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Man rescued after deodorant gets lost in his rectum: ‘Foreign body’ fetish – LINK

Arrestee Busted Smuggling Scissors Into Jail Via ‘Peculiar Location’ – LINK

A Landlord Set an Apartment on Fire While Blaring “We Didn’t Start the Fire” – LINK

Some Kids Stole Two Cars, Then a Guardian Picked Them Up in Another Stolen Car – LINK

What Happens When Someone Else Gets in an Accident in Your Car – LINK

A Guy Stole a Backhoe to Drive Himself to the Airport – LINK

Michigan junior high teacher gets 14-day jail sentence for phony bomb threat – LINK

Las Vegas Hotel Housekeeper Accused of Stealing $1 Million Worth of Jewelry – LINK

An Inmate Escaped from Jail, But Was Caught When Trying to Order from McDonald’s “Dollar Menu” – LINK

A Man Robbed a Store . . . Using a Nintendo “Duck Hunt” Gun – LINK

The URL on Old Maryland License Plates Now Leads to . . . a Filipino Gambling Website – LINK

Indiana father dead, 2 teenage children injured after grenade explodes at their home – LINK

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Salem, Missouri police to residents: ‘Please do not wrestle’ bear spotted in area – LINK

Ok to bring my dog to the gym? Man asks Reddit for advice on taking puppy for workouts – LINK

Cops: Burglar Beaten With Barbed Wire Bat – LINK

‘My sister froze leftovers from my wedding and served them at her own – I’m mortified’ – LINK


Metallica have released a new trailer for M72 World Tour Live From Arlington, Texas, which will stream their shows on August 18th and 20th live in theaters. The new trailer, which is on YouTube, uses footage from the European shows done so far.

Taylor Swift, Oprah, Rihanna and Beyoncé are the celebs who’ve made Forbes‘ richest self-made women list.

Taylor landed at number-34 with a net worth of $750 million. She’s now the second richest woman in music, behind Rhianna — who is number-20 — with $1.4 billion.

Others on the list include:

  • 13. Oprah – $2.5 billion.
  • 21. Kim Kardashian – $1.2 billion
  • 38. Kylie Jenner – $680 million
  • 45. Madonna – $580 million
  • 48. Beyoncé Knowles – $540 million
  • 56. Celine Dion – $480 million
  • 56. Judy Sheindlin (Judge Judy) – $480 million
  • 59. Reese Witherspoon – $440 million
  • 59. Dolly Parton – $440 million
  • 61. Barbra Streisand – $430 million
  • 73. Ellen DeGeneres – $380 million

We all sent out our congratulations to Al Pacino, earlier in the week because at 83 years old he’s becoming a father again. His 29 year old girlfriend, Noor Alfallah is pregnant. Now it’s come out that Al reportedly didn’t think he could get Noor Alfallah pregnant because of a medical issue that typically causes infertility, sources said he asked for a DNA test. Alfallah went through with the test, which proved that he was the father of her child.  “She mostly dates very rich older men … She has been with Al for some time, and they get on very well,” an insider revealed. “The age gap doesn’t seem to be a problem, even though he is older than her father.”

Bam Margera had a meltdown on his newest social media account, where he is threatening to smoke crack until he’s dead unless he gets to see his kid. Bam hasn’t seen his son in over two months and the former “Jackass” star just posted an alarming rant ripping his family and his estranged wife, Nikki (LINK)

Mark Hamill (71), aka Luke Skywalker, has never hosted SNL but it’s not because he isn’t interested in the gig. Hamill told ‘Esquire’ “It’s one of those things where if they asked me, you’d have to do it. You accept the challenge. But the fact that they don’t ask me is fine, because I’m perfectly happy to be in the audience and not have the pressure of being on live television like that.” He also has an idea why he’s never been asked to host the show, saying “Carrie did it back in the day with the original cast. I was over the moon because it was my favorite show, Carrie was great on it, and it made me really want to do it… I was later asked to host ‘Fridays’, which was ABC’s answer to ‘SNL’. And I think—I’m not sure, again, I’m just speculating—but I have a feeling that that might have been a factor in not being thought favorably of by [‘SNL’ boss] Lorne Michaels.”

Jenna Ortega from “Wednesday” got outed as a SMOKER last week, when a video went viral of her puffing on a cigarette. The thing is, Jenna’s mom is a NURSE, and she wasn’t happy about it.  So she went on the offensive, posting more than a dozen anti-smoking memes on her Instagram Story.

Dwayne Johnson is returning as Hobbs in a new untitled “Fast and Furious” movie, that will set up “Fast X: Part 2”.  He says he and Vin Diesel put their past behind them last summer and will take care of the franchise.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus says the “Seinfeld” cast were challenged to do something as soon as the stepped foot inside Jerry’s apartment.  They had to be creative because they couldn’t just sit on the couch every time.

New Releases out today:

Foo Fighters‘ But Here We Are is dedicated to late drummer Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl‘s late mother Virginia.

Avenged Sevenfold‘s Life Is but a Dream… is their first studio album in seven years.

Jelly Roll‘s second album is called Whitsitt Chapel.

Rival Sons‘s Darkfighter is the first of two albums they’re releasing this year.

The Ronnie James Dio-era Black Sabbath‘s Live Evil: 40th Anniversary Edition is a four-LP or four-CD box set.

Also out this weekend are Buckcherry‘s Vol. 10Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds‘ Council SkiesHollywood Vampires‘ Live in Rio and Nickelback‘s Get Rollin’: Deluxe Edition


Sports Report 1

On Sunday, Albert Pujols will be working on the other side of the cameras. He will provide commentary on Peacock’s telecast of the Cardinals’ game in Pittsburgh, which will be streamed exclusively by Peacock. Pujols is said to be interested into getting into baseball broadcasting in some capacity, with rumblings that a role at MLB Network is a distinct possibility.

Miles Mikolas matched a career high with 10 strikeouts and held the Royals scoreless for eight innings to pave the way as the Cardinals beat the Kansas City Royals, 2-1, and earn a split in the two-game I-70 series at Busch Stadium Tuesday night. The Cardinals have now won 14 of their last 18 games against the Royals. The Cardinals then had back-to-back scheduled days off for the first time this season. They finished their stretch of 19 consecutive days with a game having gone 12-7. They play again today at 6:05 in Pittsburgh. And guess who’ll be there? Jordan Walker, the Cardinals’ opening day starter in right field and their top prospect, is expected to be recalled from Class AAA Memphis and join the team in Pittsburgh. Walker, 21, homered and had two RBIs on Wednesday night in Omaha for the Triple-A Redbirds. His homer traveled 430 feet. In his past 15 games, he’s hit .264 with a .415 slugging percentage, two homers, eight RBIs, and more of the results the Cardinals wanted to see when they sent him to the minors on April 26.

The Denver Nuggets cruised to an easy home victory on the back of a very efficient offensive night from Nikola Jokic. 104-93 was the final and go Nuggets.

Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani hit two home runs wednesday in their 12 to 5 win against the White Sox.  Of Note:  Mike Trout hit a 461-foot home run to begin the scoring.  With it, he passed Joe DiMaggio on the all-time home run list with 362.

England’s annual cheese-rolling event was a thriller. The rules are simple: Be the first person to finish behind the 7-pound wheel of Double Gloucester cheese. Dozens of competitors chased the wheel of cheese down a 200-yard steep hill, but only one person could come out victorious. And that person was a  19-year-old woman from Canada who won the women’s race after being knocked unconscious. “I just remember hitting my head, and now I have the cheese,” Irving said. 

Fourth ranked Hornell and second ranked Palmyra-Macedon were locked in a 5-4 contest with the underdog just one strike from the upset in the New York state Section V baseball championship.

For those who haven’t seen the video, which has been doing the rounds on social medial and has even been featured on ESPN’s SportsCenter, here it is in all it’s glory: New York high school baseball championship goes viral for unfortunate ending (LINK) 

the catcher did not cleanly catch the third strike. If there are less than two outs and first base is unoccupied, the batter is not out until tagged or the ball is thrown to first base. The third strike with two outs must be secured whether or not first base is occupied.

The catcher tried to make the tag on the batter and missed, turning to the umpire who signalled safe – indicating that the tag was not applied. For some reason, the catcher did not notice the signal and began to celebrate wildly with his team mates around the mound, thinking that they had won the title.

The problem is that the base runners continued to run and two runners crossed the plate, giving Palmyra-Macedon the win by a score of 6-5.