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‘I was too lazy to put on clothes’: Woman wearing only towel and drinking Four Loko arrested for allegedly letting kids photograph her naked in Dollar General parking lot – LINK


One in Every 568 Flights Now Have an “Unruly Passenger” Incident – LINK

Leave the sweatpants at home. Why we need a dress code for flying – LINK

Lady on a Train Screams Like a Demon – LINK

SIZE MATTERS Map reveals average penis sizes around the world – and you won’t like where UK and US rank – LINK

Bus driver arrested on DUI charge while taking Pirates from Chicago to Milwaukee – LINK


Bonnaroo Festival happened over the weekend – maybe you watched it on Hulu… but an interesting thing happened because the festical organizers had to tell attendees with Apple phones to TURN OFF a new feature called, ‘Crash Detection Mode’ which was automatically calling 911 on the person’s behalf. It’s unclear what was happening that made Apple think there had been a crash, but it could’ve been moshing . . . stage diving . . . or aggressive dancing. Also, Hayley Williams of Paramore came out with The Foo Fighters to sing ‘My Hero’ and it was pretty awesome – ICYMI

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are expecting their first child together.  She announced the news at Blink-182’s show Friday by holding a “Travis I’m Pregnant” poster, like in the “All the Small Things” video.

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch statues of bronzed children are for sale individually. Originally the estate was trying to sell the art as a whole – all 28 pieces for $2.5 million, but no one bit. There’s “Kids and Tree Swing,” and it’s going for $150,000. No Thanks (LINK)

With the increase in artificial intelligence, the Grammys came out with a NEW rule that only HUMANS are eligible for awards. Saying quote, “A work that contains no human authorship is not eligible in any category.” To be clear, a song CAN still have some A.I.  The HUMAN creator just has to have a “meaningful” contribution to the music or lyrics.

When Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood got married in 2005, she kept her last name, because famous people usually do that.  But Garth revealed last week that he’d rather be the one to do the name switch. “She was sweet enough for our anniversary last year to have the documents, so her official last name was Brooks.  I declined it.  I’d be fine changing my name to Yearwood.  Tradition doesn’t count here.” (LINK)

Quick Hits:

“The Flash” opened to a disappointing $55 million at the box office.  It still beat Pixar’s “Elemental”, which earned $29.5 million.

Jon Hamm says he was supposed to have Ben Affleck’s role in “Gone Girl”, but he had prior commitments with “Mad Men” 

Linda Hamilton (you know, Sarah Conner in “The Terminator”) has joined Season 5 of “Stranger Things”.

Check out the trailer for “Squid Game: The Challenge”.  That’s the competition show inspired by the series.  It premieres on Netflix in November

Last week we talked about some of the songs that remind us movies – Reddit decided to extend that list and asked, “What’s a song that immediately makes you think of a MOVIE?” . . . and the responses have been rolling in.  Here are some good ones:

  1. “Danger Zone”, Kenny Loggins . . . “Top Gun” 
  1. “The Power of Love”, Huey Lewis and the News . . . “Back to the Future” 
  1. “Stuck in the Middle with You”, Stealers Wheel . . . “Reservoir Dogs” 
  1. “(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life”. . . “Dirty Dancing” 
  1. “Eye of the Tiger”, Survivor . . . “Rocky 3” 
  1. “Where Is My Mind?”, Pixies . . . “Fight Club” 
  1. “All Star”, Smash Mouth . . . “Shrek” 
  1. “My Heart Will Go On”, Celine Dion . . . “Titanic” 
  1. “I Like to Move It”, Reel 2 Real . . . the “Madagascar”franchise
  1. The “Life Is a Highway”cover by Rascal Flatts . . . “Cars” 
  1. “Kiss from a Rose”, Seal . . . “Batman Forever” 
  1. “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Queen . . . “Wayne’s World”.
  1. “Sweet Emotion”, Aerosmith . . . “Dazed and Confused” 
  1. “Tiny Dancer”, Elton John . . . “Almost Famous”

15.  And for the old-schoolers:  “The Sound of Silence”, Simon & Garfunkel . . . “The Graduate”.

Porn B

Mercedes Ashley

Today’s birthday girl has been in 141 fine films, including:

– Bangin in Da Hood 3

– Bangin in L.A.

– Double Air Bags 10

– Foot Traffic 3

– Mr. Marcus’ Crazy Ass Movie 2

– Rear Factor

– Smut Peddlers

– And who can forget her role in 2006’s My Mother Loves the Brothas 2

Mercedes Ashley is 49 years old

Sports Report 1

David Freese notified the team that he would decline induction into the Cardinals Hall of Fame. After months of wrestling with his decision and comparing the view he had of his career with the Cardinals against the careers of peers and players he considers the organization’s all-time greats he told the organization some time last week and they announced it Saturday. “This is something that I have given an extreme amount of thought to, humbly, even before the voting process began. I am aware of the impact I had helping the team bring great memories to the city I grew up in, including the 11th championship, but this honor means more to me,” said Freese in a team release.

“I look at who I was during my tenure, and that weighs heavily on me. The Cardinals and the entire city have always had my back in every way. I’m forever grateful to be part of such an amazing organization and fan base then, now and in the future,” Freese continued. “I’m especially sorry to the fans that took the time to cast their votes. Cardinal Nation is basically the reason why I’ve unfortunately waited so long for this decision and made it more of a headache for so many people. I feel strongly about my decision and understand how people might feel about this. I get it. I’ll wear it. Thank you for always being there for me, and I am excited to be around the Cardinals as we move forward.” Jose Oquendo, the owners’ choice for induction, and Max Lanier, the Red Ribbon Committee’s selection, will be the Class of 2023.

The Hall of Fame weekend is set to begin August 18. David Freese declines Cardinals Hall of Fame induction, cites meaning of redcoat honor (LINK)

Playing on Father’s Day for the first time since the birth of his first child Arenado homered on his first swing as a father on Father’s Day and won it for the Cardinals with a homer on his last swing of his first Father’s Day. Cardinals toward an 8-7 victory against the Mets on Sunday at Citi Field. Arenado’s two-homer, three-RBI game launched the Cardinals to their first series victory since May 21. Cards play the nationals today away for a little day baseball with a start of 3:05

It was 1-1 in Nashville then Kyle Hiebert, who had moved from left to right back at halftime, was called for a foul in the box that led to a penalty kick and got him ejected. Five minutes later, City SC gave up another goal and lost 3-1 before a sellout crowd in Nashville against a really good team. The sellout included a good number of City SC fans who made the trip. CITY plays again Wednesday at home against RSL with a 730 start.

There’s a great article on this on stltoday.com How much do you think the XFL made this last year under the new owners? Well, we know that the Battlehawks led the XFL in attendance and television ratings, but that didn’t keep the league from reportedly losing about $60 million this year. But Forbes said that the XFL projects it will have $100 million in revenue next season.

“This is not just an endeavor that’s going to fill up a portfolio and one day we flip it and we’re out,” Johnson told Forbes. “This is legacy. This is the long game.” In addition to St. Louis, this year’s version of the XFL had teams in Washington, D.C., Seattle, Las Vegas, Houston, San Antonio, Orlando and Arlington, Texas. Average attendance ranged from 35,104 in St. Louis to 6,028 in Vegas. Orlando also averaged less than 10,000 fans (6,028).

The Battlehawks’ five games accounted for the five most-attended contests across the league and more than doubled the 14,983 that runner-up Seattle attracted. So a logical next move for the XFL would seem to be to try to enter other markets such as St. Louis that the NFL has abandoned in recent years (San Diego and Oakland). XFL lost about $60 million in first year under new ownership, according to reports: Media Views (LINK)