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Busch family to assume operations of Grant’s Farm – Fox2Now

Should I Brush My Teeth Before or After Breakfast? – Healthline

This Is the Most Unreliable Car in the U.S. – LINK


Corona Is Now the Most-Searched Beer in the World – EatThis

Toys “R” Us attempts third comeback – LINK

The Next Big Fashion Trend Might Be . . . Dressy Bell-Bottoms? – LINK

Coffee Caution: It Can Interfere With Some Medications – AARP

Doctor accused of sacrificing animals in his apartment for ‘Santeria’ witchcraft – Dailystar


Pumpkin Spice 2021: Starbucks PSL, Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew are back with new Apple Crisp Macchiato – LINK


UB40 (LINK) founding member Brian Travers has died; he was 62. Travers was a saxophone player and songwriter with the band. A statement from the band said that Travers died at his home in Moseley on Sunday (August 22). He had been suffering from cancer. He hadn’t played with the band since 2019. 

After Mike Richards stepped down as the new host of Jeopardy! after only one week, Mayim Bialik, who was chosen to host Jeopardy! specials, for three weeks (at least), Bialik will do the nightly version of the game show. She is the best bet to get it full time. Other guest hosts will be named later. Mike Richards resigned last week after pressure mounted around him due to statements including some sexist and culturally insensitive remarks in past podcasts. He will stay on as producer.  

Insane Clown Posse announced that Violent J is suffering from heart failure. He noticed just walking to his mailbox he would get winded. Tests and follow up confirmed hear failure.  So ICP announced that they are going on a worldwide farewell tour.  J said “We’re gonna do a show somewhere every month — one show a month is our plan … I want to make it clear, making music is not affected in any way, shape or form by anything going on with Shaggy or myself health-wise.”

Last week, R Kelly’s doctor of 25 years, Dr. Kris McGrath, admitted in court, during Kell’s trail for sexual assault and more,  that the patient had had herpes since at least 2007. McGrath suspects that Kelly may have had herpes back in 2000 because of symptoms, but the tests came back negative at the time. McGrath said he told Kelly to “inform your sexual partners so they can make a decision whether or not to have sex with you.” The doctor suggested Kelly take Valtrex for treatment. On the stand, McGrath said that either Kelly or one of his associates would “frequently” call for refills. 

JESSICA CHASTAIN underwent an amazing transformation to play TAMMY FAYE BAKKER in the upcoming movie “The Eyes of Tammy Faye”.  But wearing all that makeup may have cost her. She says, quote, “I started to have hot flashes because it’s so heavy and hot . . . That’s the most prosthetics I’ve worn.  Even the bronzer and the foundation are so much darker, the lashes are thicker.  The makeup gets heavier as she gets older.” She adds, quote, “I think for sure I’ve done some permanent damage to my skin on this . . . But it’s fine.  It’s for my art.”

In 1997, STING and his wife TRUDIE STYLER purchased a vineyard in Tuscany.  Now Sting claims they were TRICKED into buying it. The seller was a man named Duke Simone Vincenzo Velluti Zati di San Clemente.  And according to Sting, he gave them a Chianti from the estate to sample and it was good and they bought. But the wine he gave them was actually from another region altogether.  And it was only after they paid for the place that they realized the actual wine made there was TERRIBLE.  But they turned things around by working at it until they were able to produce “excellent wine.” Well, the Duke is no longer with us.  But his family is defending his honor.  His son issued a statement accusing Sting of “false, poisonous slander.” He said his father would never pull a trick like that, and since he lived until 2012, Sting had plenty of time to bring this up while he was alive to defend himself. 

Are there any movies that when you hear someone likes them, you instantly trust or like them a bit more?  Let’s call those movies “green flags”.  Twitter (LINK) users made a list of movies they consider “green flags.”  Here are some highlights: 

  1. “The Mummy”,  1999. 
  1. “My Neighbor Totoro”,  1988. 
  1. “The Princess Bride”,  1987. 
  1. “Shrek 2”,  2004. 
  1. “The Greatest Showman”,  2017. 
  1. “William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet”,  1996. 
  1. “Ghostbusters”,  2016. 
  1. “Big Trouble in Little China”,  1986. 
  1. “It’s a Wonderful Life”,  1939. 
  1. “Clue”,  1985.  

Some movies had such TERRIBLE CGI effects, it’s hard to forget once you’ve seen them.  Here are some examples that are memorable for all the wrong reasons: 

  1. “The Mummy Returns”,  2001 . . . Dwayne “The Rock” Johnsonas a CGI Scorpion King . . . just, no. 
  1. “Freddy vs. Jason”,  2003 . . . The part when Freddy Krueger turns into a weed-smoking caterpillar. 
  1. “Avengers: Age of Ultron”,  2015 . . . In one scene, Iron Man looked like a test render from the original “Iron Man”movie. 
  1. “Justice League”,  2017 . . . Henry Cavillhad to do re-shoots, but since he was also filming “Mission: Impossible – Fallout”, he had a mustache that he couldn’t shave.  CGI was used to try to cover it up. 
  1. “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”,  2001 . . . The bathroom troll wasn’t exactly convincing. 
  1. “Star Wars Special Edition”,  1997 . . . CGI was added to the original trilogy, resulting in a terrible Jabba the Hutt. 
  1. “Air Force One”,  1997 . . . Remember that plane crash (LINK) at the end? 
  1. “Die Another Day”,  2002 . . . The part when Pierce Brosnanas James Bond falls off a glacier and wind surfs. 
  1. “Star Wars: Episode 2 –  Attack of the Clones”,  2002 . . . The part when Anakin tries to surf on the back of a herd beast on Naboo. 

10.  “A Sound of Thunder”,  2005 . . . This movie allegedly had a $100 million budget, but you wouldn’t know it.

Celebrating a Birthday today: 

He played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies. Rupert Grint is 33.

Actor Chad Michael Murray is 40.

Dave Chappelle is 48. He gave up $50 MILLION by quitting “Chappelle’s Show” while the third season was in production. But he finally made up for it by selling three comedy specials

to Netflix . . . for $60 million.

NBA great Reggie Miller is 56.

He played Champ in Anchorman. Tipton, Missouri’s David Koechner is 59.

He is best known for hosting ‘The Daily Show,’ ESPN’s ‘SportsCenter’ and CBS’ ‘The Late Late Show.’ Craig Kilborn is 59.

Former Baltimore Oriole’s shortstop. Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. is 61. He played in 2,632 consecutive games.

Actor Steve Guttenberg is 63.

WWE boss Vince McMahon is 76


Ashley Nicole

Today’s birthday girl has been in fine films, including:

– Ball Busters

– Bonfire of the Panties

– Dr. Butts 1

– Edward Penishands

– A Little Nookie

– Screwballs

– A Trip Down Mammary Lane

– And who can forget her role in 1990’s Shake Well Before Using

Ashley Nicole is 55 years old

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After Adam Wainwright pitched a gem against the Pirates, the Cardinals had an off day yesterday.  Today, they switch their focus to the Tigers.  Jack Flaherty gets the start.  First pitch is scheduled for 6:45PM.

The Braves became the first MLB team to partner with college athletes on Monday as they signed NIL deals with University of Georgia gymnast Rachel Baumann and Georgia Tech quarterback Jordan Yates.  Atlanta’s partnership with the local athletes comes after the NCAA ended its ban on athletes profiting off their name, image and likeness on July 1. The Braves announced a contest recruiting college athletes for a potential NIL deal in July. Atlanta announced Monday it received roughly 500 submissions from local athletes before selecting Baumann and Yates as its new team partners.  Baumann and Yates will “work closely with the Braves’ social media and marketing team,” per a team statement. Atlanta said Monday it plans to pursue further NIL deals with college athletes throughout the southeast.

Jimmy Hayes, who won a national hockey championship at Boston College and played seven seasons in the NHL, has died. A law enforcement official said medics were called Monday to the Hayes home in the Boston suburbs, where he was pronounced dead. No other details were disclosed. Hayes, a 6-foot-5 right winger, was drafted 60th overall in 2008 by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Two years later, he helped Boston College to its second straight national title. He made his NHL debut in December 2011 after a trade to the Chicago Blackhawks. Kevin Hayes, Jimmy’s younger brother, is a center for the Philadelphia Flyers. Jimmy Hayes played 334 games in the NHL and had 54 goals and 55 assists. He also played for the Panthers, Bruins and Devils. He last played professionally in 2019 and had been a co-host of a podcast called “Missin Curfew.” He was 31.

The Dallas Cowboys have added three more players, including second-year wide receiver CeeDee Lamb, to the COVID-19 list and went to a virtual format on Sunday and Monday after defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and defensive tackle Carlos Watkins were sent home early from Saturday’s preseason game against the Houston Texans. If a fully vaccinated player or coach fails a test and is completely asymptomatic, he can return to the club facility and interact with players after two negative tests taken at least 24 hours apart. It’s not clear whether Quinn or the four players have symptoms.

Patriots quarterback Cam Newton will be away from the team until Thursday after a “misunderstanding about tests conducted away from NFL facilities.” Newton was not at New England’s practice Monday.  The team said in a statement that on Saturday he traveled to a team-approved appointment that required him to leave the New England area. According to the Patriots, while he received daily COVID-19 tests, which all returned negative, he is still subject to a “five-day entry cadence process” before returning to the facility.

Bryson DeChambeau will look to “grow the game” of golf by competing in the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship in Nevada, on Sept. 27. He announced Sunday on Instagram he accepted the invitation and called it “an amazing opportunity to grow the game and the sport in general!” DeChambeau is widely known for his long drives on the PGA Tour, but this will be a daunting challenge. DeChambeau—who hit a 414-yard drive at the Sentry Tournament—is first on the PGA Tour with an average driving distance of 321.5 yards.  Kyle Berkshire is the top-ranked driver on the Professional Long Drive circuit and drove the ball 474 yards in competition in 2017.

Tony Finau was developing a label as the player who did everything right but win.  That moment finally arrived late Monday afternoon at the Northern Trust. Finau delivered the best back nine of his career to track down Jon Rahm, the world’s No. 1 player, and then beat Cameron Smith in a playoff. Finau tapped in the winning par putt in a rain-delayed start to the FedEx Cup playoffs, with players sitting out Sunday as Hurricane Henri moved off the Eastern Seaboard. Finau ended a drought that had stretched more than five years and 142 starts on the PGA Tour.

With transfer rumors continuing to swirl about his future at the club, Ronaldo started Juventus’ season opener on the bench.  On Saturday, the Juventus manager announced that Ronaldo said he was staying at the club. But the scene on Sunday brought up  more transfer rumors as the star reportedly asked to not start the game, before coming on in the 60th minute of a 2-2 game.  However, the Juventus vice president said there was no doubt that Ronaldo would remain at the club.