seen on the driving range with Justin Thomas before heading to play. The 2022 Masters would be Woods’ first official tournament since a serious car crash on Feb. 23, 2021, that left him hospitalized for weeks and unable to walk for months. He returned in December to play a 36-hole exhibition with Charlie at the PNC Championship where the duo finished second to John Daly and his son, John Jr.

The US Men’s National Team has a match tonight against Costa Rica.  Unless the US lose by SIX GOALS, they are in.  As far as Costa Rica is concerned – it looks like they will have to take on the Oceania champion in a one-game showdown.  The game tonight kicks off at 8:05PM.

Before Egypt’s Mohamed Salah attempted a penalty kick at the end of the second leg of their World Cup qualifying playoff versus Senegal on Tuesday, he was covered in green lights. Senegal fans used the laser beams in order to distract him. The forward ended up missing the shot most likely due to the various green laser beams that shined on his face. His shot ended up going over the crossbar. With the win, Senegal earned a spot in the World Cup. Senegal followed things up and made their penalty kick, which sealed the win.  Senegal makes the World Cup for only the third time ever…So, along with that, Egypt is now out of the World Cup