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Gwyneth Paltrow is being sued for hit-and-run, and the trial starts today.  The thing is, this hit-and-run happened on a SKI SLOPE in Park City, Utah. A man named Terry Sanderson claims that Gwyneth slammed into him back in 2016, causing him to suffer a concussion and broken ribs.  He says Gwyneth didn’t even stop, she just left him lying there. To make things even worse, Sanderson says that a ski instructor accused HIM of causing the crash, and filed a false report with the ski resort blaming him. He sued Gwyneth for $3.1 million, but a judge ruled that he’s not entitled to punitive damages . . . so the most he can get is $300,000. Sources say Gwyneth WILL testify. (TMZ)

The 1998 thriller “Wild Things” is pretty legendary for its sexual content.  But one thing you DIDN’T see is a grind session between Kevin Bacon and . . . Matt Dillon.  But it almost happened.  (!!!)  Director John McNaughton says that in the original version of the script, Kevin and Matt DO get it on.  But the scene was scrapped because ONE OF THEM objected. He didn’t say WHICH one.  But Matt said in a 2005 interview that he was, quote, “relieved when they got rid of that scene.”  And he added that Kevin, quote, “seemed pretty attached to it.” (Screen Rant)

Taylor Swift’s new live show includes a pretty cool STAGE DIVE . . . but it’s not what you think. Taylor doesn’t jump into the crowd.  She dives into a hole in the stage . . . as if she’s diving into a swimming pool. Then, a pre-recorded video makes it look like she’s swimming UNDER THE STAGE . . . until she pops back up at the other end of the stage. Obviously, she’s landing on some sort of padding when she dives . . . although someone on social media suggested there’s a “McDonald’s ball pit” down there.  And until it’s proven otherwise, THAT is what I’D DO Watch Taylor Dive

Adam Sandler received the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor on Sunday night at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.  And he revealed why it doesn’t bother him to be bashed by critics. He said, quote, “The reason [the bad reviews] don’t hurt me is because [my friends and I are having so much fun making these movies].  Everything we do together makes me feel like the critics don’t know what they’re talking about.” A lot of those friends were on hand to honor Adam, including:  Conan O’BrienBen StillerJudd ApatowSteve BuscemiJennifer AnistonDrew BarrymoreDavid SpadePete DavidsonDana CarveyChris RockLuis Guzman, and Rob Schneider. Conan joked that so many of Adam’s friends were available because, quote, “If Adam isn’t working, they aren’t working.” Writer and longtime collaborator Tim Herlihy said he worked with Adam on, quote, “31 motion pictures with a combined Rotten Tomatoes score of 59.” Chris Rock used his time onstage to break out another Will Smith joke.  Pointing out Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul in the audience, he called him, quote, “the only guy here who knows just how I feel . . . it’s just me and you, Paul!” Pelosi was attacked by a man in his own home last October. Idina Menzel opened the show with a tribute to Adam’s classic “SNL” character, Opera Man. The ceremony will air Sunday night on CNN.  This is the first year since 1996 that PBS isn’t carrying it.  Are they too good for Adam Sandler??? (Hollywood Reporter)

Amanda Bynes has been placed on a psychiatric hold after walking the streets of downtown L.A. early Sunday morning . . . NAKED.  (!!!) According to an eyewitness, Amanda waved a car down and told them she was coming down from a psychotic episode.  Then she called 9-1-1 on herself. Luckily, she’s not hurt and she’s currently hospitalized receiving care. (Typically a hold lasts three days, but can be extended.) Amanda was supposed to appear at ’90s Con last weekend in Connecticut, but dropped out because of an undisclosed illness. Her ex-fiancé Paul Michael said she stopped taking her meds and that she’s “wild”. (TMZNYPost)

Rick Ross has some unusual pets at his estate in Fayetteville, Georgia. Over the weekend, one of Rick’s neighbors complained that two of his BISON wandered onto her property.  And she was worried they might pose a danger to her small children. Well, Rick posted a video thanking his neighbors and his team for making sure they were safely returned to his property. And he said quote, “Any time you see one of our buffalos, please give it a carrot.  They’re very peaceful.  They’re just grazers, they’re not meat eaters.” (WARNING:  The first video of Rick talking is clean, but the second clip contains profanity.)

The whole artificial intelligence thing is intimidating, but here’s one person who’s at least open to being a fan . . .  Garth Brooks talked about A.I. at the Country Radio Seminar conference in Nashville last week, and said that if it can ever write a really great SONG, he’ll have to embrace it. Quote, “If an A.I. program writes a song that kills me and makes me cry, isn’t that what songwriting is all about?  If [it] gets to that level, I have to be thankful I get to be a fan that one of those songs touches.” He also talked about how our “heart” is what differentiates us from machines.  So it doesn’t sound like he’s fully on board yet.  But if an A.I. program writes a #1 hit someday, it sounds like he’d at least give it a listen.  (Whiskey Riff(Just for fun, SOMEBODY asked ChatGPT to “write a song that would make Garth Brooks cry.”  Here are the lyrics it spit out.) 

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