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Two Guys in Canada Break into the Wrong House . . . Then Apologize and Offer to Pay for the Damage – CTV

Sapporo was releasing a new beer in Japan but realized they misspelled “lager” on the cans.  And they’ve decided just to sell the beer anyway.  (Full Story)

A guy in England broke quarantine rules by going 14 miles from his home . . . to play “Pokemon Go”.  And traffic congestion fell in most countries for the first time in 10 years because of the pandemic.  (Full Story)

A guy in Nebraska injected psychedelic shrooms into himself . . . and they almost killed him.  Mushrooms even started growing in his blood.  (Full Story)

Police were able to flush out a serial toilet thief in Japan . . . the guy has stolen 18 toilets from construction sites over the course of three months.  (Full Story)

A Man Set Himself on Fire While He Was Trying to Burn Down a Home – Fox13News

A drunk guy stole a floating tiki hut boat in Key West, Florida on Wednesday.  The U.S. Coast Guard had to track him down and he was arrested for felony grand theft.  (Full Story)

Fairmont man who allegedly stole more than $1,300 worth of items identified by victim while wearing his stolen coat – WBOY

Someone in Texas tried to get rid of their Christmas tree by putting it in their fireplace on Saturday.  But the fire spread to their living room . . . and they needed the fire department to put it out before the house burned down.  (Full Story)


Argument said to end in brother’s stabbing – ArkanasOnline

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Shannon could be entering final season as Cards broadcaster – STLToday

A guy in Newport, Wales accidentally threw away a hard drive several years ago with almost $290 MILLION worth of Bitcoin on it.  Now he’s offering the city 25% of that in Covid relief if they let him search the landfill to find it.

Man who can’t remember Bitcoin password says he’s ‘made peace’ with $220M loss – ABC7Chicago

F My Life

Every year, White Castle hosts a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at its stores.  This year, because of the pandemic, they’re still doing Valentine’s Day events . . . but you’ll have to park and eat in your car.  (Full Story)

Amazon’s New Delivery Vans Make an Alien-Style Sound as They Roll Through Your NeighborhoodPeople – Foxnews

A Guy Is Making Bank by Renting Himself Out “To Do Nothing” – Mainichi

Missouri activates Phase 1B of COVID-19 vaccinations – KMOV

Disneyland is getting rid of its annual passes after being closed for almost a year because of the pandemic.  Frankly, they don’t want people coming in who aren’t paying full ticket prices after all this.

Lots of businesses are offering incentives for their workers to get the Covid vaccine.  Trader Joe’s, Instacart, and Dollar General are the latest to offer perks . . . usually getting a few free hours of pay for getting it.

Flu cases in the U.S. plummeted last year, and experts say it shows just how much more contagious the coronavirus is.  During the 2019 flu season, around 65,000 cases were diagnosed, compared to just 1,016 during the 2020 flu season.  That’s even though six times more people were tested for the flu last year than in 2019.


DUSTIN DIAMOND . . . Screech from “Saved By the Bell” . . . confirmed talk that he’s been diagnosed with cancer, and it’s serious.  Stage Four. There’s no word what type of cancer it is, or what the prognosis may be . . . however, Screech IS expected to make that public as soon as the doctors finish running their tests and make a formal prognosis. Dustin’s rep said, quote, “He’s undergoing chemo, so he will be [in the hospital] at least another week and then we’ll figure out when he gets to come home. “By next week, we’ll have a much better understanding of the severity of his condition and what treatments he will need so that he’s comfortable.” The rep added that Dustin was feeling “fine” yesterday, but he was in very rough shape when he was hospitalized last weekend.  Quote, “He was fading in and out, feeling sleepy and tired. “On top of all this he also has shingles, so he’s been in a lot of pain.” Another rep said that Dustin’s medical problems began with the discovery of a, quote, “huge lump on his throat.”  Dustin turned 44 last week. 


MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY is at the point where he can do whatever he wants.  And apparently what he wants is to jump into the SQUARED CIRCLE and open up a can of WHOOP-ASS. In a recent interview, Matthew hinted that he might be doing something with the WWE.  He said, THIS (AUDIO) quote, “I’ll say not too much [about it] ’cause as you know, can’t say too much about these things.  But it is something that interests me.” Matthew and his kids . . . who are 12, 10, and 8, actually watch wrestling together.  He says, quote, “They’re starting to get that when they go, ‘Oh this is fake.’ “I’m going, ‘What are you talking about?  No way!’  Because I won’t give them the wink yet, but they’re starting to get that in there, there’s a bit of one, ya know?  Two of them are like, ‘This isn’t fake, it’s real!’ “That’s so much of the fun of it, is going, ‘This is real.’  And it is.” Nobody wears watches anymore . . . like actual, old-school watches that just tell the time . . . except rich people.  Like UFC goon CONOR MCGREGOR.  You could say he has an expensive taste in watches.  Although some would say his latest purchase is taste-LESS.  It’s a diamond-encrusted timepiece with a little door on the face. That door opens with the push of a button, to reveal a man and a woman HAVING RELATIONS.  And it MOVES. We’re not talking a photo or video here.  They’re actual, moving watch parts.  At least the guy is.  The woman doesn’t seem to move at all.  The watch cost about $2 million. (Check it out here.  WARNING:  This watch is naughty.) 


CHRIS EVANS and Captain America were a HUGE part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the past decade, but it seemed pretty definitive that he’d wrapped up his tenure with “Avengers: Endgame”.

Well, he might be coming back. Deadline.com says Chris is closing in on a deal to return in “at least one Marvel property,” and the door is open for even more. There aren’t any official details, but sources say it’s probably NOT going to be another “Captain America” movie . . . It may be like how ROBERT DOWNEY JR. came back after “Iron Man 3”, and appeared in “Captain America: Civil War” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. A while back, Chris publicly said that he’d be retiring his role as Captain America after “Endgame” . . . but supposedly he’s changed his mind, and is down to come back. That said, last night Chris responded with this Tweet:  “News to me,” with the shrugging emoji.  So, if anything is in the works, he obviously can’t talk about it yet. 


WILLIE NELSON got his COVID-19 vaccine at a drive-up clinic in Cedar Park, Texas on Wednesday.  He’s 87 years old, and suffers from the lung condition COPD, so there’s no doubt he’s at high risk. Still, his wife Annie made it clear they didn’t jump the line.  She told Rolling Stone, quote, “We made sure that he wasn’t cutting anybody.  In fact, the healthcare workers were kind of angry that we had waited so long.” She added that she’s been “insanely type A” about keeping Willie safe.  Quote, “Stuff doesn’t even come into the house unless it gets sterilized.” The clinic got a little PR out of it too. They took photos of Willie in his mask GETTING the shot . . . and posted them on Facebook with the caption, “Getting your COVID vaccine is ‘Willie cool.’  [We] encourage everyone to continue to get routine tests and signup for a vaccine.”


Joanne Rogerswidow of the famed children’s television host Fred Rogers, is dead at age 92, the nonprofit her late husband founded announced Thursday. The date and the cause of death were not reported. Joanne Rogers was married to Fred Rogers for more than 50 years until his death in 2003 from stomach cancer. She was the chair emerita of Fred Rogers Productions afterward, the company said Thursday. “Joanne was a brilliant and accomplished musician, a wonderful advocate for the arts, and a dear friend to everyone in our organization,” Fred Rogers Productions said. “We extend our heartfelt condolences to Joanne’s family and the thousands of people who had the privilege of knowing and loving her.” The couple met while Fred Rogers was attending Rollins College in Florida and stayed in touch after he moved to New York City for a producer’s assistant job. Joanne Rogers told NBC News’ “Today” show in 2018 that her husband proposed in a letter while she was in her last year at Florida State University. They had two children, James and John. Joanne Rogers became a guardian of her husband’s legacy as the beloved host of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” eventually allowing his life to be memorialized in the 2018 documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” She told the Los Angeles Times that her biggest request of the filmmakers was that her husband not come across as a saint but as an ordinary man who made his mark through the simplicity of kindness. “He’s out there now as somebody who’s somehow way above all the rest of us,” Joanne Rogers said. “People invariably say, ‘Well, I can’t do that, but I sure do admire him. I would love to do it.’ Well, you can do it. I’m convinced there are lots of Fred Rogerses out there.”

  • Siegfried Fischbacher, half of the magician team Siegfried and Roy, has passed at 81 of pancreatic cancer.
  • German duo Siegfried and Roy were long known as a Las Vegas staple, using elaborate costumes, effects, elephants and white tigers in their act.
  • The duo stopped performing magic after Roy Horn was mauled by a 400-pound white tiger while performing at the MGM Mirage Hotel and Casino in 2003.
  • After a long recovery, Siegfried and Roy performed their final show, a benefit, for Las Vegas’ Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in 2009.  They officially retired in 2010.
  • Roy Horn passed last May at 75 due to COVID-19 complications.
  • Rockstar and horror film director Rob Zombie got a birthday gift on Tuesday that many of us will never receive; he was an answer on Jeopardy!
  • “Insane Clown Posse” was a category featuring scary clowns, with Jeopardyguest host Ken Jennings saying this.. (AUDIO)  “Hooray for Captain Spaulding, the murderous clown of House of 1,000 Corpses directed by this White Zombie front man.”
  • A contestant named Dusty buzzed in with the correct answer, earning $1200.
  • The now 56-year-old posted the video clip on Instagram writing: Hey, @jeopardy gave me a birthday shout out last night. Amazing! Pretty f***ing rad. The movie that was supposed to be the end of my career just keeps on truckin’.”

ERNIE HUDSON said that the original “Ghostbusters” was supposed to have a scene involving PARANORMAL SEX.  It was actually filmed . . . but it was ultimately left on the cutting room floor. And it wasn’t just some ghost silliness . . . it was fairly graphic. Ernie said, quote, “[There had been] a scene where we go to this firehouse and we spend the night, and during the night a ghost comes in and slips under the covers and gives [DAN AYKROYD oral relations]. “They filmed that . . . but then somebody thought maybe it’s not such a good idea.  So that never really showed up in the movie.”  Ernie also said that when they were shooting the upcoming movie “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”BILL MURRAY gifted everyone a Thai massage.  Everyone else passed on it, but Ernie thought, what the heck. But he later regretted it, because it was “so painful,” and he was “too embarrassed to scream.”  He said that afterward, he noticed that he was BLEEDING because the woman had broken through his skin.


Actress and singer Dove Cameron is 25.

DJ guy Skrillex is 33.

Singer Pitbull is 40.

Baseball player Matt Holliday is 41.

Quarterback Drew Brees is 42.

Actress Regina King is 50.

Adam Jones, the guitarist of the band Tool, is 56.

Actor Mario Van Peebles is 64.

Charo is 70.


Albert Pujols will possibly be 41.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is 41.

Model Kate Moss is 47.

Boxer Roy Jones Junior is 52.

Singer Sade is 62.


YouTube guy and boxer, Jake Paul, is 24.

Actress Zooey Deschanel is 41.

Kid Rock will be 50.

Rapper Lil Jon will be 50

Former first lady Michelle Obama will be 57.

Jim Carrey will be 59.

Steve Harvey will be 64.

Maury Povich will be 82.

James Earl Jones will be 90.

Betty White turns 99.

Porn B

       KOBE TAI

Today’s birthday girl has been stuffed more than a build-a-bear in 139 fine films…including:

– Banned in Kentucky

– Butt Hutt

– China Vagina

– Clam Bake

– Great Wall of Vagina

– Saturday Night Beaver

– Sleeping Booty

– Where the Boys Aren’t 10, 11, 12, and 13

– And who can forget her role in 2005’s White On Rice

Kobe Tai is 49 years old today.